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We’re back with a brand new kind of bundle: the Humble THQ Bundle!  Get seven excellent, critically-acclaimed blockbusters for Windows via Steam!  Starting at $1, pay what you want for Darksiders, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Metro 2033!

If you pay more than the average, you also get the epic Saints Row: The Third!  And most of the games come with sweet soundtracks!  Check out the site for more info!
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I was fine with one Windows only bundle.

I draw the line at 2. And not even close to indie. 
oh my god, what an amazing bundle this is freaking amazing.
In before the whining about Linux support :P
Wow, this is pretty big... wish I didn't already own most of the titles.
That bundle is absolutely insane! The Saints Row: The Third: The Soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission.
Humble really has forgotten what it was founded for:
Great INDIE games, at a low price that goes to charity, with CROSS PLATFORMS so everyone can have fun.

That's what they said in the video for the first one, now look at this.
Any chance that we could get PSN codes instead of steam?
Where's the -1 button?  If it's from Humble Bundle, I expect it to be multiplatform.  Who bought out Humble Bundle and turned it Windows-only?
I don't like how steam treats me as a customer so i will not buy this
"Humble THQ Bundle is Windows-only" srsly?! :<
Kai W
People should really put more $ into the bundle since THQ is in really deep finance trouble. It would be great to help this amazing company out.
And done. I may never play the games, but at least charities get some money from me.
They've done multiple types of bundles. Why complain? Humble bundle is about bundled games/music/etc for a lower price. Yes - they do like to have multi platform, but at times they can't do that for the fact that Linux and Mac don't support as much. And don't get me wrong, I use all three systems. But if you want mainly games, you're safer to go along with Windows - it's the blatant truth.
I have absolutely no interest in this Windows-only monstrosity. :-( And I see no point in helping a stupid platform that we should be helping people move away from.

I hope this bundle fails miserably so the publisher gets the appropriate message about what makes for good marketing.
neither humble nor indie.
now the humble bundle is just like any other store.
Windows, Mac, AND Linux are all great systems. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. And unfortunately for alternate users, the majority of the world uses Windows.
Man...people get butthurt over the smallest things. "How dare they release something that doesn't fulfill MY needs???"
I understand that it's expensive to port mainstream AAA games to Linux and Mac and I could overlook that.  But it can't be that expensive to get rid of the DRM.  Ditch the DRM and take my money!  Until then, I'll be sitting here, waiting for a real bundle.
Windows only means no buy from me.
Saints Row the third is not available for german customers, as there is a region lock on this game... :(
Eric Hopper
+Christopher Harlan - Unfortunately, the only reason I've ever bought anything from Humble Bundle was the promise of Linux support. Windows users have plenty of places to buy games.

And one thing that will help things change so the majority of the world doesn't use Windows is for people like Humble Bundle to demand that the games they advertise be available on other platforms.
Couldn't await the new humble bundle. But guys...just windows? I'm a little bit disappointed :-(
Please keep up your formerly good work in the next bundle :-)
I think I still have a Windows partition, and I've always wanted to try Saints Row. Might pay the minimum and put all of it to charity.

Then again, I don't have a Steam account.
+Zachary Detton
Yeah, charity is great, and I applaud THQ for doing this (despite being bummed by crappy game by them as a child), but Humble really has sold out at this point.

I was fine with music and books ones, because I love music and books, and the authors/musicians could be considered indie (TMBG was a stretch though), but at this point it feels like AAA studios are coming to them for help. THQ is not doing well, at all right now...
That's sound like a great deal!!! 
Eric Hopper
+Mr Mango - If the 'big boys' want in, they can play by the same rules as everybody else. Linux support or no bundle.
Hmm... I have to say I'm disappointed in this one.  While I'm primarily a Linux user, I can deal with Windows only, but one of the biggest attractions of the Humble Bundle was DRM-free...
hmm all the DLCs for Saints Row: The Third alone would cost me an extra $82.8 =/
Kevin Smith
Not this time. Linux and Android user here.
Bought, good tease for hib 7...
Zik Zak
Somehow a great bundle. It could become the less successful one. Proving that the market is not only about Microsoft's system.
On toop of that you need a Steam account, DRM-free is not the case as user is tied by an account and a very strict contract.

