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The Humble Store Winter Sale is here! Whether you're naughty or nice, you can get Europa Universalis IV, Castle Story, Don’t Starve, Planetary Annihilation, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Skullgirls and more for up to 75% off for 24 hours only.

Nearly the entire store is on sale for the next two weeks with new 24-hour discounts coming every day!
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Planetary Annihilation is still too expensive for a beta :(
39.99 for the game WITH Beta access? 
That's not bad by any margin.
hm , sad, expected prison architect to be on sale :D
OTOH EUIV for a tenner is great if, like me, you were waiting for the holidays to play it :)
Sweet, Dust: An Elysian Tail
+Francis Xavier that's because in their mind your paying for the game, plus paying for alpha access, now that its near end beta of course its cheaper. Being a kickstarter also complicates things since they needed to be fair to backers who funded for alpha/beta/full game.

That said, it might go even cheaper in the next few days as the steam sale starts...
+Francis Xavier Crowdfunding isn't about getting 90 dollars out of something, it's about believing in the project so that you give them more than the value of what you get back, to ensure the game gets made.  If the value isn't there for you, don't pay it, simple. :)
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