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Holy smokes! The Humble THQ Bundle just reached $500k in sales and over 94,000 bundles sold!  Your support is phenomenal!
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OK OK, we dont need minute-by-minute updates.
Yeah, what John said. Besides, this is Windows-only and DRM-encumbered. Boo hiss.
Be aware these are steam keys and break the DRM free tradition of humble bundles.
My problem is that I directly do not use steam and I just bought it. Should have paid closer attention.
you mean the humble key or the steam code?
+Alexander Diana Oh that's right, I forgot there is no hyperbole allowed on the Internet.

More than one or 2 posts on the same topic in one day is a bit spammy.
And still no statement about the non-working Saints Row keys. You are seriously disappointing lots of people out there..
there is a space on your key page you get steam keys. it also gives the the key page DIRECTLY after completing the purchase. maybe a spam blocker got you
have no spam blocking, this is the first time it happens with a n HB purchase. and i know how they work, that's why i'm saying i have a problem :)
what browser you used? also how did you pay?
I also am having trouble with my HB purchase.  I have my reciept from Google Wallet but nothing from HB and no keys.  I'm also not recieving my email to confirm my login information.
Got the URL for the copy I bought for myself, but nothing on the gift copy I bought for someone else (using my email address, as instructed by the main page) other than the Google Wallet notice that my credit card has been charged. Checked my spam folder and tried the key resender - nothing. Emailed Humble Bundle's contact address and have not received any response at all. Will dispute the charge if I don't hear anything within 24 hours.
well I am trying to see how your purchase aligns with mine and so far the only difference is browser.
They could have easily made the games direct download. 
+iPan Baal: I'll come back to you when there's an EA- or Activison-Bundle...
Such a pity it's Windows-only... I'll buy it for my CrossOver/Wine collection and I'll register as Linux buyer. I hope for some porting love in the near future...
I am not trying to call this a bad thing, it is simply not compatible with my efforts. 
Paul S.
OMFG, stop the fuckin' mimimi about cross-plattform. Humble Bundle wanted to help THQ selling games and THQ's not going to develop Linux-versions of 7 big games just because 2% of the 5% of Linux-users wants it! Get over it, there will be an humble bundle 7, 8, 9, 10, and 20!

Instead of this useless whining you should complain about my bad english. 

God.... it's like a kindergarten in here. "Mimimi, you are commercial, you want to make money and save jobs of a great company with thousands of employees." GET A LIFE and develop your own Linux-Games. Don't buy it if you don't like it. kkthxbye
linux is not my issue. it is having to log into steam to play them that bugs me. 
Paul S.
+Larry Maxwell DRM-Free versions wouldn't be so hard, that's true. But the Linux-whining is terrible.

EDIT: Just crack it if this is the only reason you're not buying it.
+Larry Maxwell then don't buy them, what's the problem? do you risk death or severe injuries if you don't buy one bundle? you can still buy it and donate all to charity.

either way, stop the whine for god sake. we're suffering for it.
Paul S.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo Thanks. That's what I needed. Oh and, yes. Humble Bundle is the reason why my english is so bad. Shame on them! ;)
+Paul Sternberg I know the THQ background situation and so this HIB is still "charitable", I've bought the bundle anyways. It makes me a little sad that this time the simple formula:

Helps Charity"

doesn't apply.

But this isn't a major issue, after all (2,3-in-a-row Windows-only bundles would be).

Nevertheless I'll play Metro 2033 on Linux, thanks to Wine and CrossOver, I already grabbed the bundle on my Steam for Linux beta.

Thinking about it, maybe a Linux port of these games can happen in the future, HIB has talented Linux porters among its rows.

So I say: good luck THQ, good luck HIB and keep up with your next cross-platform bundles ;)
Think about maybe donating to Wikipedia insead?
Licensing issues. That's probably why this bundle isn't DRM-free.

Since this is for charity, you have to ask: Do you care more about the games and the DRM, or do you care more about donating to a cause? That's your own choice to make. Releasing one DRM bundle isn't the worst crime that can be committed in digital retail.
+Suwan Phommachanh I rather donate directly to charity organizations, than buy this, humble bundle soul has been at least drm free, and multi platform
Whelp, Humble Bundle unfollowed.  Absolutely no point in caring about the Humble Bundle any more.

