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We're back to rock your Android phones and tablets with the Humble Bundle for Android #2 (and Windows/Mac/Linux!) This bundle features excellent games never before seen on Android: Zen Bound 2, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Canabalt, Cogs, and Swords & Soldiers!
Pay whatever you want and get instant access to five epic games: Zen Bound 2, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Cogs, Canabalt, and Swords & Soldiers -- all while supporting vital charities. Each game i...
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All 5 android apps are unknonwly supported on my device ? :/ (LG p990 cm9)
+Gwenhael Le Moine Wildly off-topic, but where'd you get CM9 for the P990?

Back on topic, Canabalt looks pretty neat. Sort of like Bit.Trip Runner but faster!
Canabalt is pretty good (yes, it's something like BIT.TRIP RUNNER, +Anders K. Madsen), not sure about other games. I will support HIB in every way I can, I bought every bundle so far (except Mojam) and I don't want to change it. Keep up the great work, Wolfire.
Bought and done. Glad to see also that Android is now a selectable OS for support
+Grey Leman Avadon Will work on your device, But it was designed for tablets, so you will find the text is quite small, and you may have trouble touching exactly where you want to. But it will work.

Love my Zen Bound.

Swords and Soldiers is the BOSS!! Thankyou +Humble Bundle !!!
You can fix toki tori before plz ??
can install APKs manually but the humblebundle app says all 5 games are unsupported on my device (Galaxy S, CM7)
+Simon Eddie K Have you changed your LCD Density? That can often cause apps to be "non-compatible".

For instance, My Nexus One has a density of 180, and this often causes apps to not install, however, manually installing works fine. (mostly)
Very pleased to see the Humble Bundle Android app (though I wish there was a better way of integrating with Google Play like you do with Steam). Hope to see direct updates in the next version rather than just sending URLs to the browser.
If the Android bundle #2 games don't show up in "Download games" (but only in "Check compatibility") after updating the app, try re-associating the app with the bundle. That did it for me.
Every time I try to associate the bundle with the HIB app it says "Error: Please enter a valid code." I was able to associate the original bundle just fine but every code the app generates is deemed invalid for the second bundle.
Same problem as +Rob Voss, associated first bundle, then tried second and failed.
Same here: "Error: Please enter a valid code."
Same here. "Error: Please enter a valid code."

Clearly something's borked.
i wonder if its just recently borked. +Michael Wolf +Matthew Young +Rob Voss and anyone else who has used the HIB beta app, successfully or unsuccessfully, what device and, if applicable, rom are you using and when did you try it? if everybody puts down their information it would make it much easier to diagnose the problem, for us and the HIB devs.
+Daniel Lewis , I'm on a Motorola Atrix 2. But I suspect the issue is server-side. The app simply takes you to a page to give you a code, which you type in to a web page. It's said web page (which I access from my PC) which genereates the error message.
I believe it was server side, and it's fixed now.
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