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I'm still moving blog posts to website pages. What a collection I pulled together over the years! This is a large project. Visit the website and explore as it grows. It's over 2,600 pages and growing every day.


Someone asked me, "where are all these new website pages?" There are currently 2,614 pages on the website and it grows every day. There is enough to keep you reading for a very long time. Here is a synopsis for you.


1 Genealogy Tab -- These are pages I am trying to build with my own family history. Unless you are related to me, you may not be interested in these pages, although there are a lot of fun stories hidden within these pages. Someday I will build an index to the fun stories. These pages have their own newsletter. However, there is a new section with genealogy helps which were moved from the blog and hope to grow in the coming months. For the links, scroll to the bottom of the page I link here, the main genealogy page.

2 Tutorials Tab -- Most of my readers who did digital scrapbooking are familiar with this tab as it has been around for a long time. You will find a link to each individual class, many of which contain tutorials and resource downloads. Just click on the drop down menu and explore. I have added some of the blog posts to random already existing pages and a few to the Fun Extras Class. I have more to add there yet.

3 More Tab -- This tab was renamed and this is where you will find many of the new sections on the website. This is also where you will find my social links.

My Photography -- This section holds photography of events and locations I have traveled too. There are not too many pages as of yet, but I have a lot planned to go digging into my camera images to add to these pages. I have found recently that local people are following me for my images and I wanted a place for them to find my photos.

SamePage: Book -- I wrote an advent book and it is available for purchase, but Tara, the illustrator, and I decided it was good to give the entire book for free. All of the downloads are right on these pages, including the coloring pages. I have started writing a second book and plan to put what I have already written on these pages soon.

My Home - I enjoy the little things and sharing about my home. This section has just begun and I do have more blog posts yet to add. It is a work in progress.

My Writings -- I have written a lot of things over the years. I even surprise myself. There is a lot of content already moved to this section, but I do have a lot more yet to move over from the blog posts, so it will grow. Enjoy reading.

Technical Posts - I have always shared techy posts on my blog. I found many of them to no longer be relevant. However, there are some that have stood the test of time and I have more to add to this section.

Fun Stuff -- In this section you will find fun videos, fun links, and humor. This is the great go-to time-waster section.

Christian Posts -- This is a huge section divided into three sections. It is all indexed on the main page.

1. Bible journaling -- The chronological section alone has 79 pages, with my personal notes. I have more done to add to this section, but not until I reach them chronologically. I will be picking this project back up. I miss it. There are well over 100 pages for you to enjoy. Have I really made that many, she says to herself.

2. Bible Bits -- This section contains all of those "arrow prayer" images. There are currently 210. Even I was surprised I made so many. I am sure to make more in coming time. Don't get lost in this section.

3. Pages of Stuff to Share -- These posts had the label of "messages" on the blog. These are Christian posts written by mostly unknown people. There is a good start on the website, but I have carefully saved these to documents and this will be a project to finish for the future. I am sure there are at least 1,000 of them.

Recipes -- This section is for recipes I have shared. It is just getting started with more to be moved over soon and I am anxious to create new shares.

Crafts -- This section is for craft inspiration. I have almost 200 blog posts yet to go through and I am working on this section as I write this.
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