Let's see if HIB will learn from this mistake.
Cutting out your Linux users? Really?
No Linux support = no money from me. Sorry.
+Nathan Nommensen - Yeah... you know, and vegetarians get all up in arms when their favorite vegetarian restaurant starts serving meat too! What complainers!
+Eric Hopper That's pretty bad that you would hope a charity would fail. You have to weigh the options: FOSS Idealism or Charity? Yeah I'm an avid Linux and Android user myself, but I also enjoy my games to the point I'm happy to keep a partition with Windows 7 for them.
Dan Jones
Seriously, this better be the last Windows-only Bundle you offer, or I'm done with you people. With all your previous bundles, you insisted the developers port their games to Mac and Linux. Why are you giving in now?

It's especially absurd, considering that consistently Windows users have always paid the lowest average amount.

And since these aren't even indie games, I think you need to change the name. It's not so humble anymore.
Amazing deal, worth it for saints alone never mind if you include the rest!
Another Windows only bundle? I'm glad you guys are popular, but seriously, the pressure for cross-platform development that the Bundle has put on the industry is amazing. I understand that games like Saints and Metro can't realistically be ported just for (what is essentially) a give away, but then they don't belong in the Bundle at all.
Rape simulator, crime simulator, murder simulator, murder simulator, murder simulator... I still have games like Limbo and Aquaria to finish, and I can't run these titles anyway. I just can't believe how far off the market HB is with this offer.
Awesome deal, I wish I didn't already own everything but Company of Heroes. Love these guys.
Wow people, in the last bundle when I complained about repeat Android games people chastised me and said its for the charity I shouldn't feel entitled and they were boasting how they don't even download the games and how they buy multiple bundles. Whats the difference now people? If you want you can donate your entire amount to the charity, I have no idea how humble bundle operates but if they had to do a deal with THQ to keep the lights on and keep giving us bundles I am cool with that. I'm a gamer first so I am picking up this deal. 
Not bad, to bad I already own the majority of the games. 
Damn, that is awesome. I planned to buy some of these games in the past but money held me back. Thank you +Humble Bundle. :-)
Hi, pls i need ur help. I do not u understand
Paul S.
All the "cross-plattform"-whining gets +1 cause it makes me laugh. I shed a digital tear for THQ.
And another thing people ranting about it being Windows only look at the breakdown after every bundle, Windows downloads account for the most revenue (yes I know Linux users donate the most per user) 
+Eric Hopper You ought to be embarrassed for posting something that dumb.

And the people whining about the lack of Linux support on this bundle, seriously? Can you be more pretentious? 
So....does this charity go to helping keep THQ afloat thus helping people keep jobs to support their families? 
I already have all of those games :(

I would really like to play Saints Row the Third but it wont run on my machine because... dual monitors.  I dont feel like disabling a monitor so the game will run :(
Probably won't play any of them, but I'll flip a few bucks to charity.
Rob Myers
Very disappointed in this. DRM present? I'll start ignoring Humble, you're no different than most of the other digital store fronts. (and yes, Steam Only = DRM)
Damn people just give all to charity it's hard for the site to find games and deal with all the legal issues so think of it as filler.  I'm a huge fan of the indie cross platform bundles, but it's gotta be hard to convince indie developers to take a loss.   PAY MORE FOR INDIE GAMES AND THEY WILL RETURN.  p.s. worth it for metro alone.
I agree with the concerns above about multiplatform and DRM. However, I still want the offer, so rather than just complaining I'm setting the purchase all to charity and making sure I improve the linux contribution statistic.
First World Snobs: get staggeringly awesome deals on video games and still complain. Get a grip, people.
+Paul Delano - Really, that's all the substance you have to offer? I should be embarrassed and I'm pretentious and whining?
+Zachary Detton How are those mutually exclusive? It's not like the only place you can donate to charity is Humble.
Nice! I have most of these, I'd def pick up those I don't know for charity and whatnot
+Marlon Thompson: The issue is that they never once advertised that they plan to add a mystery bunch of games to the bundle after the fact, and they most certainly don't claim that any mystery bunch added will be games that were not in previous bundles.

Your expectations were created by your experiences, not by promises that Humble Bundle made - they usually add games, but not always, and the games they add are almost always from old bundles (sometimes very old).  There were several bundles where all of the games they added later were games I already had from previous bundles.

They have always advertised cross-platform, which means that this (and the prior bundle from double-fine) breaks a promise they made.  That's the difference.

