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The International option of project fi is what I want to learn more about, read some tech articles and posts in this comunity but have not found answers to my questions, so here they are:

1. What's the Roaming coverage in Latin America, mainly in Brasil, Mexico and Central America?
2. Would calls and texts use the cellular signal or through data while outside United States?
3. Is there a Google phone number to ask project fi questions?
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Great questions.  I'm sure the answers will be coming soon. 
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Hugo Pérez

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Love it... is simple, yet better than Google bookmark, When going back to visit page it keeps highlighted the text that caught my attention when bookmarked it.
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Hugo Pérez

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Get back your default #Firefox new tab page.
1) Type about:config and press Enter.
2) The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page    
     may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise! to continue to the
     about:config page.
3) Type browser.newtab.url in the search box. Right-click the
     browser.newtab.url  and select default.
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How to remove the #conduit #spyware #adware  from your PC. Be really careful since you have to edit Regedit file.
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Hugo Pérez

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Just got from this website the kobo app released december 2012 to install it on a kindle fire first generation because newer version of kobo app won't install on it.
Android Vending is a place where you can search for thousands of Android Apps and download Apk Files in Google Play (Android Market) for your Android devices.
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Hugo Pérez

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Groove IP gives me free calling to US & Canada. I can even keep using my Google voice number.
Voice without Minutes!Turn your Android device into a free phone. Get a fre...
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Hugo Pérez

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#myPlex no se conecta al servidor.
configurar la direccion IP de computadora donde esta instalado el programa servidor plex (plex server):
1. escribir en la barra de direcciones del web browser para ingresar a la configuracion del router y presionar enter o OK cuando pida contrasenia.
2. ir al menu aplication and gaming y ver cual es la IP que esta asignada al servidor Plex.
3. en windows abrir una ventana dos y escribir "ipconfig /all", escribir la direccion IPv4.
4. ingresar la direccion IPv4 en la IP asignada el en router para el servidor plex.
5. abrir el servidor plex, ir a settings, clic en la opcion myplex y luego clic en conectar al servidor, ahora si todo esta bien vere un cheque verde de conectado al servidor.
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#FreedomPop  internet connection problem:
You are allowed to use just 80% of the plan you're subscribed to. 

Another posible cause of internet connection problems on freedompop devices with 3G/4G plans. Here is my email conversation with one freedompop customer support rep.


Dec 18 05:08 PM (PST)

Hi, this is Hugo Perez.
I am currently a customer of yours using the overdrive pro with the Pro 500Mb 4g/3g plan. The device was up until Saturday December 14 working just fine, after I had used it I charged it and turned it off. I didn't use it on 12-15-2013, on Monday 12-16-2013 I turned it on and the device started to show on screen "connecting to 3g/4g network" and after it tried to connect automatically and failed I got the error 900 and it kept doing that the whole time. 
Note: the device's wifi is working and showing 4 bars for 3G coverage, but the device cannot connect to the internet.
So when I came back home 10 hours after I decided to do the next:

1) Hard reset, pushing the button close to battery; I then had to reenter my wifi password and admin password... The result was that nothing changed, I still had same message "connecting to 3g/4g network" and still showing the error 900. So I decided to look up my account online and see if anything change, but nothing change on settings. 
2) So I then look up your support FAQ links for the overdrive I followed your advice on installing the FW update from link provided and did all step by step on the manual update information from next link: result: Nothing changed, same error messages. 
3) I went back online and found information about error 67 from this link what your website suggests, to update the 3G PRL and then click on Update 3g Profile. The problem is that when I click on Update 3G PRL, I got a message telling that the update failed to try later, but whe I close that pop up message there was no Update 3G PRL button nor Update 3G Profile anymore, they were gone. Last thing I did was to go back to my step 2 (you know re-install the FW update)
I also found this link telling about a error 67:
which makes sense that the problem is the profile authentication of the device, therefore unable the get internet connection.

JERRY (freedompop rep):

Dec 21 05:00 PM


The reason you are not able to use your device is because you have surpassed your data threshold. Once you get within 100mb of your data limit, your account will either top up with $10 (if you have auto top-up enabled) or it will suspend the service until your monthly cycle resets. Unfortunately, you are unable to use the fully allotted 500mb. There is a 3 hour delay when posting your data usage details which leaves the possibility of going over the data limit. I see you are currently at 423mb/500mb and this is why your account is suspended. I hope I have cleared this up for you.


Dec 21

Nowhere in your ToS (Terms of Service) nor the rollover messages I got said that am allowed to use just 80% of the plan am subscribed to if I decide to not top up and neither to rollover. I spent hours (during 3 days time frame) trying to solve the connection problem before I contacted you (otherwise I would had been back and forth with you getting directions on how to restart the device, or reset it, or update software, etc.) and all of this because freedompop's lack of good communication with its customer to explain the rules to follow. Anyways, to save you some time with customers experiencing same situation, I will post our email conversation on the social networks out there. Thanks!

My solution:
I just added 200 MB to my account and turn on my overdrive pro and now is working just fine and I still have 4 more days to go before my monthly cycle resets. So, for all people out there if you are having the same problem I had, just add more data to your account using following options:

1) download the freedompop android app and you get 200MB (if you haven't downloaded before)
2) complete offers
3) top up
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Hugo Pérez

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Great video 
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