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Hi G+me users and G+ community,

In the last update I mentioned that there were changes in the javascript engine that made Huy realize that G+me has some serious problems. Well Huy had identified what those issues were and has solved the toughest problem which was related to the changes in Chrome 17.

Huy is not able to work on G+me today but after tomorrow he should have more time to work on G+me and "possibly" finish it in a few days.

Aside from fixing G+me, we have also discussed for G+me to have a new logo. I am currently putting together a plan which I will announce on the G+me page, for which I will announce very soon when it is created.

Thank you

G+me Community Manager
#gme_extension #huyzing #gme_update #chrome #logo #extensions
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are u still developing this +Huy Zing ? how does it work with new design? when was last update? planned soon?
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Huy Zing

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Hello, deluge of emails! And howdy old friends.

So G+me is completely broken. (I'm pleasantly surprised that it took that long to completely break.) But let's try to fix it. I've been out of touch for quite a while, so it would take some time to catch up with everything. I'm thinking that I need to get up to speed on the most relevant changes to Google+ since October in order to get basic functionality back up.

But I'm a bit ignorant these days about Google+. What's going on over here? Whoa, hello YouTube icon! What's with the new notifications? What, Obama is gonna hang out?! What's the State of the Google+ Union?

So G+me users, what order should I do things? Read months' worth of posts directed at me? Fix some specific things? Maybe someone has a link to a post that already discusses the recent changes that broke extensions? Maybe there are already other extensions out there that are good or even better substitutes for G+me? What should I know?

The G+me Community Manager, +Lily Nguyen, is working with me, including helping me read up on G+ developments, go through notifications, sort out bug reports, handle requests, etc. So expect either one of us to reply to you. That way, I can focus on coding.
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Good gravy G+ suuuuuuuuks without this extension working correctly. If there is only one thing fixed it would be the auto-collapse posts. That saves my bacon.
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Huy Zing

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Hi, I'm back. What did I miss? ;)
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Huy Zing

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Mohamed Mansour originally shared:
Hi everyone!

For all the wonderful new people (and old, yes we are ancient, heh) coming into Google+, perhaps you would like the following extensions. Majority of the extensions are open source!

Extended Share for Google+ - Extends Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.

My Hangouts for Google+ - Quick view of all the active hangouts in your stream.

Stream Filter BETA for Google+ - Gives you the option to filter your stream and track it.

Google Translate for Google+ - Translate your Google+ stream using integrated, inline, Google Translate support. by +Josh Estelle

Ziplbar Plus for Google+ - Take your Google+ bar everywhere you go. Never miss another notification. Also, jump to friends using their names. by +Matt Senter

Circle Management BETA for Google+ - Have better control managing your circles.
G+me - enhances the Google+ web app to make it much easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments and to unlock the potential of Google+’s real-time updates by +Huy Zing

Stream+ for Google+ Classifies, categorizes your public posts into meaningful phrases, good to check historical posts

Hangout Auto Retry Try Again for Google+ - Tired of clicking the try again button for Hangouts? Then install this :)

Hangout Pad for Google+ - Working prototype for collaborative coding on Google plus Hangouts. This is ALPHA

Auto-Colorizer for Google Plus™ and Facebook™ Colorizes Google+ and Facebook based on the user's photo. by +Justin Ormont

+Photo Zoom Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream. by +Sebastian Mauer

Install what you think you will use, and enjoy your G+ experience :)
Find great apps, extensions and themes about Mohamed Mansour in the Chrome Web Store.
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I am confident that these extensions can improve my Google+ experience. Yes indeed. 
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Huy Zing

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Huy Zing had a hangout named trying-out-hangout-extras-attempt2. {url}Athul Jayson, Arvind Peechara, C-G Hanson, Misha M.-Kupriyanov, 朝山貴生, Emmanuel Viollet, Abdul Halim Mat Ali, Jaana Nyström, Lucas Burruel, Konstantin Vayner, 天才小笨童, Richard Wofford, Michael Tucker, 廖梓權, Tran Duc Duy, Sverre Rabbelier, Hassan Shabbir, Euan Williamson, Johan Horak, Joshua Moss, Clement Mesnier, Pedro Ricardo, and Jacopo GIOLA
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Huy Zing was in a video call with 23 others
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I missed all the fun because I like to be asleep at 5:00AM (UTC -4), but I wanted to comment that just like +Lucas Burruel, hangouts always make my machine run way too hot. Usually it's about 78°C for just a couple of people, but I bailed on one with five or six people when my poor machine got up to 86°C. Bleh.
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Huy Zing

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Natalie Villalobos originally shared:
Beyond thrilled to announce a slew of new Google+ features today AND we are now in Open Beta!
::cue music:: I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day!

Introducing the stars of our show...