I'm fine with Humble Bundle looking for more profits, but not this way.  Two in a row means I'm done.  The first one was annoying, but I could accept it since it was just a bunch of proof-of-concept games.  This one is not indie, cross-platform, or DRM-free, and is anything but humble.  I'm glad most of the people here are giving all to charity, because THQ and Humble Bundle don't deserve a cent.
As I already have these games the only appeal this might have had for me would have been DRM-free Linux versions. It's disappointing that +Humble Bundle is marring their previously stellar record by providing their platform to this publisher.
+Eric Hopper you could hinder the bundle by just donating $1 and bringing the average purchase down :D
+Dan Jones I agree with your feelings, I'm not a fan of this DRM'd (even if Steam is rather generous about it), non-cross-platform, not particularly humble nor indie bundle, but I'm not going to abandon HiB for it. I won't be buying this one or any other like it, but I'll certainly keep my eye out for future bundles that keep the original ideals.

To +Humble Bundle, I don't wish to see this fail, but I must say it saddens me to see the HiB stray so far from where it began and what's made it great.
Whine whine whine. Sure this isn't very "indie" of those at HIB but I mean "indie" is just a label anyway, most if the time it has nothing to do with independence anymore as an artist(whether music,film, etc). Unfortunately it does boil down to the money at times, but at least us as the end user can make all or most of our money spent go to the charity and not THQ if you're that hung up about it. 
While I'm disappointed that this bundle is not cross-platform nor helping any Indie developer, I'm also glad to see there are big companies willing to try out this bussiness model. I hope they realize this can be a successful way to make money and drop all the DRM crap.
+Elvin Gonzalez - Except, you know, Steam is DRM. So, really, this isn't any different than buying the game from Steam.
No Linux no sale, third non-Linux bundle (Mojang, Amnesia Fortnight were both sold without a promise of Linux), second one in a row.  
 I agree I'd like to see DRM free multiport versions of all these games too.  Steam keys for distribution makes this easier and cheaper to pull off. Porting these games are a much bigger technical hurdle than most indie games. It's still pay what you want. I dunno, I'm sure some have strong enough feelings about it that they get really upset. I'm not one of them. Still a great offer, still helps charity, and THQ needs help too.
I don't get why people are complaining about this bundle.  So what if THQ  worked with Humble Bundle for this deal?  You still have the option of giving all to charity or even not buying at all!  And this is a "special" bundle.  HB7 will still come and will likely be drm free and cross platform.  Time will tell.   #firstworldproblems  
+Eric Hopper You are totally right, I didn't notice this is a Steam-only bundle. My disappoint builds up.
If these games ran on Linux via Steam or otherwise, I would be very happy to support this bundle and buy their games.  It's great a major developer is coming around with the HB, but unfortunately I am left out.  As it is, I hope they'll let me play their next bundle.
Do somebody have problem with not coming mail ? code nor account activation?
Umm, Steam is maybe 2-3 months from full release on Linux. Patience.
David C
+David Martiník It seems that they are having a delay on getting the codes out.  I have not gotten mine yet also.
+Drew Sanders Any idea if THQ games will be available for Linux once Steam is?  My guess is no, since they are not available for mac currently ..
+Samuel Nelson and others Humble bundle never promised that all their bundles would be Indie nor would they be cross platform. Humble bundle has had a lot more indie bundles (because it is easier to negotiate with those developers) and they have had Game or developer bundles before. They have even a developer "Frozenbyte"  use the bundle to raise money for the development of Trine 2. 
Pay what you want.
Hope you have a PC.
It's Windows only.
DRM through Steam.
+Ryan Revels Because Windows is so obscure isn't it, why would they do that? Someone hurry up and invent fire so I can look around this cave I live in.
Sad that there's no Linux support... On the other hand, I haven't finished the games of the last 2 bundles I bought, so not buying this one gives me more time for that mission ;-)
+Brian Long Only THQ knows that for sure, but I would not automatically exclude the idea simply because they are not on Mac. Vastly different platforms.
windows only bundle
i was far too happy when i saw the games, then i noticed they were linux only.

shame on you
To those who complain about Windows-only: It makes NO financial sense for major game developers to spend time and money on making their game available on another operating system used only by a tiny fraction of the market.  

Because indie developers focus more on getting their games out there, they benefit from making their games available on lesser-used operating systems and by participating in things like the Humble Indie Bundle.
The goal of most major game companies is to have a commercially successful game. The reason there aren't nearly as many games on Linux is because there isn't a market for it.

