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Get some fresh jams from the all-new Humble Music Bundle! Pay what you want for flawless digital albums from They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Christopher Tin, and Hitoshi Sakimoto!

If you pay more than the average, you'll also get an album from OK Go! The downloadable albums come in MP3 and FLAC formats, and you can support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play Charity with your purchase. Check it out and grab your Humble Music Bundle today!
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Music?  What is this sorcery?!?
My favorite part is the Mac-PC-Linux ratio so far.
"Compatible with Windows, Mac and... Linux... Whatever that is" :-(
I wonder if they could get Get Set Go too (not to be confused with "ok go").  Their live appearances on internet show NSFW are amazing -- kickstarter funded, and indie too.
Guess I'm buying a bunch of albums I already own! It's great to see you guys continuing to break new ground. 
But what license do I get when i buy it? May i use it however i want or just listen to it? For example, if i make a game. May i use this music in my game if i purchased it?

But to only listen to it i rather use spotify...
i like the idea of buying a music pack instead of a game pack, but its nothing for me in this pack, sorry guys
+David Steinert I hear ya. I feel the same because I already own the majority of it. I'll be pitching in just to help out. Think of it this way, though. Do you know anyone who might like any of the music available? You can buy it for them and pay a price corresponding to how much you like them. 
I know you have a preexisting relationship with Child's Play, but wouldn't it make more sense for the charitable contributions from the music bundle to go to a music-related charity like Save The Music or +Traveling Guitar Foundation?
"... Windows, Mac and ... Linux ... Whatever that is!?"
Great! Dear sorry forget your name! ;) Linux is the Audience wich is the smallest in quantity but pays the most. ...
You got my Money ;)
You really don't like me having money, do you?
+Martin Fink - We're a bit bigger than you think. Even Microsoft runs Linux Servers. We just don't want Apple or MS fanboys messing up our good thing!
Love the Penguin!
Oh you bastards...  Im already down 100 dollars from the Steam sales...
+Zak Kristjanson I think you mean OSX, Windows and Linux? A PC could be a computer with any of those OS's.

If they release a Humble Metalmusic Bundle and I'll be the first Linux-user to buy! ;-)
+Chris Lichowicz Come on, data center Linux != consumer operating system. Next thing you know, you're going to tell me this is the year of desktop Linux! :P 
+Chris Lichowicz Aehm , don't misunderstand me ;) I'am a penguin for 15 years now.
And yes i belive we are bigger than it seems. much bigger!
I know more people using Linux than Mac.
But statistics don't lie. (for the HumbleBundles!)
At least i hope that more companies discover that Linux is a market. First steps are made (Valve) and i think the HumbleBundles and the Indie Scene made this happen at a high percentage.
Question, +Humble Bundle, on this bundle, I can choose how much each artist gets, is this going to be the case on other bundles moving forward, or is it just a music bundle thing?
Kyle O
Ah, I love it! Games, Soundtracks, and now full albums? Keep this up, I'll continue to buy humble anything? How about humble food next?! Yumm!
i am a humble man. humble humble humble lol
They had me at TMBGiants then I went nuts at MC Frontalot. OKGO can suck it though.
I am not a music person but I m down with helping charity and getting some good tunes to listen to while #biking, plus i like the flac and the drm free awesomeness
Put some bagpipes on the valk mixes. You are all real talanted.
change your settings...this will prevent any of this information from showing up on you page.
Never heard of any of them I feel sheepish
I got my email aboot this today. We'ss see--it's tempting and your organization is 1st class!
I actually didn't mean to say y but ok
yez, so, I verry need the jason mraz song
morgs p
the person below me is an idiot
I bought the bundle mainly for Calling All Dawns :D
Very cool bundle ! Thanks for including DRM free flac files.
I have to nitpick though :
-why are the covers in the [Artist] folder ? Shouldn't they be in the [album name] folder ?
-Could you please include high res covers for all albums next time ? I am probably part of a minority here, but I really like to have high res covers in my music library. It looks a lot better in Sonora or Google Music. Most covers were in a pretty decent size, but weirdly 'Album raises new and Troubling Questions' had a small cover.
+Humble Bundle Not my cup of Tee this time. But looking forward to see some more music bundles focused on one music style. I would definitely buy some Dance/Trance bundle or some energic Punk/Rock bundle. Keep going guys :)
Just downloaded all the albums. There's so much awesome in this set.
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