1) Open Beta - This means invitations are no longer needed - 18+ only.
2) Search in Google+ - Organizing the information within Google+ and making it easy to discover content you're allowed to view! Find people, posts, and hot topics!
3) Mobile Hangouts - Now you don't have to tell your friends "Oh dang, that party last night was killer!" Now, you can party with 9 friends in real time via your mobile phone! (Available on Android devices to start)
4) Hangouts with extras - A preview of new features including named Hangouts, note-sharing, screensharing, and Google Docs collaboration!
5) Hangouts On Air - Tune into a live public stream of a Hangout inside the Google+ stream and once you’re “On Air,” up to 9 others can join your hangout, and anyone can watch your live stream. (limited number of hosts at start)
5) Hangouts API - The world is your oyster with the Hangouts platform - we're releasing a basic set of APIs today!
6) Mobile has too much good stuff so I made them a section (see below)!

Mobile is rockin' out - here's what's new

1) Renaming Huddle to Messenger - the evolution of something great!
2) Set your profile photo from any photo of you on your phone, tagged of you, or in the cloud - because you express yourself anywhere, at anytime.
3) +1 comments and see who else +1’d a comment (coming soon) - Yay!
4) Move your Google+ app to your SD card (Android only) - Yay!
5) Improved +Mention support - we're always looking to make your experience better!
6) Send a photo in Messenger - making conversations richer!
7) Granular push notification options - so you see just what you want!
8) Receive and participate in Messenger, Post to Google+, and receive Google+ Notifications via SMS (US and India only) - Yay!
9) Playback user uploaded videos (not just YouTube videos) in your stream and share videos that have been uploaded via Instant Upload (Android only) - because we're always wanting to share those cool vids our friends share with us!

Would love your feedback in the comments below, and as always, I love +1s and +mentions so I know how you're feeling.


here is the Official Google Blog post
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+Ben Chow Me? My problem right now is that hangouts just absolutely kill my browser on a Mac. I think I need a Windows machine where both Chrome and plugins seems to run better.
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Huy Zing

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Very cool. This is why I recommend to my non-geek friends that, unlike the past 8 years or so, they should buy fast computers now.
Linda Lawrey originally shared:
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+Fernando Miguel I tried Jolicloud for fun. But I depend on too much software right now.
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Huy Zing

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Hi G+me users and G+ community,

We have not forgotten about try'na get #G+me back up and running again. We want to make sure that we are communicating our progress/status to you because you have been very loyal users.

Here is where we stand today:

Huy updated himself with all the changes to G+ in the past few months. Familiarizing himself with the changes Huy started fixing some of the G+me code. There were some progress but it's taking longer than usual because changes in the Chrome JavaScript engine that made Huy realize that G+me may require a re-architecture.

Don't worry Huy will deal with that later. Right now his priority is to get it working. Hang in there a little while longer, I will update you in a few days.

G+me Community Manager
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It obviously Doesn't miss you, me, or anyone else
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Huy Zing

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Another free online course to add to the soup of upcoming courses -- this one not from Stanford per se: Model Thinking.

Looks like it's not yet ready for signups (I get a registration error and no +1s, well except for this one of course ;)
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I had no problems signing up with chrome
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Huy Zing

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This goes out to fellow Sydneysiders.

If you're interested in Google+ extension development and want to hear how I developed G+me, both using the Google+ API and hacking the undocumented DOM, come to Google Sydney this Tuesday and say hi.

Thanks to +Gary Miller and +Johno Scott for organizing.
Gary Miller originally shared:
We are lucky to have Huy Zing in town for Tuesday's Sydney GTUG.

Come along and hear how he has used the new Google+ API and a few neat hacks to create the G+me extension has is widly popular (even Robert Scoble has mentioned it).

Huy Zing
Google+'s underlying DOM and how to hack it.
Creator of one of the first G+ extensions (

There are other great speakers too. See the run-down here:

RSVP via Meetup
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You can replace this one with Plus Minus :)
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Huy Zing

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Huy Zing had a hangout named trying-out-hangout-extras. {url}C-G Hanson, Jaana Nyström, Athul Jayson, 朝山貴生, Kytty ruma, and Arvind Peechara
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Huy Zing was in a video call with 6 others
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+Huy Zing Huy, in hangout mode: I too have experienced screen frozen - or eventually locked-out of hangout - and couldnt get back in. People have said my invitations were not received... but two hangouts worked fine - thanks
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Huy Zing

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Robert Scoble writes about a future "open Google+ stream"? See:

[post copied and pasted here because I can't re-share it]
While I was offline this weekend some of the first Google+ apps came out, including this very cool one that augments the hovercards so you can more easily find interesting new people to follow.

Yesterday I talked with +Chris Chabot who works on the Google+ team in developer relations. We noted that the five user interfaces of this new world:

1. App stores.
2. Notification feeds.
3. Activity streams.
4. News feeds.
5. Paginated displays.

Can ALL benefit from a more open approach than exists today. I told him that I'd love it if a team at Rackspace could build apps that takes data from our systems and shoves them into Google's UIs of the above.

He smiled in a way that made me realize that Google is thinking along the same lines.

This will be a demarcation point between Google and Facebook, I believe. We'll learn more in the next few weeks but I know that +Chris Messina and +Kevin Marks have been talking about this kind of stream openness for years.

