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You ready for this Jelly?

To celebrate the fact that we've just started shipping +Nexus 7 today, we're publishing the official Jelly Bean changelog with all of the new features in Android 4.1:
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Awaiting OTA update to Verizon Galaxy Nexus...
Can't wait to receive the OTA update of Jelly Bean on my Nexus S in France ! :)
Thanks, I find reading about the object of my desire makes the wait more bearable. Keep it coming ;)
Received the OTA update earlier today in Canada, it looks great and runs fluidly.  Checking out the new features now.
...and for a limited time all those that preorder Nexus 7 should get an exclusive Android Jelly Bean container filled with jelly beans.
Just installed Jelly Bean on my Xoom, I love it!!!
Acabei de pegar o JB no meu Galaxy Nexus!!!! Muito bom!!!!!!!!
Has mine shipped yet?
Thanks For Delivering An Awesome Product...
"Support for USB audio docks, shipping later this year "
Nexus 7 dock? :P
How about celebrating by releasing Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus? I've been waiting all the freaking week.
Omg.... I'm constantly checking my gnex every second to see if I have an update! I'm Soooo really for my taste summer treat.
Can't wait for my Nexus 7! Huge Android fan, and glad hardware/software is finally surpassing Apple.
Finally surpassing apple? We surpassed apple with motorola droid1. Everything else is just icing on the cake.
True, but just more evident now that iOS is a step behind and copying Android functions. I know it was just due to ignorance, but used to get so irritated with people saying my Android was a wannabe iPhone. Not any more!
Nexus 7 Pre-order from the Google Play store is a fiasco - smh
Just got my Nexus 7 today. So smooth, love the notifications.
I thought that on jellybean the default would be the chrome browser. I see that the changelog is still referring to the stock android browser
I heard Chrome will soon become the default browser on Android. They aren't making it the default now as its still relatively new on Android.
+Easwar Prasad gotta be honest about Chrome, tried it on ICS, and switched back to Dolphin. Just not feeling it yet on Android, but Chrome's still my PC default.
Too bad GameStop is selling the Nexus 7 to anyone who walks in off the street and I preordered and have not gotten mine yet.  :(
Now if you could make Verizon push our update :)
I have updated my gnex yesterday, you really did a great great job, i'm so happy with nexus and google +Hugo Barra , thanks so much! (From Argentina :D)
I'll add a positive note to go with my negative one above.  I'm running 4.1.1 on my Kindle Fire and it's truly amazing!
preorders are good  i got the tracking number for my google nexus.  google is shipping the tablets now .they are   working hard for they costumers  or i can say us :)
Already on my Gnex, wonderful!
+Billy Goley I use Chrome on my desktop and also on my Nexus. But I agree with you that there is some more work to be done before they really nail it and get everything right. I must say though its a great start for something that's new. Personally I love the syncing functionality it offers across all my devices. Plus its fast - if Apple allows V8 on iOS it will blow Safari away.
I use Chrome on my desktop, Infuse and Fire and love how they all sync.  I can literally pull up anything I have searched for on any of my devices by going to history.  
Still waiting for ICS... At this rate I'll catch up at about 2020. Thanks!
+Marty Ballard did you have any trouble flash/porting to the Kindle Fire? I have one and was thinking of trying it out. Just not digging the Amazon lock down.
Oh yes im ready! The best tasting android update since Honeycomb. I love that cereal!
Have it on my galaxy nexus. Too bad Facebook sync doesnt work. Otherwise its great
Oh I know what to look forward to in 8 months time when Samsung decides to upgrade my GS3 to Jelly Bean! :)
I am ready for it to be on my S3 two days ago!!!
+Colin Trevor McPhedran I was being facetious. On a serious note, however...there is only one LTE Nexus device on the market, and unfortunately, it happens to be tied to a network provider I would not give a penny to. So...that leaves me with very little choice, you see.
Will India get Google Now to work? Voice navigation is still not available here. :-(
Dear God, please upgrade my Samsung Blaze Galaxy S Blaze to ICS...and then to Jelly Bean....please o please!   :)
All of us Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners would appreciate if +Google flexes a little muscle and gets them to push the OTA update ASAP.
Most definitely! My Motorola Xoom & Samsung Nexus S 4G are ready and waiting!
Got the 4.1 update on my Galaxy Nexus. So far so impressive. :)
+Luis Sellas where are you from? I'm still waiting for it on my Xoom!
it sounds random but it looks liek an anbot
Just got my nexus 7 today from GameStop. I did not preorder it. Walk in and bought it
Android robots look liek the jellies up there
Got my ota update on my galaxy Nexus on Vodafone UK two days back, a brilliant update easy to install and great new features and so smooth to use now.
whats a nexus just askin on the other hand the computer is uselful so never mind
Ordered nexus 7 on day 1. No update on shipping, or charge yet. But my buddy also gets one from Gamestop ahead of me and doesn't have to pay shipping. What a great launch. A
Most as good as the Verizon nexus launch
While I'm loving the butter, I am disappointed that Issue 1257 (fifth most starred issue at from Nov 2008 still hasn't been fixed. Cannot accept a standard Meeting Request in Android Gmail if it came from MS Outlook or Apple iCal calendar. Fix that and the Galaxy Nexus phone is perfect.
lol i have it on my phone search just killed apples siri. 
Manny G
Jelly bean on that RAZR?
D White
Waiting 4 the JB 2 hit Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)
Great post on all of the new functions of Jelly Bean, +Hugo Barra! When Google does finally send the 4.1.1 update, would you please ask them to include an update for the "Check Now" buttons on our Galaxy Nexus Phones. We have all worn out our ICS version of the "Check Now" Buttons! Thanks again, can't wait to try Jelly Bean out!
I neeeed this update. When is it coming out to my gnexus?
+emanuel galvan  i download the version thr is an xda forum whr they have this step by step .how to download this and flash it on ur phone .. u know who wanna wait if u can flash this into ur phone ..
Got JB on Google Galaxy Nexus today. Just love it! Great release.
I got an update pushed to my galaxy nexus that I got from google io today, does anyone know if this degrades the search function?
Just publish it to my phone..... I need to wait outside for my Nexus 7
Wahoo, just got my tracking number! I ordered the 16GB version, will get it Monday....while my wife and I are at hospital having our daughter!
@michael villalobos...i think its gonna take little while cause if the samsung have the ota ready .. wht about the carrers.. cause upgrading a phone to a latest version ,,some carrers need time to go with the flow.. and u know in US carrers r sucks
Could you call me at 205-821-0903
Andriod robot full with jelly beans yummy!!
Thanks for the update! Galaxy nexus SFR. To good to be true!
Well...I'm sure my dad would love to use Jelly Bean...if his phone would only update past Gingerbread...
Oki SD
Are this truly can running on a pc ? that's great
Ordered mine day one and still no tracking number. My friends ordered a week later and all have shipping notices.
Y'all keep me updated... I hope this doesn't take 5 months like the last update!! (patiently waiting)
I just updated to Gingerbread >sob<  Guess I have to wait until my next upgrade.
Is it available for Nexus S noev
i have an android pphone and thats totally cool
Just got notice my Nexus 7 shipped, wish my #Sprint Galaxy Nexus would get updated.
Awaiting the ota update for the GSM unlocked galaxy nexus I bought directly from you guys... I'd love to have an update. Mmm Hmmm
My galaxy tab 10.1 still hasn't gotten it's ice cream yet
Kool hopefully there's a OTA update of 4.1 coming to phones on ics
The best thing about a Nexus device, even on VZW, if you can't wait, root! Been running JB since the day after google i/0.. I'm in love!
Im using it right now. It is pretty sweet, and buttery! ;-)
Jellybean is perhaps one of the most impressive updates I've ever experienced. Most notable though is the improvement in battery life from 4 0.1
Wish to get JB 4.1 upgrade for S3 soon. Waiting to taste it....
Downloading! Had to force download force stopping and clearing cache for the Google Services App at least 20 or 30 times but it finally detected the update. On T-Mobile running the new Nexus unlocked from the Google Play store.
I got almost all of this on my rooted phone.. What will be different?
Hey I'm curious is the htc one s ever going to get the jelly bean ota
I ask when will the Samsung Galaxy Sii (Sprint) get ICS let alone Jellybean
+Hugo Barra Typo in the feature list: in "now lets you thumbs up songs as their playing", their should be they're.

