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New Animals As Leaders!!!


Animals As Leaders - Ka$cade

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Hugo Pinto

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#QOTSA + #NIN in Sydney
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Hugo Pinto

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#haircut Too short? Feels much lighter for #MMA #bjj training for #wimp2warrior 
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I think I have a movie to watch tonight.

#robocop   #crowdsourced  
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Hugo Pinto

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Ken Ham's answer for everything:
Well, there's this ONE book... (written by bronze age illiterate goat herders) that "explains" everything
If you were surprised, you haven't seen too many debates. They're all like this.

Except for the bow-tie. Nye owns the bow-tie.

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Hugo Pinto

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Joe, the film and gaming industry mostly use Windows.
Even Pixar uses PC render farms to render their 3D animation movies.
I work in IT for 14 years and I stay away from Macs like the plague.
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Don't be an idiot +IceTTom
So you're saying that me and millions of others are not professionals? Typical iTard.
For your information NASA uses a lot of hardware from different companies, including HP, Dell, NVidia and SGI(Silicon Graphics) running Unix or Linux and maybe even Windows on some work stations and servers. No mention of OS X or Macs. (Yes I know OS X is just rip off of Unix, and it's always behind in terms of security and other features)
Individual users at NASA might use Macs at their own risk.
If you say PC's suck, tell me why even Apple uses Linux and Windows on their cloud/Web services.
Do you use iCloud? Yeah... that's Microsoft/Windows.

I wonder why they don't use their own server software. Maybe because it always sucked and lacks a lot of features only Linux and Windows offer.
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Hugo Pinto

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#wimp2warrior #mma #bjj #ufc #johnsharp
UFC referee John Sharp. Touch "gloves"!
In the center! 
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Hugo Pinto

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Popcorn popped... Now to sit back and gloat at the isheep who were all to ready to laugh at a security flaw found in certain Samsung processors.
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