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...on a journey to discover The Human Poential
...on a journey to discover The Human Poential

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Reverse Aging With Your Mind
"Tweaking your thoughts and belief
patterns can reverse aging, and vastly impact the way we experience the world."
Marisa Peer 

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"...value everyone's contribution + treat everyone with respect."—Michelle Obama.

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Positive Affirmations....Why???

With the plethora of information we receive through ALL of our senses, every day, living in a world where negativity abounds, DOing ALL we can to dilute this influence upon our lives is ESSENTIAL to living a Fulfilled life of Happiness and TRUTH.

Let us make no mistake, it is our NATURAL state of BEingness- every ONE of we, to BE LOVE’s Light.

It doesn’t matter whom YOU ask, ALL will respond in like kind….WE ALL want to BE Happy!

Daily Positive Affirmations is a GREAT means of assisting the maintenance of our Natural state of BEingness, regardless of the plethora of negativity that abounds our surround.
From the very START of your day, the first breath you take as you open your eyes, from your dream state,  you can BEgin your day in LOVE’s Light. You have that Power within your BEingness, to CREATE your life’s experience.

This can BE accomplished through varying positive affirmations, such as:

I AM soooooo greatFull to BE

-what a glorious Gift to awake to another day

-today is gonna BE a GREAT day

-thank YOU for the adventures in Dream Land and ALL the beauty that awaits my day today

These affirmations can BE carried out through out your day….there is NO limit to the number of times you can tell your Self something Positive and self affirming.

You get out of bed, go to the washroom and look in the mirror:

“Hello BEautiFull Earth Angel”

You eat your breakfast,

“how lovely to BE able to feed my physical vessel the nutrients of health required to allow for my day, filled with positive energy and love”

From the moment you wake, until the moment you rest your physical vessel for your adventures in Dream Land, positive affirmations DO wonders to maintain Healthy states of BEingness.

We have a plethora of “Mind Conversations” with our selves through out the day.

When paying attention and BEing aware to these, we can CHOOSE purposefully, those conversations, thoughts, ideas, we wish to reinforce and those we wish to ‘delete’.

Positive affirmations maintain a level of awareness that make this second nature.

We can fall prey to the negativity that abounds our surround or we can BE our TRUTH, BEings of LOVE’s Light, with the power of the Infinite – we are afterALL, Each and Every ONE of WE, BEings of Light……..every ONE of our trillion molecular microscopic cells IS a PowerHouse of Light, of Energy.

This is NOT science fiction, this is FACT! This is WHOM we ARE!

Thus, instead of falling prey to the negative, illusory, fear based messages within our surround, we can empower our Selves to maintain TRUTH and thus maintain our own Light Energy within a vibrational harmony of LOVE.

In so DOing, you are an intentional BEing of Light, that is emanating LOVE out to ALL and thus Positively affecting All.

Like a stone thrown into a river, the stone, however small it may be, ripples out infinitely, affecting all within its wake.

These little exercises, like Positive Affirmations of Self – seeing all that is Positive within YOU, all the aspects of your Self that you love, and Focussing your attention on these is EXTREMELY POWERFULL in fact, exponentially so!!!

Our First & Last Love is...Self-Love

In addition to Positive Self Affirmations, we can also realign our Mind’s Conversations and thus our state of mind and BEingness through an “Attitude of Gratitude”, that is to say, in the same breath that you are saying how marvelous ‘this’ aspect of you is, you are also declaring your infinite appreciation and gratitude for its BEingness, for your beingness. Get Crazy with this, it need not center merely on your own reflected beingness of Light, but upon all that is within your surround, from the toilet paper in your washroom, to the food in your kitchen, the dishes upon which you eat, the home within which you live, the friends and family with whom your life is so very blessed the meaningfulness that it is, to your very Breath of Life itself.

When we do these very little things, we transcend our selves out of ILLUSORY FEAR based Mind Conversations and into our TRUTH. In so DOing we allow for the manifestation of that which we all desire, to Live a life that is Happy, Fulfilled, PeaceFull, Fun, and Full of LOVE.

Blessedly BE, Each of WE, Miraculous BEings of LOVE’s Light, Earth Angels Divine, Stars upon our Earth School, the TRUTHFull emanation of our Creation, for the Benefit of ALL of WE ☺

in Deepest Gratitude for sharing your BEingness with me, and all of we, for CHOOSing to BE the BEayoutyFull Emanation of LOVE’s Light YOU are,

Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
Love Your Life with -->  <-

****For more enLIGHTening Guidance on YOUR quest to fulfill your destiny and live Happy, Fulfilled, PeaceFull, Serene, Loving and Free  visit:
- <-
get in touch with Roni directly, via
->  "SoulsFamily [at] 1isall [dot] com" <-- or ...
right here through Google+
to schedule your own journey with her personally!!! ^_^
It is her utmost humbled honour to give ALL that she is, and has to  assist, uplift and enLIGHTen ☺

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...feel as "it" is already 

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Open your generous heart and scatter seeds of gratitude into every aspect of your life - Kristen Granger

#gratitude #inspiration #quotes 

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Wake-up calls can come in any number of ways - Read If Your Soul Wants to Get Your Attention - It Will

"Wake-up calls can come in any number of ways and from different sources. It could be from a relative, friend, a stranger, or pertain to a traumatic event, a book, a dream, or even a health issue! When your soul wants to get your attention, trust me when I say: “It will do what it has to do for you to listen!”
- John Holland

+Humanity Healing International+OMTimes Media​ 

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Tree House Designer Transforms Old Bike into Pedal-powered Elevator | #Inhabitat #Green #Architecture

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Just do it !!
thanks +Sunny Dawn Johnston 
#inspiration #motivation  
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