For those people who are claiming we shouldn't be "whining" (read: voicing our concerns that Humble Bundle is undoing everything they've accomplished): We are voicing our concerns because Humble Bundle did something against their own mission statement, twice.  They're encouraging poor development practices and shunning the non-Windows world.

The only reason I bothered to support them before was that they were encouraging good development practices and showing off cool indie projects.  You think I needed sales to buy games?  Most of the time, the bundles I bought contained quite a few games I already had, and I still paid well over the average, because I wanted to support the developers and Humble Bundle (if I want to give to charity, I can just give to charity - it's not difficult).

Now, they're encouraging poor development practices and telling us about games that we already know about.  I may as well put my money elsewhere.  And following Humble Bundle on Google+ just got absolutely pointless.  As with everyone else whose posts I end up muting more often than reading, I think Humble Bundle has overstayed its welcome on my list of people I'm following.

I'm just going to stop there, because that's already quite the mass of text, but I'll go ahead and post the long version of what my concerns are as an actual post on my G+.
These comments are straight up embarrassing. Just pretend HumbleBundle didn't release this deal and your life goes exactly back to normal.
I'm surprised by all the HATE. This is a really great deal and you get to donate to charity. Even if you hate Windows or DRM you could donate your entire portion to charity if you bought in. I am also glad that Humble teamed up with THQ on this as they haven't been very profitable lately. THQ makes great titles and they deserve the revenue boost.
In the name of fairness though, why should THQ not be allowed to do this where other developers can? It is still a charitable undertaking.
Just make sure to donate all your money to charity if you want these games. Greedy THQ don't deserve the money over charities when they're only releasing DRM-enabled Windows-only games.
exactly, where's the complaining gone? "i don't like the drm, but i also don't like the games" -> if there was no drm, you still wouldn't buy games you don't like.
there's a lot of people waiting for games suited for them, where are they complaining? you can join them.

now, seriously +Humble Bundle is there any problem with payments? :) --> not angry hardcore archlinux user who still loves you 
+Ollie Reardon This is what I came here to say.   I wish I had the influence to start a grassroots effort to convince everyone to drop their sliders.   THQ should be close to $0, and the Humble Tip should be less than normal.

HumbleBundle has the right to do anything they want, but the 'goodwill' they've earned has been based on providing an outlet for developers and games that don't have an established retail channel.  That's why it's a bundle.  "These are too small to make it on their own, so we put them as a package to give them a boost."     There is no way "Saints Row" and "Company of Heroes" need any help.

I see this as a poor move on the part of Humble Bundle.
I saw a response from Humble Bundle saying how they wanted to expand their 'Pay What You Want' business plan.   I think that's a great idea, but they should have done it as a Spin Off, and not have put it under the 'Humble Bundle' brand.
+Marc Hawke try to see the other way: they tried with AAA titles, maybe hoping for bigger revenues/charity. They don't need a boost, that's why THQ lets you pay close to 0 bucks for all those titles. They tried, like they tried with an ebook only bundle (hint: i have no ebook reader, i don't read on a computer, i did not buy that bundle, i didn't complain, i liked what they did tho.) i still feel proud of what HB came up with in the beginning, and what they are doing. 
Seems like the email with my code didn't reach my mailbox. Any info on this ?
+Samuele Mattiuzzo, the huge difference between the eBook bundle and this bundle is that the eBook bundle still provided the books DRM free in a variety of different formats, so that anybody who wanted to read the books would be able to do so. You didn't want to read them (since you don't read books on your computer), so you didn't get it.

With this bundle, however, even if you want to play the games, if you're a Linux/Mac user, you're out of luck. And if you're morally opposed to DRM, you're out of luck.

In other words, they've completely gone against their own founding principles.
+Dan Jones as i said, they tried. Did you live a perfect life, without any mistake? I don't think so. I never said i DIDN'T WANT to read them, i just said i couldn't. I can't read them on my monitor, that's what i said.
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+Timothy Smith, sure you can donate to charity. But you can do that without the Humble Bundle. It's said that people "vote with their wallet." In other words, if you pay into this bundle, whether or not you support it, you're saying you support it. So, if you really want to give to charity, but don't approve of DRM, and don't approve of Humble Bundle doing Windows-only games, then by all means, donate to charity, but don't do it this way.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo, unless you have some sort of vision problem, you can read ebooks on your computer, but choose not to.

