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We're back with the Humble Botanicula Debut! Pay what you want for Amanita Design's brand new game, Botanicula, and get the epic puzzle/adventure games Machinarium and Samorost 2 as well! Soundtracks for the games are also included! The Humble Botanicula Debut benefits the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, which protects threatened habitats.

If you pay more than the average, you'll also receive the film Kooky (which features art direction by Amanita Design's Jakub Dvorský), as well as Windosill, a charming puzzle game built around odd visual puzzles and animations. Check the site out for more details!
Pay whatever you want to get Botanicula, Machinarium, Samorost 2, Windosill, and the feature film Kooky -- all while supporting nature conservation worldwide! Each game is DRM-free and runs on Windows...
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$5.00 for steam keys??? And this is after Valves promotion has ended.
So back when you actually had a legitimate reason it was $1. And now that everyone has gotten used to the idea you crank up the price to make people pay more.
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+Timothy Wetzel I am sorry, I cannot figure out what you are trying to say. But I can say that even during the rampant abuse and before that, HIB was getting by on far far far less money. Why they now need $5.00 instead of the previous $.01 I don't know. Where they operating at a loss for these last few years? Has Steam changed? Is some contract preventing them from discussing it with us?

I can say that less then a month ago it was with full disclosure and some obvious regrets that they put the minimum to $1.00. The reason they had to even do that little no longer even exists.
+Jonathon Wisnoski Puppy Games stated earlier this year ( that giving out Steam keys for external purchases were free for them. There could be some different mechanics at work for bundles since they aren't sold as a bundle on Steam itself, but given that the minimum was no initially given and Steam keys have been given out by other developers to Redditors for free, I doubt the reasons are financial. It could be just taxing on their Steam key generation API to make as many as would demand it at the rate that Humble Bundles are snatched up.
You should be ashamed of yourself if you are not even willing to pay $5 for a few good games and a good, charitable cause. $5 is like what, a big cup of coffee at starbucks? Also, you can still download the games. You just don't get the steam keys.
+Timothy Wetzel see previous comments. I have no idea, but evidence has just been given that shows that normally there is no cost.
+Wayne Elgin Great to know, but I dislike your theoretical explanation. They where able to do it with absolutely no trouble 1 month ago.
+Jonathon Wisnoski Yeah, just seemed like it could be reasonable to offset demand. Even the giveaways on Reddit can keep up with the demand, but it takes maybe 2-3 hours to get your key processed.
Another explanation is that there have been an increasing number of PWYW bundles that have a floor from the beginning (IndieGala, Groupees, IndieRoyale). While it may feel against the ballsy PWYW spirit that has been associated with the Humble Bundle, this may be an attempt to experiment with a pseudo-floor for Steam users and see how things go.
What a great way to release a brand new and highly expected game. Also a download of a mainstream feature film feels like a visit into another world. Kooky is a great film btw. Money's on the way.
I've some problem in the humble bundle page it seems a bit messy. Deleted cache, opened with firefox and chrome but still have problems.
The other sites works fine so it's just my problem or someone had the same problem?
I like Amanita design and their games, but I thought humble bundles were also about promoting Linux gaming, and requiring binary Adobe Air blob (no longer supported by Adobe) is meh :(
+Vlastimil Babka Wow, you're right, a single .air file. That's a big letdown. Machinarium is done in flash as well, but at least bundles a player and has a proper executable.
+Jonathon Wisnoski You really expect developers to bend over for someone who isn't willing to pay $5 measly bucks for a brand new game + bundle of other games + movie?
So you got all that for less than $5 bucks but you want to have a fit about not getting Steam keys? You expect any of us to be able to relate to that or understand your heartache?
Honestly, thinking down to that level of teenage bitchiness and entitlement is utterly mind-boggling.
Ubuntu: An ancient African word meaning "I can't configure Debian." :P

Just kidding, kinda...
+John Karl Nuttall No, I expect consistency. If they were really interested in the idea of PWYW or of one purchase all OSes/versions then I would of expected to see that. instead of seeing that no minimum for steam keys until their was a specific situation where it was possible and then obviously thinking that even $1 was a big deal. Even Netflix at lease made an announcement when they suddenly doubled their subscription price, HIB (in a manner of thinking) times theirs by 5 and does not even mention the fact.

It is mind boggling how little you understand about the HIB. it is not just a game sale. It is not a way for you to get cheap games. It is a concept that has revolutionized the industry and inspired people. Ever wonder why some people pay far over the retail price of the games? Mostly it is not to get into that little ranking list, it is because the HIB is not a sale, it is not a collection of cheap games, it is so much more then that. And that idea is deeply injured when you make a minimum of $5 to get every version of the game.
I don't mind any linux, but I really like my FreeBSD. All OSes have their place, some just don't fit in my place :)
+Jonathon Wisnoski What gives you the right to make any demands at $0.01 for a brand new game? Do you see how what you're saying sounds ridiculous?
They probably recognized the demand for Steam keys (I like to keep all my crap in steam to keep it clean), and that the keys are optional. Therefore, they can tease out a little more money for an added value item for a very specific market of customers (Windows users). I fail to see how this is any different than their setting minimums for the various bonus content they offer in each bundle. The whole "spend over X dollars and get Y as a bonus" mechanism. Truth be told, it's well worth $5 for Steam keys to me personally. It's up to each individual customer to make that call for themselves.
No more Desura keys.
That's so sad...

Nevertheless, Botanicula is a great game.
Oh come on, I preordered Botanicula on for $ 8,99 and I already have Machinarium and Samorost...
That's been my issue, Avadon has been the only thing (of interest to me) I've seen in a HB that I didn't already own and I managed to only see that two days before it ended and four before my check arrived.

Still, no need to complain, just cross those fingers and hope something pops up you don't already own.
These look like fun games. If only this was another Android bundle. These days I only sit at a computer when I'm working. Oh,well.
An adventure game where you name the price you want to pay for it. Never played it.
Wow now that's the biggest average I ever saw on a bundle!!!
I'm not complaining that it's to expensive I'm saying that people pay a lot of money for this bundle.
+Nicola Romanò That doesn't change the fact that I preordered the game, and on day 1 a cheaper version became available with more stuff. And, to add insult to injury, I already own almost all the stuff that GOG is giving us to compensate.
Obviously I'm not saying GOG is to blame in the least.

It's not that big of a deal, I was happy to purchase and play the game, but it was still and unfortunate series of events.
+Angelo Fei sure, I understand yours is more of a point of principle, but I think it was an honest mistake from their part and was not done in a malicious way. By the way, Botanicula rocks! :)
yeah, witcher 1 for free. After all, It was worth to spend money;)
Is there any Subtitle for Kooky? (An English one will be the best :p)
My VLC doesn't find any...
Yes I was searching movie subtitles which are synced with this film version, but I will sync myself if there is no "original" version...
I have no problem with paying a minimum for Steam keys, anything to stop people sucking up hundreds to trade I say!

But, that minimum is also implying a greater value to the bundle. I'd really like to see some individual game keys with such a restriction, Botanicula is the only game in this bundle that I don't already own. It would be kind of nice to gift the other keys to friends. As it is I have no motivation to buy this bundle as I can pick up Botanicula some other time during a steam sale.
I'm on Linux.
I love all the Humble Bundle from the beginning.

So, I download the last, Botanicula!


Adobe Air? On Linux? Are u serious guys?
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