(Sorry, there's no contact info on the page for feedback / bug reports so this will have to do... loving Jelly Bean, btw!)
Cannot wait for OTA update on my nexus s in Singapore.
Nd Tts
Waiting for sensation xe
Hanging for my nexus 7...
Showing my O-face right now!
"Oh... Oh... Oh!" You know what I'm talkin' about.
Got Jelly Beans today in Hawai'i this morning HST (Galaxy Nexus + T-Mobile). Google Now works great. E komo mai JB!
JB on a Kindle fire is sweet. So much better than ICS. Thanks to Hashcode on XDA.
I hope that mean Australia is the first to get the nexus 7 because we are the first to get everything apple :D
Waiting to test this on my pre-galaxy Nexus S I'm sure it will breathe some new power into this phone.
That being said I wish Google and all the Android OEM's would figure out a way to consistently deliver OS updates to all capable devices. A device once a powerhouse 18 months ago is now considered dead weight in the eyes of OEMs who don't care about their customers except to push them to new hardware. 
I'm still enjoying ICS on my brand new GNex.
Just discovered that "When viewing photos in Gallery, you can pinch to zoom out to enter "filmstrip mode" and rapidly review photos. When viewing photos in filmstrip mode, you can swipe up or down to delete an individual photo. You can also undo the delete with a single tap."
THANKS GUYz, I DO Love you in a very geeky way ^^
Root and flash 4.1 to your Galaxy Nexus yourself. Trust me, it's worth it. Jelly Bean is a HUGE improvement 
I have a feeling it's going to be a long wait for the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. I understand it's a complex ecosystem, but I'd like to see Google start putting some pressure on Manufacturers and Carriers to get updates out expeditiously. Especially on the 'pure' Nexus devices. 
I prepare to upgrade to be jelly bean all the time. And you?
+Bryon Letterman no need to root only unlock the bootloader,softboot CWM recovery and flash the files of the OTA check out +Android Police ,they have a great guide for doing this.
I have the nexus will the RAZR get jelly bean
Good and ready. It can't come too soon.
If only the photon would see this update! But AGAIN I picked the wrong android! Ugh!! Definitely saving for Nexus 7! I need myself a tablet!!!
my phone works on BADA OS so fuck it -:XD
+Vuyo Mtoba I'm still enjoying ICS on my 5-month-old Verizon GNex.  But Jelly Bean would be better.

