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The Humble Bundle for Android 4 is now closed with over 167,000 bundles sold and $1.12 million in sales!  This has been an amazing run and our most successful Android bundle yet!  Thanks everyone for your fantastic and boundless support!

See you for the next bundle!
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Congrats, I'm already looking forward to the next bundle! :)
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I always buy Humble Bundles, even if I already have most of the games. I'm glad to support this.
Thank you for another awesome bundle, you guys rock. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Just keep this up, guys. You rock. I reckon there is a "critical number" of sales past which the humble bundle can actually be a more successful business model than the one games currently use.

I've bought 2 bundles so far and looking forward to the next one.
This bundle is the Best source for quality android games I've fond yet
Waking Mars was worth buying the bundle itself...
Oh noes, I forgot completely about this! Everyday I told myself "buy the Humble Bundle when you get home" and kept I am paying the price... T_T
tho i like the cause the humble bundle is for, i never like any of the games i get from it lol. i guess i just dislike indie games :/
You definitely will see me for the next bundle. I've missed a couple of them, and kick myself that I did. I won't be missing any more in the future. Love the +Humble Bundle, every time.
I'd really love to see another Humble eBook Bundle, by the way. I've got so many games, thanks to you guys, that I'll never run out, but I can always make room for more books.
You support Android and Linux, we will support you for a long time, +Humble Bundle . Keep up the awesome work!
+BJ Pontalion you could add Humble Bundle to your G+ circles (if you check G+; add them to circles you actually look at) and sign up for their newsletter at the Humble Bundle website. 

Oh, and you could also put Humble Bundle in a circle, and set that circle to give you a notification when anyone in that circle shares a new post.
I haven't even played all of this bundle yet! Thanks Humble Inc!
congrats Humble Bundle :)
I love how you provide games <3
My dream bundle would be cross platform games that include pc games that have been ported to Android that come together in one bundle. I am looking forward to more Android bundles since I missed the previous bundles. Congratulations 4 all of your success +Humble Bundle !
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