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If you can't get to an escape room why not create one in your living room?

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Seems College Humour might be up to something.

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So after seeing the parody Villain Pub - The Dead Pool (Infinity War) ( I thought it was a great idea to actually create a dead pool competition for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War .
And we got prizes

So here are the rules for this game
1- you must choose how many heroes/sidekicks will die.
2 - You must name who your picks are
3 - Only one post per person. Once your bet is up that is, it so think carefully. No edits unless it is a minor one for typos.
4 - The betting finishes at midnight of the 25th GMT time (more or less the time the first show of the movie happens in the world)
5 - Any person that gets the deaths correct will be rewarded with games for their steam account. (see below the list). In case no one gets all deaths exactly correct , then the winner(s) is the one(s) closest by 1 (you can miss one death). If this fails then it will be the one(s) closest by 2. More than this means no official winner and we will figure out another game for these prizes.
6 - In case of multiple winners the games will be split among the winners with the first poster given the right of choice followed by the second, etc


GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst -

The Sexy Brutale -

Tomb Raider -

Shadowrun Returns -
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Once again the question is placed. What makes a human, human?

Looks like an interesting game with a deeper point.

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Ever wondered about some rumour you heard about a game feature in Pokémon Go? But then you never had the time to check it or it was too complicate and you didn't want to risk it?
Well we are here to help you.
Share with us the rumour you heard that you would like to see tested and we will select a few for a new future series of posts


So September is around the corner. Which means October is not far... Is this gonna be another year with no Dark Detour?

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Please help either by donating or by resharing.

This year, together with many other teams in GISHWHES we are teaming up with Random Acts and Legacy of War again to grant the last wish of a dying woman, and in doing so, we will save the dreams of hundreds of children who live in some of the world's poorest conditions.

Fiona Sargeant, a former ballet dancer from England, founded and runs a ballet school in an impoverished township in South Africa that for years has provided ballet instruction, meals, education, safe refuge and ultimately hope for hundreds of children. She is not a doctor, nor running a large foundation or charity, but she does know how to dance and she wanted to give back to the world. She is the living proof that EVERYONE can make a difference, if their heart is behind what they’re doing.

Sadly, Fiona has terminal cancer and only has weeks to live. Once she passes, she expects the school to be shut down. But there is a plan in motion that, if funded, would carry on her legacy. Let’s grant her dying wish and BY THE END OF THE HUNT let her know that her children will be taken care of long after she is gone.

She has no idea we are going to do this! We are going to surprise her with this colossal random act of kindness at the end of the Hunt!

We’ve created a Crowdrise page here that tells her story. DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE AND 100% OF THE DONATIONS GO TO THE SCHOOL (for countries other than U.S., deductions are contingent on your laws).
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Once in a while I like to dig up a ARG cold case and create a wiki page on an ARG that has ended. In this case it was the quite awesome Perplex City.

This ARG had a quite complete story, a treasure element to it (worth around 200.000 dollars) and a card game that had puzzles and a leaderboard.
But the best part was will doing research for this page I found a video made on it last month. They describe the game quite well and remind us that one of the cards was never solved.

Where are you Satoshi?

#ARG #PerplexCity #Cards #TreasureHunt
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