That being said, this is the Humble Indie Bundle and while I love getting games at an unbelievably low price, most of which goes to awesome charities, I think the focus should remain on putting great indie games in the spotlight.
saint row is not working in germany :( can u change the key for the german version auf saints row please? thanks
Usually I donate $25. But no Linux support and covered in DRM? $5.25 all to charity it is then!
For comparison my usual donation is $25 with the default split. Haven't missed a bundle yet, so this will be the first that I
Aww fuck so are some of the linux diehards hipsters? I'm not up to date on those crazy cliques.
I hear a lot of stories about entitled gamers but the people commenting on this post really take the cake. So you bought previous bundles. That's great. You helped charity or developers and you got what you payed for. When there is a bundle you don't like, then you don't buy it. It's real simple. +Eric Hopper, you look like a fucking spoiled child and I'm embarrassed to say we're both Linux users. We should all be saying "Thank you +Humble Bundle for allowing me to buy games and help charity at the same time."
ITT: People bitching about money going to charity.
I once bought a terrible bundle... Can remember witch one was it. But I did not felt bad about it.. just gave everything to charity.
How can I activate "Saints Row: The Third"? Steam just tells me, that it's not available in my country. Thats not what I paid for. Please provide a download link for the game.
+Marlon Thompson Whilst I agree that +Humble Bundle is no longer just for indie, even Frozenbyte provided for multiple platforms including Steam. Out of the bundles I have, I think only the Subversion and Voxel tower prototypes from Introversion were Windows only.
All the hater here, none has a decent windows gaming PC... stop hating and support charity tomorrow might be you in need of a bundle. Haters gonna hate even on charity...
Disappointed to see it's Windows only. Best of luck.
I wonder what will happen if we get a Humble EA Bundle next...XD
People, use a Windows machine, and keep Linux on a USB for booting. 
No linux support? I think i will skip this one
Impossible. My computer can't support those types of I guess I cant do it.
Its sad to see no linux love. But its hard to hate on HIB too much for this. 
Zik Zak
+Sven Jacobs Ha the power of DRM ! For sure Steam is managing the digital rights.
I am so disappointed. This is not indie. It's not multiplatform. It's DRM.

Guys, you have done such great things. Because of you Linux gaming starts to be really great. But now you have sent a message to all developers "You don't really need to make your games multi-platform any more. We will release it anyway." And that is very, very sad. It's like betrayal of what you have stood for the whole time.
David C
+Marlon Thompson Unfortunately I was buying this for a gift so the code to activate the bundle wasn't added to my account.  
Couldn't possibly agree more with Kamil.....what have they done :( :(  Hope this sales VERY bad.
Too all the haters they have made 500k so far
How on earth is this a charity?   Is any failing company now a "charity"?
They  have distro channels already - Steam is already massive distro with all sorts of deals possible, why do they need this?
Humble Bundles was about drawing attention to new indies, about giving out drm free multiplatform games.....this is none of those things. Its using the HB branding to just advertise a companies offer.
I wouldn't have minded them supporting THQ, if they at least did something on their end - remove the DRM at the very least.
But they didn't, this is rather one sided. If THQ wants to be bailed out , they really should do something to deserve this new set of attention or not use HBs name. 
I paid a lot for my Mac and need to save money on games. WTH humble bundle, help me out.
It should be noted that even though this bundle is not a cross-platform one and has DRM, we also didn't initially have e.g. any Android games in the bundles, so while this particular bundle is somewhat disappointing for OSX/Linux people, HB has lately provided versions for more platforms than in the beginning. I can live with occasional more narrowly focused bundles as long as they're an exception rather than the rule, which I hope is the case here.

