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I know we make fun of Google+ in all of our videos, but apparently Humble Bundle now has more followers (circlers?  +1ers?) on G+ than Facebook and Twitter combined!
Pay whatever you want to get Psychonauts, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and Bastion — all while supporting vital charities! Each game is DRM-free, comes wit...
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I should probably like the Facebook page at some point too. Ah well.
Followers is fine, the default circle proposed for pages is "Following" :-)
Awesome! :D
I think it just shows what type of people we are over here ;)
It'd be fun to know average amount paid broken down by referring social network, to see if plussers are more generous :-) What do you think, +Humble Bundle can you give us that stat?
In the Humble Indie Bundle V that V at the and stands for Vicory, not five :-)

It's cool that there is so many of us on G+.

I also recommend another pay what you want action which is active - +Indie Royale. Games are not so famous as those from HIB but they are worth your time too!
Google+ is the social network whipping boy. Besides most Linux users seem to prefer Google+.
You're surprised?

G+ tends to be where people go who don't spend their life obsessing over greyscale photographs, releasing passive-aggression in quantities that could kill a mongoose, bragging about doing things which lower the IQ of the planet and begging for likes go.
Google+ has a pretty decent user base of tech people, so it makes some sense.
Now....about those Android bundles...
For me, I'm a follower because unlike Twitter or FB, I have tools that allow me to rest assured that if the Humble Bundle folks say something, I WILL see it, and it's not left up to chance of someone's filter algorithms or catching it at the right moment.
I'm still a little peeved that I saw LIMBO on sale on Steam, went checking previous Humble Bundle pages - because I was convinced I had played it before - found nothing, shrugged and chalked it up to having played the demo, and bought it on Steam. Literally less than TWO HOURS LATER they announced HBV.

Don't get me wrong, I bought it anyway, but at times the sheer perversity of the universe aggravates me.
Google+ is the s***. I forgot Facebook even existed....
Darn. I'm only here because it's less popular than Facebook. Now where am I supposed to go?
<troll>Great list of games to pirate! Thanks!</troll>
Sweet! So no more "if Google+ is still around by the time this video airs"? ;)

I did like the "Do whatever the verb of Google+ is" in the previous videos. Have we figured out a word for it yet?
G+ has a much more concentrated tech population, there is your answer. :)
Not very suprising. Google+ is known for it´s high "Nerd quote" and so it's more likely that a person who is on Google+ follows the Humble Bundle.
that's because google+ = facebook + twitter 
Well i see it like this

Google+ = People actually with lives (and livelihoods) to share

Twitter = Famous people rants and raves

Facebook = A place for friends to drift apart and only "like" stuff and hate their lives

G+ is pretty much indie too... Its makers might not be humble, though.
I agree with Gregory L. Taylor.The posts on G+ are more active & relevant to what each individual wants.Twitter is exactly that-Twitter & FB has become the High School girls bathroom,gossip & bickering...Tks G+ for reminding us that Social Networking can actually be a good thing...
this is not half bad. you are so nasty steve
Lol G+ is awesome. Your target audience loves G+
well that makes a lot of sence G+ is 10 times better than both. isn't facebook going to shutdown.
Kid got himself a lot of +1's. Didn't see much need for likes no more. Finds out Facebook ain't that great as far as books go.
G+ has keep the more technological audience
Google plus just had to complicate things with it's circles and it's +1's. -__- I suppose I will have to get used to it. People are moving here fast
That comment... It hurt my brain...
I bought this, never got a code. Tried to contact them, didn't get a response :-\
I'm currently in the process of removing my Facebook likes of groups/people who are also active on Google+. I use Streamified to blend FB and G+ posts into one page. Removing duplication makes it easier to read. And G+ posts are just so much nicer-looking than FaceBlah.
I am thinking on removing my self from facebook.
Snapseed is one very VERY good application for ipod, ipad, iphone etc. And for it to be free right now (remering how totally awesome it is), is just unbeleivealbe.
I'm actually surprised no-one got the reference.
Got to know abt the latest bundle via G+! =]
I've noticed that the Linux users seem to pay more for the bundle. Just noticed it.
Jason B
Purchased. Thank you.
Well you can think of Google+ just like you think of Linux contributors ^_^
+Humble Bundle the official term for people with whom you communicate on Google+ is Gs. If you were in the closed beta, you're an OG. 
Thang B
I like google because they give back services for free to users like voice and maps. I've quit helping fb making money.
A Train
and i mean damn who dont like making fun of google+
its no better or worse than twitter or reddit
they all attract the same people
there i said it
heyyy guys i am new on gmail............i want some good frnds.........
Damn ... reading this thread apparently I am a nerd! Son of a....
i personally like there aren't many ads on Google plus, as compared to Facebook
+1 by 666 people... now there's a sign for ya ;)
gah, and now that comment just looks stupid...
all your bundle
your bundle
are belong to me
I like G+ with all its apps
SKY SAVAGE stop posting meanless comments
Gonna circle you just to keep your numbers up..
Seriously the only time I visit Facebook is when I want to chat with friends and family. Google plus is where I dwell. I have actually learnt a lot from being on google plus. It's probably the only social network which won't be a complete waste of one's time, cheesy though it may sound.
...hey Humblers, the new connection to Ubuntu package manager is great... could you make this please possible for the old bundles??? btw: for Ubuntu a synced savegame feature via ubuntuOne would be great
That emphasis would be lost on FB users or Twit-heads.
I think the explanation for this, is that Google plus is largely a community of fairly tech-savvy geeks and nerds of all creeds and nationalities. We live for this kind of thing.

By stark contrast however, Facebook is full of Your Gran...
You make videos? Anyways, I've bought 3 humble bundles strictly for the #Linux  games (and Android). Keep up the good work.
Just Bought the Bundle for Linux(Ubuntu64 12.04) and have to smile that Linux users ranks higher in contributions. It seems to show that it is the mindset of open and free software that the rest doesn't understand. I have always donated to free software and open software. Ten years+ and going strong. My slogan that I built upon from the others are "Linux: Life Without Windows or Walls" :-)
Best Humble Bundle yet.  I happily plunked down my money (and went way over average...mac and windows user to boot!)
Does Humble 5 Bastion give an account, clients, or both? I want to access the Chrome NaCl version and otherwise will not purchase.
Chan Li
LOL ,funny one , how do i pay if i am in china 
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