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Holy smokes! Humble Indie Bundle V passes $4 million raised! You guys are awesome!

That's a lot of bundles! So what are you going to be playing this weekend? :)
Pay whatever you want to get Psychonauts, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Bastion, Braid, Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, and five breathtaking game soundtrack...
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Guild Wars 2 beta, then Amnesia: The Dark Descent  every time GW2 crashes .
BASTION!!! I haven't gotten around to playing the newly added games yet :P
 Yep, still wrapped up in Bastion. That game is SO well done on every level: sound, story, graphics, music, gameplay, mythology, items. Clearly a talented team put this together.
Guild Wars 2 when Im not at work, (Some Bastion and Limbo will also be played)
Would be nice if they fix Bastion. It does not run really well on Linux. It's slow
I thought they run on Linux natively... but they doesn't. That's a bad point, although they work with mono or wine on Linux.
+Ich bin nRikee  Mono is native so why are you whining?

Me Psychonauts, the crashes from time to time won't stop me from enjoying this game
Thanks for adding more games, in special SuperMeatBoy, I wanted it!
Bastion for linux run with a low fps (my pc is good enough) and i think the v-sync don't work. Pls fix it!
+Ludwig Laborda Maybe is because your PC has dual graphic card, and you've got to run it with the dedicated card...
LIMBO runs under wine, afaik. At least the last version did. Haven't got it to start, yet. Psychonauts doesn't start either, don't yet know why. Bastion runs smoothly for me. Sword + Sworcery has no sound...
LIMBO doesn't run on my laptop, but it does on my Desktop PC. A problem with DirectX it says...
Marc M.
I'll play nothing this weekend, because I visit my family :) but I'll check psychonauts back home
Rock Band, like every day! 
To bad Limbo version 1.3 does not work right with Linux. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and there is still no sound.
I loved Bastion but so far trying to play Amnesia just results in segfaults.. I'm a little disappointed with the linux "support"
This will probably be the last Humble Bundle I buy - at first I thought it was just me, but I guess I'm not the only one who's having trouble getting the games to run on Linux (to be fair, Amnesia told me it didn't support my video card).  Either stop advertising "Windows+Mac+Linux" or make sure the games work, please.
The problems I have been having are with psyconauts and there Bink videos making the game crach...
I was reading that Limbo is not even Linux native it is running with codeweavers wine emulator. To be honest for the amount of money they are getting for this. The people at Humble Bundle should be ashamed of them. I think I might just stay with games on kickstarter. 
There are so many different Linux distributions and configurations therein that make getting all the games to run smoothly under Linux is a herculean task.
The bar for hardware support is getting pushed higher and higher for Linux as well as windoze - and with that, constant changes to the APIs that underlie the systems.
I applaud the Humble gang for doing as much to advance gaming under Linux as they have - so help them out! See if you can get involved by giving feedback to the the developers -  detailed error message can help debug the issues. 
John I understand what you are saying I really do. But when the games do not run on one of the top 3 distros out there then there is a issue. But with Limbo it really is not a Linux game it is a emulated Linux game. I have had some minor issues with other games but Limbo is my biggest. I have also been contacting the developers and hb about this issue for days now. They seem to come out with fixes for the Limbo game but not to test it before it comes out. By far for me this is the worst bundle so far for Linux support.
oh cmon, the programmers are human too. Im sure that they try to make their "childs" work in all OS. And also think why you buy the bundle, its not just get the game, you could torrent it. Its about support the developpers, let them know their work is appreciated (and also make donations).

i already had bastion in steam, but i payed for it because i think it is a great game and the indie development deserves it.

*bad grammar=latin american here
I bought this bundle for two things: 1st: Charity; 2nd: Linux ports;
This Bundle is epic, but the linux ports aren't that fine. LIMBO, when it runs, has a strange reverse color, everything that would be black, is white. D:
+Ich bin nRikee  I don't even play any games. I don't even know you. Please, stop tagging me. I am not interested in this stuff. Thanks...
Marc M.
on Arch Linux 32bit, every game works perfectly (now, the first build of Psychonauts did not run) :)
Everything works fine for me on my Acer laptop. OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. And I am sure that I am not the only one.
BTW congrats on 4 millions!
Kudos on the increased linux support--especially the integration with Ubuntu Software Center! I know the developers are working to resolve any outstanding issues and trust that the situation will continue to improve over time. As long as that's the case I'll happily continue to support Humble Bundle--let's keep this virtuous circle going. :)
p.s. Limbo is seriously creeping me out. In a good way.
You spent a whole dollar and feel disappointed that a particular game wasn't included? That's a damn shame. ;)
yeah, it all i have in ccard %), more precisely 2 bucks, i sent gift to friend. And i spent dollar for Psychonauts only, other games i purchased from steam
Just keep the low sys.req games coming and I'll keep buying. Little miffed that I can't run half the games that are in HB5... but Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, and S&S run just fine so far (even if I have to start SMB from terminal because it'll crash my system if I run the launcher for it). Keep the HB's coming.
This is so awesome <3 But I do have a request, I found that it is almost a little sad that the Braid soundtrack is not in there. Of all the games that are currently included, Braid probably has the most amazing soundtrack. And it's not just great compared to the rest of the bundle, it just generally has one of THE best soundtracks I have ever heard. So a little 'pretty please' from me would be to see that in the bundle. That would truly make it complete.
+Nicolas Mar thank you very much :) But yeah I guess that explains it. Oh well, one can always hope. Otherwise I'll just go buy it separately if that is possible
"Humble Tip" almost as high as charity percentage? Oh come on.
Finally, Top-Quality gaming for Ubuntu.

Keep it up folks!
+Brendan Foley Of course. I'm talking about default, which is the final setting for 99% of the buyers, I presume.
+Peter Kozej I wouldn't really make that assumption in this case. And it's so clearly marked and easy to change, that I think anyone that leaves it as is thinks its plenty reasonable.
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