(Personally I don't have enough interest for games to justify using Windows just because of them, but playing something occasionally on my Android phone or Linux desktop is nice)
Don't lick a pay what you want horse in the mouth. 
Yeah I'll go and help charities like the EFF and such......WAIT NO LINUX FUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
Want to buy even though I don't a have a good PC :-/
Omg finally a windows bundle. I've been waiting forever for one of these to happen. Thanks Humble Bundle! 
+Chuck Stapleton Even if you buy the Android bundles, you still get the Windows and Linux versions of the same games.
Look at this way people, even though its DRM'd through steam( which to me isn't so bad) at least it's not Origin!
sigh... +Thomas Wrobel this is not the first time a company has used money to raise money on the humble bundle frozenbyte did it to raise money for the development of Trine 2. Yes THQ is in financial trouble and this may help them come out of some of that but as I mentioned before if you buy you can choose to give all to the charity. With respect to Steam DRM I am cool with it because I consider it DRM done right. It not that easy for THQ to simply remove the DRM from these triple A games  to distribute. Stream is a logical partner to distribute these huge games.
Too late. I almost played them all that I liked. But if they are all new which I don't like them at all, I may consider about it
I dont really care about the only windows thing that much even though im a linux fan. The worst thing for me is that its steam. Steam = DRM. And with Steam you don't own the games, you instead “rent” a license to play them.
Love the humble bundle but hate steam.  It wont work on my computer and their suggestion to get it working , is to uninstall my antivirus NOD32.  like that will happen.  how about i suggest to steam, just stop making a crap system.
not buying this one ... DRM sucks
+Zachary Detton - I'm sad that I share the trait of using Linux with such a nastily abusive person as yourself. Perhaps you would like to say all those things about me to my face so you could get the appropriate reward for your blatantly rude and obnoxious comments. You can certainly talk like a nasty and evil little troll behind a keyboard. I wonder if you have the guts to do so when you are not.

My calculation is whether or not Humble Indie Bundle any longer deserves my support. I supported them out of an appreciation for several parts of their mission. I cared not one whit for their charity work. I give money to charities without having to be enticed by games or other goodies. I notice with relish that they couldn't get the EFF to take money for this bundle.

If they have abandon this mission, these things I chose to support them for, they no longer deserve my support. I am a little sad that I ever supported them in the first place. I wasn't just buying games from them. I was buying a commitment to a certain way of doing business. I routinely paid $50 or more for their bundles because of this perceived commitment.

I have every right to criticize their business publicly if they deviate from the principles which are the reason I chose to do business with them. I would even say I have a duty to do so. A duty to myself if nobody else. If there is something I like seeing in the world, and I don't stand up and ask for it, I'm not doing anybody any favors. And by refusing to stand up for myself I'm telling the world (and myself) that what I want and desire does not matter, that I should simply be a good little obedient consumer and be happy with the scraps I'm given.
I'm a bit miffed with this. Pre-purchase there was no indication I'd get a censored german version of SR3. And, being German - and hence unable to buy the uncensored version directly on Steam - that was what got me interested - I own every single of the other games already.

Ah well, gave them away now, except SR3, no one wants that.
+Eric Hopper yes you have a right to criticize publically but to wish that it fails so the charities don't get as much money is kinda harsh. You could have wished for people to donate all of their money to the charities and your point would still have been made. But a little perspective THQ is in financial difficulty and some of this money might help to save some jobs. Linux love windows hate is as boring as android love apple hate
+Alex Ander I think everyone gets that people game on Windows more than Linux, but it doesn't make sense to tell people who want it on Linux to stop complaining because there is no market...they are the market.  It might not be as big, but Humble Indie Bundle definitely catered to this niche.
DRM + Windows Only + No indy game.

Are you kidding me?

"Vraiment déçu par le nouveau +Humble Bundle !!!

Ça n'a plus rien d'un Humble Bundle!!!

Ils se sont fait connaitre grâce aux geeks militants, en se démarquant grâce à une ligne directrice simple:
- Des jeux originaux, développés par des indépendants, multi plateforme (Win / Linux / Mac), et sans DRM.

Ils profitent maintenant de cette notoriété ainsi acquise pour nous balancer un bundle de merde qui ne vaut rien de plus qu'une simple promo Steam de Noël.

J'ai été là dès le premier bundle et j'ai toujours fait leur pub, je les ai tous (sans exception) achetés à prix correct (toujours plus haut que la moyenne GNU/Linux). J'ai même fait des "cadeau" humble bundle à des amis car j'avais la sensation de faire d'une pierre deux coups (faire plaisir + promouvoir les jeux indés xplateforme sans DRM).

Je regrette à présent d'avoir dépensé mon argent chez eux."
Proof that THQ is dead. I won't be getting it since I already have the games I care for, but shit, this is fantastic. On the other hand THQ is dying so it's not that fantastic.
It definitely doesn't screem confidence to have an AAA publisher on HB
I'm gonna donate like 20$. Should I give it all to THQ or Charity? I love THQ and I don't want them to die, but also there are charity and shit.
Kai W
Watching the complains made me sad.

Its still a really good give a way,  I know it sucks that other platforms cannot get these games, but it is an absolutely idiotic demand to ask a company WHO ARE IN DEEP FINANCIAL TROUBLE  to make a port to your system simply YOU WANTED IT. 

