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There are only 2 days left before Humble Bundle for Android 4 closes!  Be sure to check out the site and get your bundle of 11 fantastic games for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux before it’s gone!
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Bought mine today and it's awesome. Keep it going, guys!
How can I bind them to my Google-Account? Cuz there are some Android Tablets only allowing installation out of the play store, and I would rather use this than jailbreak my device.
+Svenja Döring Most tablets will let you install from third party sources, no root required.  Depending on the version of Android you're running, the options will be under different areas of the Settings. Just drop the files onto your device via USB, then use a file manager like ES Explorer to install them.
I love Humble Bundle, I think I've bought all of them.
Eufloria is the best game on my phone (actually I haven't tried every game in this bundle yet). I'm completely addicted to it.
Don't like don't play games online as they are a ripoff
+Gee Barger I have downloaded the apk direct on the tablet and it says that only Apps out of the play store get installed cuz of security. Maybe then its not the right tablet for me (luckily its not mine though). Does anyone know if this works on an Google Nexus 7 (actual model without 3G)?
you can change that security option within your settings-menu. Look for something like "security" -> "accept unknown sources" or something like that. +Svenja Döring 
+Svenja Döring On the Nexus 7 (which is the tablet I have), go into Settings => Security => Unknown Sources (which you have to scroll down to the section under "Device Administration").  Tick that box as well as the one for Verify Apps. 

Then you should be able to go into the downloads folder and click on the .apk and it will allow you to install it.

Hope that helps!
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