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Our 6 summer stocktaking tips

So here are 6 summer stocktaking tips for pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants:

1. Review those stock levels
A good spell of warm and sunny weather will see your popular beer garden fill up and your stock turnover start to increase. Before the season gets into full swing review your stock levels to make sure you will be able to cope with a surge in demand.

A good tip is to look at your turnover from the year before in a good weather spell to see how the demand changed.

2. Don’t forget your summer drinks
Of course, it is not only the volume of drinks sold that can change during the summer, it’s also what people are drinking. When reviewing your stock level don’t forget to have plenty of Pimms, lighter real ales, a selection of ciders (bottled flavoured ciders are popular), alco-pops, cocktail mixers and soft drinks ready to go!

3. Check your selling prices
While the summer brings seasonal trade it is important to make sure you are maximising your income during this season. It’s worth discussing with your stocktaker your summer selling prices to make sure you are maximising your contribution towards achieving your annual GP.

4. Check those fridges!
Should we be lucky enough to enjoy a prolonged warm spell, having a cool storage area and effective fridges in bars and kitchens become important. Before the weather really heats up it is recommended that you check all your refrigeration including your cellar cooler is working effectively.

In particular, we recommend that you check around under counter coolers in the bar and fridges in kitchens to make sure the condensers are free from dust and debris. Failure to keep these condensers clear can result in the overheating and breaking down.

A condenser running efficiently will also use less energy, saving you money.

5. Reinforce your Bar Tab procedures
Letting customers run a bar tab during their visit is a great way to encourage them to consume more and stay longer. However, during the summer when more of your trade will be in the beer garden or terrace it is important that guests don’t leave without paying.

Our tip is to ensure that for bar tabs you always take a credit card to keep behind the bar, in exchange for a wooden spoon/table number for example.

To keep credit cards behind the bar it will help to set up a space & system for keeping them safe and with any related paperwork (order receipts etc).

If you wish to be ultra secure there are credit card safe products that you can purchase that locks the credit card away in exchange for a key.

6. Are you licensed for outside service?
It is often overlooked, but if you are using a garden, patio or outside area for providing table service you need to ensure that you are licensed correctly to do so.

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As a leading hotel stocktaker in the south-west of England, we were delighted to receive some great feedback from a client based in Bath.
The Abbey Hotel & Allium Restaurant, Bath provided the following feedback of Paul Hunt, Hunt Management Solutions, following a recent hotel stocktaking visit:
"The team at the Abbey Hotel cannot endorse Paul and his company with enough praise and credit for the work he does for us.
Paul’s professionalism, passion and work ethic for his job is second to none, his specialist skills and up to date trade knowledge helps guide our business to become more efficient which in turn see’s a return on our bottom line.
We enjoy seeing him each month and we hope our partnership continues to grow"
If you would like to discuss your stocktake/auditing needs and get a free, no obligation, quote then please call us on 07917 176 005
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Hotel stocktaking service receives client praise in Bath
Are you looking for a hotel stocktaker whose clients say this... "Paul's professional, passion and work ethic for his job is second to none". Read more...

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If you are like many pubs, bars and clubs in the UK, April 5th signifies the beginning of a new tax year and the rush to complete your business accounts for the year just gone.
An important part of End of Year accounts for any pub, bar, hotel or restaurant is providing your accountant with an accurate valuation of your inventory / stock. After all it is one of your key business assets.
However, whether it’s a liquor, dry bar, wet bar or catering audit, providing the key figures to your accountant isn’t always as simple as just counting what’s left in your cellar or kitchen. And, that is where the services of a stocktaker proves invaluable.
Read more on our blog page using the link below:…/stock-valuation…/
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