While saying its not indie.... does it really matter? when you are hungry and given a great steak meal, are you going to say, "HEY FUCK YOU ITS NOT MCDONALDS!" Does AAA doing a charitable act hurts your sensitive hipster feelings?
Will it make you happier if they change their title, to humble AAAbundle?

and the steam DRM problem..... well at least its not GFWL,  while steam could be a bit annoying at times, it is still a great platform after all. 

This shows when people are given too much great treatment, they become more entitled than ever.
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+Luca Hibbard-Curto. the humble indie bundle was indie. They can do it with whatever they want, and it's for charity so stop bloody complaining because it doesnt suit you
I can't +1 this hard enough, there's just that damn integer. But have to agree, not to many windows only humble bundles please.
Of note:
Humble has stated that this is an experiment, and that they will go back to DRM Free, multiplatform, no middle man, etc bundles after this
Humble bundle you lost yourself a returning costumer. F.U.! I wish I could take all the money from my previous bundles back! 
+James Good probably about 10-20%(including mac users in that) of their normal customer base you will find. and probably a bunch regarding the DRM. its only natural considering the reputation they had(past tense)
I really appreciate it when they can offer us multi-platform options, and those are worth more money to me. There are games already on the market, though, where reworking them to be multi-platform is just extremely unlikely to happen. I don't have anything against Humble Bundle using some of those to bring in money for charity. (And it's looking like it's going to be A LOT of money).
haha, haters gonna hate. typical windows user. so long as it works for you fuck everyone else right? couldn't possibly hold an opinion like "I'm happy with the bundle but I feel for the Linux and Mac crowd missing out this time, I'd understandably be pissed if my faith in a brand image was lost"... but really this is the internet, nobody really cares all that much.
saints row is the best game in the whole woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllldddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Alex Ander The reality is, the Linux market is vastly underestimated.
Market share based on sales is meaningless, and heavily biased to Windows. For one, Windows sales are counted when a vendor builds a machine. It may be in a box in a warehouse and never see an end user, but it's still a sale for Microsoft (to the vendor, their customer).
And, it doesn't account for the Windows machines that are immediately wiped and replaced with an alternate OS of any sort.

Since linux is available for free (and in many flavors), the vast majority of Linux boxes are completely unknown to anyone measuring share. For example, the server and desktop running in my house both run linux (opensuse) and were built by me. In fact, aside from laptops, every box I've owned for the last twenty years I built myself, and only one of them ever ran Windows. For the last 10-12 years, they've run linux (DOS or OS/2 before that). I doubt any of them counted in anyone's market share. Except the one Windows box. And the one copy of Win3.1 I bought, but never ran as a primary OS.

That one Windows box was because I was/am a gamer. I built it as a Win box explicitly to play games. I originally got into gaming with DOS, before Windows took over. I have never been able to stand Windows enough to put up with it when I don't have to, so when gaming went Windows, I turned to consoles for gaming. Building that box was a return to gaming, but a shortlived one. Eventually, Win's random lockups drove me to quit. Booting linux on the same box ran fine for years.

My 17 year old grandson is an avid gamer. Heavy Xbox gamer. Also a PC gamer. Several years ago, he was running linux on his machine. The only reason he's not still, is gaming. And, with Steam coming to linux, he may move back.

There is a market for games on linux, its just not visible as such. That market has either given up gaming, capitulated and run windows, or turned to consoles.

As for the myth often used as an excuse for not developing for linux, that we won't pay for software because we use a free os, note which platform pays the most on average for the Humble Bundle It ain't Windows.

I actually bought parts, built a pc, bought and installed Windows, just to play games. 
"Flash" dance that sounds very interesting I will have to check it out.
I'm devastated that these games aren't available for Linux. I would have bought this bundle without a hesitation if these games were for Linux.
"LOL" at all the crying titty babies.
Its really selfish how people are acting. Its not available for Linux...get over it. It's going to a good cause. And let's be honest....Linux guys love playing the victim, so here's a good excuse. 