And +Humble Bundle didn't try with this one. If they had tried, they would've told THQ, "Thanks for the offer, but you'll have to offer these games DRM free, and make them cross platform before we can release them as a Humble Bundle."
Yeah, great, you can take an advertising channel people helped you create out of your commitment to being DRM-free and having cross-platform support and successfully use it to hawk DRM-laden Windows-only games. Go on, be just like every other 'digital vendor' out there. Congrats on being able to make a ton of money by destroying your brand image.
+Dan Jones and all the haters,start your own post and cut the cap. I choose not to read ebooks on my monitor as much as you choose to be a dick about ONE of their bundles. Hope you see the point, but i don't think you all will.

ALL THE OTHERS if you didn't receive your key, just go to HB website and head over to the "lost code" section (bottom of the page). Wait 5 minutes and the mail will come at you!
Dan Doe
Humble Bundle shitting on the little guy! One disappointed Linux user right here.
I think it is great to see a big publisher jump on the charity/pay what you want bandwagon. It is a step in the right direction, even if only on steam for now - it is a start.
Working in Germany now. Just contact the support.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo, feel free to call me names, and pretend like I'm not hearing you out. I understand your point, but I don't think you understand mine.

Up until (but not including) their Amnesia Fortnight bundle, I strongly supported +Humble Bundle because they were founded on the idea of supporting indie game developers, opposing DRM, and giving gamers as much freedom of choice as they can by only distributing cross-platform games.

With this bundle, they have thrown it all out of the window. DRM, Windows-only, and a big game developer. This is worse than Mitt Romney's sudden changes in position.

As for insisting that I write my own post about it, I will. But I'll also comment here, because the +Humble Bundle people are more likely to see it, so they can understand that there are people like me who don't approve of their betrayal of their own principles.

Call me a dick all you want. If being a dick means standing by your principles and making it known that you don't approve of companies and organizations who toss theirs aside like they're meaningless, then I'm proud to be a dick.
Dan Doe
Windows only, DRM, no LInux no Mac and no charity to EFF :(
Vraiment déçu par le nouveau +Humble Bundle !!!

Ça n'a plus rien d'un Humble Bundle!!!

Ils se sont fait connaitre grâce aux geeks militants, en se démarquant grâce à une ligne directrice simple:
- Des jeux originaux, développés par des indépendants, multi plateforme (Win / Linux / Mac), et sans DRM.

Ils profitent maintenant de cette notoriété ainsi acquise pour nous balancer un bundle de merde qui ne vaut rien de plus qu'une simple promo Steam de Noël.

J'ai été là dès le premier bundle et j'ai toujours fait leur pub, je les ai tous (sans exception) achetés à prix correct (toujours plus haut que la moyenne GNU/Linux). J'ai même fait des "cadeau" humble bundle à des amis car j'avais la sensation de faire d'une pierre deux coups (faire plaisir + promouvoir les jeux indés xplateforme sans DRM).

Je regrette à présent d'avoir dépensé mon argent chez eux.
+Dan Jones what i don't understand is why all this hate. One bundle with DRM contents won't kill anyone, it won't strenghten the DRM party, THQ didn't do it for the money (all those games still sell well anyway)  and i feel no one will use this specific bundle to chant about drm. You're bitching like microsoft-lovers bitched back then when linux started growing outside the "underground" scene. 
Also: steam is coming to linux, they add games to bundles even after bundles are over. Rings any bells?

At least, wait to complain till the second consecutive DRM bundle.

And i don't pretend you don't hear me, i think all closed-minded people are actually dicks. We can all get along, if we want to. But you chose not to (acual quote, from you) Same shit, different side, everyone is right, everyone is wrong.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo You make a fair point about Steam coming to Linux, however, that doesn't mean we'll be able to play these particular games on Linux, which there's been no mention of.  I suspect many but not all of the people voicing their opinion would be okay or at least less upset if it were at least announced to be cross-platform.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo, you ask why all this hate (which, by the way, was never addressed towards you, but rather towards +Humble Bundle). The reason is simple. I, and many people like me, believe DRM is morally reprehensible. It may not be quite as bad as taking away someone's freedom of speech, but it's along those lines.

You suggest I not complain because this is only one DRM bundle. If I wait to complain until the second bundle, I've already lost. It's important that +Humble Bundle understand now that what they've done by abandoning their founding principles is deplorable. If they do realize that, and fix themselves so that they don't do it again, then that's fantastic, and I'll have no reason to complain ever again. But if I don't complain now, they won't realize what a screwup this really is. They need to know now, so they don't make the same mistake twice.