I bet we're about to see the new "Game of Games" world blow wide open (the real-time social web) and THAT is going to be truly extraordinary.

We feel it when we see just how bad notifications are. Open those suckers up +Vic Gundotra and you'll have dramatically changed the world from the one Facebook is giving us.

I see on Messina's bio (he works on the Google+ team) that he's an "Open Web Advocate." Does Facebook have such a thing? Twitter? LinkedIn?

I don't think this is an accident. It's how Google will do to Facebook what it did to Apple with Android. Think about THAT for a moment!
Huy Zing originally shared:
Many of you wanted to know what types of apps could use the first version of the Google+ API.

G+me v7 introduces augmented hovercards with functionality that must be integrated into Google+ some day.

1. First, watch the screencast: Using the Google+ API for augmented hovercards - G+me v7 (make sure to select the HD resolution)

2. Then, install the beta:

3. Re-share, of course :)

4. Finally, if you want technical details, come back here to read my notes about the experience with the API.

Limitations of the first release of the API

Right now, the API only gives developers a read-only view of users' profile information and posts (a.k.a. "activities") -- and only the public posts. Yeah, there isn't much you can do with that... except if you use it to enhance the Google+ UI.

Types of Applications

These are initial types of applications that can do useful things so far:
1) A separate web site that queries the API about Google+ users. Examples:
- +Mohamed Mansour et al's Stream+
- +Gerwin Sturm 's
2) Plugin for your blog to display your Google+ posts. Example:
- +Will Norris's WordPress plugin
3) Extension for Google+ that augments the UI, as examplified by G+me.

The advantage of using the API for extension developers is the ability to enhance the default Google+ UI with features not yet available. You can't be a power user without power tools, right? Users can benefit immediately and without navigating to another site.

G+me Augmented Hovercards

In fact, G+me adds augmented hovercards that are designed so that users can get information without having to navigate to another page. With these premium hovercards, you don't need to visit users' profiles in order to get the gist of what they post about -- i.e., what they're about. So you don't lose your spot and the interface is quicker to use.

Not only that, but you get information that Google+ doesn't give you today: stats, ranked posts, word clouds. You can make better decisions about who's worth circling back and who's too noisy. Processing notifications is super fast.

JavaScript library

Note that Google+ didn't release a library for JavaScript, unlike for all the other popular languages. If you're not using OAuth2 yet, you don't need one. As you know, JSON is native to JavaScript and making requests with jQuery is just a few lines, after which you have a plain old JS object to extract data from.

For example,
$.getJSON('' + userid + '/activities/public?maxResults=' + maxResults + '&key=' + plusApiDevKey).then(callback, errback);

Experience with the API

The API is very straightforward. Just some surprises.

We get occasional 503 errors from the backend. These seem to happen when querying for certain high-profile users, e.g. +Robert Scoble, +Felicia Day, +Wil Wheaton

Also, no "originalContent" field is returned for any items. Bug filed.

And then, there's still the "pagination bug" that affects us even without using the API: you can only see about 250 public posts for each user (

Quota limits

By default, applications are limited to 1000 queries per day. There's also a per-user limit that can be additionally configured. Unfortunately, the web site about the API is not entirely clear about how this applies to extensions that are running on a user's machine with their own IP address. If the app uses the API key, but each user has her own IP address, it makes sense to me that the only limit should be the number of requests per second per IP address. (After all, Google can directly verify that users benefit proportionally to usage.) But it seems that the 1000 queries per day figure includes the requests of all users of the extensions, which of course won't work long-term. Can someone clarify this?

So what happens when the extension reaches the daily quota limits? It looks like I will have to start using OAuth2 in the future. But is that the right answer?

Authentication for extensions

It seems silly to use OAuth2 from within the Google+ pages if the user is already authenticated there. Why pop up a window to the user and ask them to authorize the app? I would suggest that Google+ put out a token equivalent to an OAuth2 token inside the DOM so that extensions can be immediately authorized without the extraneous popup (and development complexity). Or simply implement quota limits that only take IP addresses into account, as I mentioned in the previous section.

What now

Anyway, I just took the time out to develop this so that every user of Google+ could immediately benefit from the new Google+ API.

But I should return to my work on the extension SDK that'll make extensions resilient to layout changes due to the Google's Closure Compiler.
G+me v7 offers you the first benefits of the Google+ API: powerful new hovercards that let you quickly see if someone is worth adding to your circles.
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+Alan Sundberg Hey Alan, I didn't mention "5. Paginated displays". This is copy-and-paste of Robert Scoble's post, which I couldn't reshare because Google+ doesn't allow us yet to reshare a resahre.

The pts/post are already weighetd: share=3pts, +1=2pts, comment=1pt. I'm still not sure which is more relevant: +1 or comment. I've been tossing between my scheme and yours for a few days.

Yeah I can't do anything about the public/extended/limited posts -- the API only provides for public right now.

It's a good idea to be able to search the word cloud. But to search multiple word clouds could use up a lot of requests, which as you know, are limited by Google+. I'm thinking of some solutions.
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