So ends the prestigious Humble Indie Bundle.  This shit doesn't run on Linux.. how the hell am I supposed to play them?   Pass
No Linux no purchase.  Not that the Linux market seems to be mattering to you at all, seeing these figures.
+Alexander von Gluck agreed, I can't believe how much money I've given HB in good faith they would support only DRM-free games capable of running on Linux. They won't be getting any more donations from me.
Well, I wouldn't say "no more ever", myself.  I just won't support a bundle that doesn't fit with the way I like it.  That's voting with your wallet.  "Never again" is a lost customer, why bother pleasing him?
+Michael Vaughan You make a good point, but it takes a long time to build trust and this is 100% the opposit direction I supported by buying into the previous bundles. I may buy into future bundles, but it'll take them a long time to convince me it's worth it.
You guys act like you're investing in HB or something...
Not all the Linux people are being whiny, I lament that it's not available for my OS of choice but I'm not crying over it. The games are essentially not available to me, so I have no reason to buy them. Their usefulness as a carrot-on-a-stick doesn't apply to me, but not buying them doesn't mean I can't donate to Child's Play or any other worthy cause like Doctors Without Borders or the Salvation Army (never the American Red Cross, I don't donate to for profit organizations) on my own.

So yeah, Linux and Mac people can make a statement about not purchasing this bundle and still donate to charity. It's not difficult.
Stop whining about cross platform, get Windows on a virtual machine and stop whining. 
Are you paying for +Microsoft Windows for us, +Ryan Park? How long will the licence be valid for and can you guarantee that we will be able to continue to play these games on it?

Let me know because I wasn't a Windows user out for cheap games, with the convenient goodwill of "donating": I only played one or fewer from each bundle but wanted to support the philosophy before it become Brazen (née +Humble Bundle).
I dunno why the complaints.... its for THQ.... its not a "indie humble bundle".... and I guess I could complain about the "Android Bundles" not including iOS.... seriously? lol but in all seriousness, this is for a good cause and effort..... so donate if u can and be rewarded with awesome games!

I keep hearing about fps games and action games. tell me is any game with guns good to people. I am playing Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morowind still I cant be the only one still playing good games. I am not saying shooters and action games are bad there are just to many and repetitive because of halo and c.o.d made a shit load of money. until I see a new revolutionary fps I am sticking to my rpgs and strategy games. the only fps I think is different is borderlands and fallout even though it is an rpg. that is all.
+Nick Smith THQ isn't an indie developer. They're a failing AAA publisher. Supporting them is basically saying it's ok to DRM the hell out of everything, chage a small fortune for your games with no creativity and screw over your customers when things go to hell.
Keith H
The Windows hate is weird, especially from the Linux crowd. Its like all I hear is complaints about something not being supported for linux. If Linux was supported more for stuff I like use and places I can use it...I'd you know...use it.
+Keith H The point is that the Humble Bundle has always been about cross platform DRM free games. This is the first time its changed. and a lot if not most Linux gamers highly support the Humble Bundle because they don't want to be forced to use Windows or Mac to play games. If we don't demand to have products on Linux, how are they meant to know we want products on Linux?
Always awesome, love it.
Keith H
+Benedikt Scheving-Þorsteinsson Asking for games on Linux, is like asking for pizza from Kentucky Fried Chicken... You might find a "pizza like" concoction on their lunchtime buffet but not really what you expecting.
+Keith H Actually, a more proper example would be asking for a Vegetarian pizza at a pizza parlor or salad and chips at KFC. Since you do not approve of eating meat = Do not approve of using propriatary Windows/Mac
rk fg
$1.7kk already. HIB team suddenly realizes that profits are bigger with windows-only games and further bundles will be for windows only.
Keith H
+Alastair Gilfillan yep I have, so I dont understand the grumpy linux complainers. Plus there is more for linux users on the way. This bundle isn't the last thing in the world. I'm not dying cause I cant play Sony exclusive titles or console game at all since I'm on a PC.
Keith H
"Linux is superior so I am entitled to have that cool game you're enjoying on your shitty Windows OS, I must Wine now because there is no support for linux." ...I try to understand but it always sounds like this to me.
+Keith H We aren't usually like that. Its just that we liked Humble Bundle for being cross platform. Linux is all about choice, and the latest Bundle is not giving us that like before. Thus we're left out. I'm surprised there is nearly no voice from the Mac user base. We aren't insulting Windows. We're insulting Humble Bundle for ignoring us all of a sudden.
rk fg
You hear what you want to hear. You can't accept the simple idea that people on Linux just want games for Linux. They have no offence towards Windows, if there are some games there it's fine but they won't support them with money if there's no native Linux port. It's as simple as this. People like to work on Linux and now they would be happy to play on Linux, too. Without dualboot or wine-crutches. Windows has much more games and there's no point in supporting them if developers don't plan on bringing these titles to Linux. There are always exceptions but this is not the case.
For most linux gamers, the problem isn't that they jump down the throat of windows only game developers.  It's that more developers are starting to open up to the idea of linux development because there's now a rather solid leader in the distro wars (ubuntu) and some developers are starting to do the work to make their games work on it (and some doing the right thing and making it distro agnostic).  Sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter are also giving developers the feedback and resources to do the linux thing.  Obsidian, Uber Entertainment, and Doublefine are all recent success stories which are doing linux versions because of the huge outcry from their sponsors, and the funding to support it.  Since these big names in the industry are supporting linux, the cry from the linux gamers is for everyone to support them.
This thread is hilarity. This Bundle is going to do fabulously well. Big-name action games are going to have a wider appeal than essoteric games about breeding alien plants, making you amoeba fatter, or wrapping toys in twine. HB was wise to make this move, as it will garner a lot of money for charity simply by number of purchases. Expecting a struggling company to adapt their huge Direct X games to Linux is intensely self-centered. If you can't use it, don't donate. There will be plenty of others who'll take your place.
I'm all for charity, but this is essentially a steam sale. Unlike the indie bundles, these games are not being put up by the actual developers. The people who actually made these games won't see a dime.
+Quanah Harjo You disgust me.  There are acres of CoD clones.  They're made because they're cheap and require no original thought.  Something actually innovative though?  No, you can't stand that.
I've purchased several bundles and will purchase this one too.
I don't think this dillutes the humble bundle brand at all. I would like to see Linux support, but if it isn't there, i'm not going to make a fuss about it.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks HB, this is an awesome bundle and a great chance to give to charity even if its not indie enough for some of your "fans". As a gamer, I still support this :)
The Humble commercial Windows-only tied-to-Steam Bundle. I think i'll pass on this one.
I will still get this bunble because it has games I've been wanting to play.  I totally understand why it is Steam and why it is Windows-only.  These were on Xbox right?  So that means they used DirectX and there are no OpenGL versions, which makes a Linux variant a complete rewrite (mac as well).

