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A Biological waste-water treatment system, is a wastewater treatment process that uses naturally occurring microbes to break down solids in waste-water to more simple substances. The goal of a Biological wastewater treatment system is to reduce BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand).

In nature these ‘naturally occurring’ microbes would break down sewage and waste-water products that animals and humans generate. Hulsey Environmental Services, your biological waste water treatment location in North Georgia. 

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Waste-water Recycling is one of our core business services. If you are looking for a local wastewater recycling company call Hulsey Environmental Services. We can handle all of your waste water fast and efficiently. Call...we'll be there! Phone: 770-536-1161

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Wastewater Treatment Services - Hulsey Environmental - North GA

Tired of paying surcharges for being out of compliance and failing to meet government mandated permit limits? Do you want to reduce the charge of sludge hauling? Are you ready to save on chemical cost?

Call Hulsey Environmental today for a professional evaluation!

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