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There are less than 72 hours before Humble Bundle for Android 4 is gone forever!  Don’t let this sweet collection of 11 cross-platform, DRM-free games slip away!
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Come on people! Those of you who hasn't bought it yet, do it! It's for a good cause! :-) bundle isn't downloadable on my tablet due to 'unknown support'. What do I do to rectify that?
+Jeff Craig Can you download the APKs from the Humble Bundle website and sideload them?
not downloadable? strange, on my galaxy nexus there are 6 games from this android bundle marked as "unknown support", but i was able to install (and play) most of them directly from humble bundle app
Huh, I just visited the My Account page on, and apparently my Bundle hadn't linked to my account (I had to claim it there). Hadn't noticed that before.
I am able to install and play all the non tablet games from the HB app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB on Verizon.
This bundle is the best one yet, and I don't even have an Android phone.
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