So, although I love the HB for what they do, I can't justify any 'tip' to them since the haven't done all that much this time around.  THQ deserves props for taking this risk.  Perhaps its a last ditch effort to generate cash on games which just haven't been selling lately.

This is a THQ + Charity split for me (well maybe a little for HB for organization and hosting costs)
+Linnsey Miller The funny thing is that the games I referenced (Eufloria/Waking Mars, Osmos, and Zen Bound) are just ones from previous Bundles that are currently installed on my tablet. I've bought around seven bundles previous to the THQ bundle because I enjoy weird and esoteric games. That doesn't blind me to the fact that big-budget action games have a wider appeal. That so many self-righteous people expect a charity organization to turn up their nose at such an opportunity smacks of elitism.

And just for the record, categorizing any of the games in this bundle as a "CoD clone" is plain wrong. Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy series, Metro is a survival-horror game, the Red Faction series predates CoD by two years, and Saint's Row is, at worst, a GTA-alike. know...don't want accuracy to get in the way of indignancy.
I think it's actually a good thing.. I love how the +Humble Bundle  is being acknowledged by big industry players, too. 
I am ok with steam only. I am ok from a major publisher, since it is for charity (plus the proper name is Humble Bundle, NOT Humble Indie Bundle). But the lack of multiple platforms is sad. I mean. Couldn't they work with a publisher that at least has mac ports? Also how they still require separate THQ accounts for online access. Nearly every other steam game just uses my steam info. All this combined just makes for one sad panda.
+Manuel Bellersen (edited) A steam downside that I see is having slow internet connection or turning it on when you're off net. If you are offline; you'll spend some time trying to load the offline version and sometimes you might not even be able to run a game because you're offline.
I like desura for this, for there, you can actually download the game you buy.. you download the installer. Well, I didn't try all games; but those I did, it was possible.
Also desura and steam communicate together. You can load games you bought through desura to steam and vice versa.
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+Gwathiell Varyanore If that is a Steam downside, then it is a downside to everything else. If you have a slow connection that will cause a game to take several days to download, Desura isn't going to make it any faster. You're going to need an internet connection either way to buy games through the Humble Bundle.
+Michael Taylor Yes, you are right. One needs net for all you mentioned. :) I was mainly aiming at the offline mode and moment in life when you already have the games installed. Yeah, I guess the way I wrote the comparison went out kinda wrong. Oh well.
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