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B2B content marketers need to pay more attention to LinkedIn. A five-year study of content published and shared on LinkedIn reveals its explosive growth, preferred post lengths, increasing role as a content distributor, and much more.

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Recent website design for Elite Windows, a sash window repair and window restoration in Rugby, Warwickshire.

We offer WordPress website design and WordPress development from only £300 and can offer super fast SSD hosting as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Get in touch for a quote now.

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Here's one we made earlier: WordPress website design for Elite Windows - a sash windows restoration company in Warwickshire.

Need a WordPress website for your business? Get in touch, visit

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Crazy Things Happens in One Second of the Internet - infographic

Have you ever thought, “What is the importance of one second?” Doesn’t seem that important, right? You blink your eye and poof!! It’s gone. That’s true normally, but when it comes to the World Wide Web, one second is extremely crucial as a lot of crazy data flows through it in the blink of an eye.

If the servers of Amazon, Flipkart or any other e-commerce giant stay down even for a second, it results in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don’t believe it, here is a fact that’ll blow your mind. In 2014, Amazon’s site was down for a mere 49 minutes and the company lost $4.8 million. Crazy, right?

So, now allow us to explain you the value of a second on Internet. Here are some crazy facts that will make you look at the tiniest measure of time in a new light:

• Amazon and eBay get approximately $3400 and $680 worth of transactions within a second. Also, Amazon ships around 35 items in a second

• 2,488,887 e-mails get sent within a second on the #internet

• 22 new WordPress posts are made

• 1160 Tumblr posts are made

• 54,319 #Google searches are made by people across the globe in a second

• 122,373 videos are viewed on YouTube

• 2121 Skype Calls are made

• 23 Uber rides are booked

• 486,111 #WhatsApp messages are sent

• 6 new #Facebook profiles are created per second

• 469,445 likes are made on Facebook per second

• Twitterati makes about 7203 tweets per second

• 4745 people share their dog/cat filtered snaps on #snapchat in a second

• 721 people Instagram their food in a second

• 28,935 people like other people’s food on #Instagram within a second

This is what a second feels like on internet. Never felt like such a small amount of time can be so big in terms of data flow on the web, right? Well, the more you know the better. A second might seem like a blink of an eye, but a lot happens in a second.

To know more about the importance of one second, check out this amazing #infographic developed by +UnboxingDeals below and share it with your friends.

#socialmedia #Twitter

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Does social media take up too much of your working day? If so, we can help!

We offer a daily social content service, scheduled in advanced so you can get outside and have more time to enjoy days like today ☀️ 😎

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Need help with social media marketing or are you looking for a local affordable website designer? Get in touch


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7 Essential Marketing Tips!

Whether you're an online ecommerce site or a brick and mortar business, these 7 Essential Marketing Tips should be embraced daily in order to succeed in today's digital world!

Read in full here:

In the full post we cover:

1. +Google Analytics
2. Social Media
3. Lead Generation
4. Device Capable Website
5. CMA
6. Research
7. Language

Once you grasp these concepts you can effectively build your digital marketing strategy! Read More:

Are you ready to get started with WordPress?
We have everything you need to run your #WordPress website. Fast, secure & managed WordPress Hosting from just £14.95 per month. Learn more:

#marketing #socialmedia #strategy

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So you’ve spent hours researching, writing and maybe even re-writing an amazing article for your blog. You finish your masterpiece, publish it and sit back to let your followers learn from your words of wisdom. So how annoyed would you be to discover…

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When it comes to helping you out with social media, we often like to categorise things. For example, we’d write about the optimal timing of your posts, or how to come up with the best headlines, and the like. What happened over the last few weeks though…

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Social Media Marketing isn’t just about crafting a few wonderfully worded tweets or constantly posting links to your latest product. The biggest clue is in the name, social. Nobody wants to be sold something every time they use a social network. These…
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