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So this destroys Followerwonk as a Twitter sourcing tool. 
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I was using the two together since you can export results from wonk and import into tactics to create massive public lists.

Tactics doesn't work with URLs for some reason. Search "" = about space me

Great tool just the same. 
It's a great tool +Hung Lee - used to be TacticsHR and then they saw the uses were far broader than just recruiting and so rebranded and relaunched as TacticsCloud. The interactions I've had with the team there have been really favourable, so I'd have no hesitations recommending them...
+Tony Restell the big mistake is that someone programmed a system that does not recognize urls.  

I love the ability to create big twitter lists, but it can only create new list (not edit existing ones).  I would see value with options to audit lists to remove false positives, fake or blatantly promotional users, etc.

The ability to curate, clean, and manage twitter lists is something worth paying for.  While it is an improvement from the original service, it needs refinement and additional features to succeed.
+Hung Lee a good bit.  I posted something today on the FB group we share.
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