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Pres. +Barack Obama comes out in support of full marriage equality. Send a thank you note now. Take Action:
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He might support it personally (which is important, I agree), but his reaffirmation of his belief that the issue should be addressed at the state level is disappointing.

Marriage discrimination will end the same way racial segregation ended: At the federal level, with a SCOTUS decision. Eventually one of these laws or amendments is going to make it before the justices and it'll be thrown out on 14th Amendment grounds.

I would've preferred for the president to assert not only his human belief in the rightness of marriage equality, but his executive conviction in the legality of it as well.
He wont get a second term the over religious zealots will pay whatever they have too to see he doesnt get reelected
Let's do more than hope, let's remind all of our friends and neighbors to GO VOTE in November!
Remember they say one thing until they get into office then they do the other. Don't get happy yet.
Tonya V
Great news... now overturn DOMA.
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