Telling me to wait until the second DRM bundle before I complain is like saying, "Don't report that guy to the police. He's only killed one guy. Wait until he's killed two."

The fact is, I really like +Humble Bundle, and I want to continue to support what they were doing. If they continue with more bundles like this one, I can't though.

If you want to continue to refuse to understand that, that's your choice. But I think I've said all I can possible say to try and help you understand why I and others like me are so outraged, and why we insist on letting +Humble Bundle know. If you still don't understand, and want to continue to call me names, go ahead. But I won't respond to it anymore.
+Dan Jones can't compare this to a murderer. When humblebundle becomes the new Origin client, we'll stop buying. They'll bankrupt. No harm done. They abandoned nothing, it's like saying that a mother going to work is abandoning the family. i have faith in them, they raise a lot of money for good. 

+David Jordan i trust HB and THQ (contacted them about playing Dawn of War with wine, they helped me throu this with a couple of emails from an employee that did the same)

They also offering those games (around 100 bucks all? don't know, actually) at an accessible price to everyone.

and in this, +Dan Jones is right: apologies to all for being a dick myself calling names but i get angry too when i see people spitting on great initiatives. Always, no matter what.
Sorry, going to have to skip this one, for two reasons: firstly, most of my gaming is on Linux or Android these days. Secondly, these games just aren't the type I have time for anymore. I typically have to do something that I can arbitrarily pick up and drop at any time, and these are a little too time-intensive for me.

I think it's cool that the Humble Bundle is attracting some big names in the industry, though.

I'm looking forward to the next Indie bundle, too.
Seriously, if you don't like it, just don't buy it.
Some shops sell items I don't like or don't want and I just skip these and buy what I want when I see it. No need to make a fuss about it!

Sure it's Steam on Windows only. But considering it has the biggest market share, it's quite ok to do so. And they're still raising money for some charity. If you're considering buying them and don't want to support THQ, just change the split accordingly! It's for a good cause!
People who complain: its a dollar. Get over it holy cow 
+iPan Baal
So a company can only sell one product and never change? That's your point of view.
HB is a for profit company selling games at "pay-what-you-want" price and the possibility to give a split to a charity. They always sold games for Steam on Windows and nobody complained since you had a choice. Now, you still have a choice : just don't buy it if you don't like it!

Geez, nothing happened when they sold a bundle with Android only games. I don't have an Android device. Should I have complained they forced us to use a device that isn't totally open sourced and controlled by a big company who knows more about you than your own parents?
+Florent Castelli, small correction. They never sold an Android-only bundle. All the Android bundles also included Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the games.
+Dan Jones: My bad, you're right. Nonetheless they were called Humble Bundle for Android, promoting a platform that isn't totally open , that has some DRM etc, just like Windows or Steam (somehow).
+iPan Baal: Well, this is a Windows only bundle in addition to all the others they've done. They are Windows only games that play fine with wine. If there were a Linux version, they would have included it too, but there isn't.
The goal is to sell games and make money for the charity, not flatter your ego, conform to your ideology or anything else.

You will now understand it's all about the money, the games are just a way to make it.
+iPan Baal It has never been about supporting Humble Bundle, but supporting the charities. So now, you're just being a horrible person! Way to go!
+iPan Baal I disagree. It means that the big players are paying attention and recognizing the value of the Humble Bundle approach. Good for all of us 
+Tom Bruno, let's look at what they said early on. Here's the earliest cache of that I could find:

"All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

We don't use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play them without an internet connection, back them up, and install them on all of your Macs and PCs freely. There is no time-limit on your downloads.

You can support charity. Choose exactly how your purchase money is divided: Between the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the Child's Play Charity. Also, if you like this deal, a tip to the Humble Bundle itself would be much appreciated!"

That's a direct quote. Clearly they considered DRM-free and cross-platform very important. And as for the point of them being Indie, it was originally called the Humble Indie Bundle, so I think that's pretty clear.
Me do not care if Windows, OSX or Linux. The drm part I think is the most important here. Starting GameOS for some phun is always possible :)
Not just because of it. Because of stupid questions... ;-)
Obviously, he is using NEW retarded windows, aka Vista 8...
It's just trolling.
Me using Mint, Android & XP, but I do NOT buy HIB@Win only.
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