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Chomping at the bit for some more details about the launch of Pandemic Play, we have you covered in the latest installment of the #HuntersGathering! Stop by and check out the details today.

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Guardians, we have a special treat just for you in the latest installment of the #HuntersGathering! Be sure to drop in and check it out today.

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Drop by to check out the latest details on the 2nd Edition Core Rules, along with a whole bunch more! The latest installment of the #HuntersGathering is finally here.

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Find out all the latest regarding your favorites like #OutbreakUndead and #ABCsOfRPGs in the latest installment of the #HuntersGathering!

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Something wicked this way comes...

The Puzzlemaster has arrived to terrorize survivors in the latest installment of the Return of Things That Go Crash in the Night for 2016 - get it now!

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Looking for some undead goodness for the season? Well, Survivors, we have just the thing for you. #HuntersBooks has teamed up with +Bundle of Holding to help bring you October's aptly named Bundle of Zombies!

Check out all the details in our latest blog update, and don't miss your chance to pick up the past and present of #OutbreakUndead along with other great zombie themed RPG content!

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After many months of development, printing, shipping, and getting every little detail together - we can officially say:

Your books are on their way! So younglings and guardians everywhere, grab your dice and LET'S READ!

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News about Pandemic Play has rolled out, and the official Outbreak draws closer every day.
Welcome the latest addition to the #OutbreakUndead line of products, the Gamemaster's Companion!
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