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Are you a professional Linux developer who is interested in bringing some of the best games from Mac and Windows to Linux? If so, please email with your details!

Please consider sharing this message with your game developer circles. Thanks!
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Ir would rock if you guys could make one for armel processors in Linux as well as the 32 and 64-bit ones...  my n900 would be so much more awesome if I could play my games on it :D
I wish too.. but...
Good wokr guys, this is the best way to take care of this linux compatibility issue
Yeah... I still have problems getting Super Meat Boy to work. Went through the Ubuntu Software Centre too. Nothing. :(
I just got Linux myself..but I'm going to be gaming on Windows for now I think.
Only if there was a way to get quickbooks to work on linux
Have any of the humble bundle people contacted +OMG! Ubuntu! or +WebUpd8 ? They're two fairly large linux blogs, and could do a good job of spreading the word to the target demographic
Mat Jones
Between Valve working on Linux Steam and this, it's a good year for the Linux game machine.
+Justin Remedios What problems are you running into with running Meatboy?  Maybe I can try to help.  It worked right away for me.
You guys are awesome keep up the good work. . (Arch user)
Last I heard, +Linus Torvalds was traveling, so not sure this would be high on his to-do list right now.  I tell you what would be awesome and a short step to implementation would be porting all of the +Android games and apps over to the Linux desktop.  I would be all over something like that!
Marc M.
I'm an average programmer and i have linux-expirience, but i guess i have to low skills for game-development :/
Marc M.
If nothing helps: Release the source, the community will port the game faster than you can click "+1" xD 
Valve is working on a Linux game machine? Man, that sounds like bad news for xbox and Gamestop. I won't be playing a fiddle for those two monstrosities next gen. In fact, it looks like we're about to experience a pc gaming renaissance.
I'm a Linux developer, true enough, but fresh out of college and on my way to grad school. Still, I'd love to get involved with something like this. I love Linux, I wish everyone respected it as a viable platform, and I love seeing software made for Linux. Even so, I respect people's right to choose, and for that reason I will always support cross-platform software far more than platform-bound software. All software I develop is cross-platform.
Being a master student I'm not a professional but I'm developing e.g. games on Linux (C++(11), OGL(2/3), SDL(1.2/2), SFML, CMake) and would love to port stuff over. Still I need to finish some courses and my master thesis.
So should I write you an email or not?
Hello, i develop few games for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Currently i work on game for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. How i can participate in next humble bundle?
+Matt Eskes yes Loki games went south but that was when linux on the desktop still wasn't that user friendly.
Yes it was usable, I had no problem just like OTHERS, but there were alot of pitholes and ATI cards were a nono.

These days the difference between a distro release is more settings than them patching their own libs for their own fixes (thank god for git from +Linus Torvalds ). Likewise like it or not Ubuntu has done wonders for linux on the desktop for the common user.

With valve taking a MASSIVE and real interest in linux (whether their motivations are self-preservation from the windows appstore doesn't change the fact it is happening), gaming on linux is in a different state then when Loki was around
+Matt Eskes indeed I do, but that was a decade ago. Things have changed.

One thing in particular I remember about Loki was the use of shell-archives. They were a bad idea then and they're a bad idea now. (you can't even run some of the Loki ones on modern shells.) Bastion and Amnesia in the last bundle used them, too. I hope they aren't going to make a comeback.
Tim R.
just by the way: a BIG thank you for the linux support in the humble bundle!!! You guys are amazing. (-:
I don't know about the games released in the Humble Bundles but I do know that one of the challenges to getting games on Linux systems is that some engines (like Unity3D) don't support Linux yet. If they did, then the games using those could switch much more easily.
George, Thankfully, inXile might be helping to alleviate that issue. With the success of their Kickstarter for Wasteland 2, they will be using Unity and were given source access and will be making modifications so that it will run on Linux. They may share that with the greater Unity community (not completely clear on that, but I don't see why they wouldn't.)

If I had more desktop experience, I would apply for this, unfortunately, I have been locked in web development for a while now.
Zik Zak
If devs were using 3D engines like Unigine ( it would be easier, for sure. And for 2D libSDL does a great job (Loki relied on this to port lot of games, and LGP does teh same nowadays).
Have a look at Oil Rush, impressive game ! And try their benchmarks on your GNU/Linux machine ;-)
That's kind of exciting news about inXile and Unity3D.  I could imagine that leading towards an official port.  Meantime, I've been pleasantly surprised by how well Unity3D games play under Wine...
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