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🎭 Art ¦ Photography ¦ Running ¦ Travel ¦ Information Mgt
🎭 Art ¦ Photography ¦ Running ¦ Travel ¦ Information Mgt

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📓Happy New Year Wishing You Happiness Health Prosperity in 2017 | 📆 01.01.2017 | 📷 #iPhone7Plus | 🌗 #LineCamera
The highlight of 2016 was most definitely #Japan its such amazing country, I would highly recommend and the #Japanese people are so kind n helpful,
It was like another world being there.
Thankyou to my Family n Friends without your support I wouldn't have made It in 2016, particularly dealing with issues like drugs, suicide, it certainly was eye opener and hope from the experience I will be stronger person, which will help me help others.
Even though Nan & Grandad( Mum n Dad) are no longer here but who's wisdom I try to incorporate into my life Thankyou.
Lastly but not least to you reading "be safe always and look forward to the many posibilities coming in 2017"
#HappyNewYear #NYESydney #NYESyd #HNY2017 #Australia #NewZealand #Thailand #sydneylocal #SydneyLife #SydneyCommunity #ig_australia #ilovesydney #iloveaustralia #igersbestshot #photographylovers #lifeisgood #lifestylechange
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Good Evening Guy's

Went for run luckily it was only light rain which actually was rather nice n calming whilst I was #running especially up the hill 😂

Well my friends hope you had a great Sunday fill of laughter n smiles.

See You All Soon

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📕 Had Awesome Evening Run and Had Got a Few Hello's from Others Out Walking, So Nice When People Do That Makes You Feel Great. We as People n Communities Should Say Hello More Often as We Are Out Walking or Running Makes Everyone Feel Good. On Another Note I Definitely Need to Buy New Running Shoes. My current Brookes Are Not Supporting My Feet Anymore. Well My Friends Have Brilliant Evening and Enjoy It With Those Who Bring Smile To Your Face
#instadaily #instagood #igersbestshot #runningman #runninglife #running #Sydney #SydneyLife #SydneyCommunity #sydneyphotographer #sydneyaustralia #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #runners 
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you had lots of chocolate #easter eggs last couple days. I devoured 2 rabbits given to me by colleagues.

Just now whilst getting ready these colorful friends came to hangout on my balcony, how cool is #nature and #birds we have in #Australia

Well my friends don't forget to checkout my #Instagram HugoJBrownPhotography

catch up what I'm doing and of course if you enjoy my work definitely follow me and importantly drop by and Like, Comment helps me see what you enjoy.

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Rival airlines take a swipe at under pressure United Airlines

The days when air #travel was a glamorous affair and immaculately attired staff greeted smartly-dressed passengers with a warm welcome and a glass of bubbly are long gone – something David Dao can most definitely attest to.

A video of the 69-year-old doctor from Kentucky being forcibly pulled off his seat and dragged screaming, covered in his own blood, down the aisle on a United Airlines plane earlier this week went viral - sparking widespread outrage all over the world.

Social media users wasted no time in trolling the American carrier over the scandal and now other airlines have entered the fray.

Royal Jordanian Airlines sent out a series of inspired tweets that included gems such as:

“We are here to keep you #united. Dragging is strictly prohibited”


“Our pilots happily welcome you on-board our flights!”

Elsewhere Emirates hit back with a video – purportedly made to celebrate being named Best Airline in the World in Monday’s TripAdvisor awards – which addresses a comment that came from the mouth of one Oscar Muñoz, only last month.

United Airlines’ under-fire CEO is on record as saying: “Those [Gulf] airlines aren’t airlines.”

The #Dubai based #airline brilliantly attacks United’s boss in its video, by listing all the Trip Advisor Awards that #Emirates has received this year alone - including Best Airline in the World, Best Economy Class 2017 and Best First Class 2017.

Emirates is also in the running to pick up a whole host of awards at World Travel Awards 2017 Middle East Gala Ceremony 2017 (

Emirates’ video concludes with the sentence: “Fly the friendly skies… this time for real.”

“Fly the friendly skies” is, of course, United’s (now infamous) slogan.

Turkish Airlines took a more veiled approach – no doubt because they codeshare with United - and opted to retweet a post by Arianna Huffington about a baby which was recently born on-board one of its planes.

The airline, which is part of the Star Alliance group, then responded: “Thank you @ariannahuff. We just do our best with love for our guests' safety and comfort at all times.”

Other airlines have so far stayed silent over the scandal in a show of solidarity for the embattled airline.

Unfortunately for United its customers aren’t keeping quiet, with many long-term United passengers posting pictures of themselves cutting up the company’s frequent flyer and credit cards, in protest, on social media.

Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, has also savaged United in a spoof video he shared on his popular late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! with the tag line:

"We’ll beat you so badly you’ll be using your own face as a flotation device."

Bottom line? It’s going to be a long, long, long week for United…

Story by Kaye Holland

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Have Awesome Day.....Its Monday

The words I dislike hearing in office " I'm on Diet" no one cares just eat the damn truffle it aint going make u gain weight....seriously people are so dumb. You can eat anything in moderation and bit of cardio eg. Running, Fast Walking, seriously dont get ppl who torture themselves self inflicting only hurting yourself no one else.... So coko

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#Saturday Beautiful #Sunset and Cotton Candy Pink n Blue Skies of #Mortdale 
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‪Wow another milestone for my #Photography on #Instagram 12.1K I thankyou all and hope you enjoying and look forward to sharing with you.‬

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Good Morning Happy Monday....

Seriously download this game Kami 2 its so addictive it starts off easy but gets progressively harder, more colour combinations. I have been on the last puzzle for 2 days hehe trying to figure it out....

Well my friends its kinda raining in Mortdale but ok, Be good and show the world your smile.

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Good Morning Was a Strange Run n Exercise Class it was raining lightly and humid, Good sweat more but humidity makes running harder. But always good to start the day with activity n health. Good to see one of my local parks finally finished Cricket/AFL Field n New Stand.

Well my friends wherever you are on this planet called Earth believe life is worth it, Sad n desperate times don't last forever, The sun will always shine through the clouds.
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