Come on, Verizon, spill the beans!  You don't really need to "review" the update: don't you trust +Google ?
Im ready last year. Hope my htc sensation xe will get it
Jelly bean is so awesome! Great work.
I played with a Nexus 7 at Sams Club today. It's is a nice unit.
Got it last night for my Nexus, fantastic changes. Keep up the good work!
Please make it for Samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. It has way higher specs than galaxy nexus and that phone is getting it. Talk Samsung and sprints slow a** to get it done asap also loved the live google I/O
Chen Hi
Can't wait dude
wow i wil eat every thing but the green
save me them annaseed ones bounty ,jelly space subrocxx my angel O:-) cool .®
+Hugo Barra Overall a great update. But, please improve voice typing for non English users. The quality of the #voicerecognition itself is excellent in #jellybean even in German. Almost any word is correctly recognized.

But at least in German the #voicetyping engine is still completely unusable since neither punctuation nor capitalization work. Not even sometimes. While both are not needed for simple #voicesearch tasks they are essential for serious typing. Please, fix it!
btch , btch ,bitch... I,m still waiting on ICS from AT&T...
I can't wait to get a Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1
Just got it on my GSM galaxy nexus! thanks Google!
Got it ! Thanks for the goodness.
Really looking forward to Jelly Bean, but it still seems that some functionality is limited to the US. For example; does anyone know when we might see Google Play Music in the UK?
im using the galaxy nexus but its yakjuxw so it takes so long to get updates it took 3 months after the realease to get updated from ics 4.0.2 to 4.0.4, when can i expect jellybean on my device ?
Excellent: i like jelly beans it's very very fast like Farrari.........................
+lion heart good poen, please dont take this the wrong way, but this might be a better ending, your choice

Let me hold your hand,
Lets walk together to the end,
Only you can show me the way,
Hold my hand and dont ever go away,
It can be good, it can be bad, Lets walk together anyway
Just came here to advise of the typo in 'their' but +Dan Scott beat me to it. It's a bit surprising that no one at Google proof-read a change log like that. It also saddens me that only one other person noticed it :-(
Can't wait! I hope it improves my phone better than the ICS!
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, my reason to change from iOS.
Yes I am currently on 4.1.1 for my Galaxy Nexus
I'll be curious to check out this latest version. Just wondering... 1) why is it not possible to upgrade the Android version on a device I already own (or am I misinformed), 2) are the newer versions backward compatible with apps written for earlier Android versions (I heard Honeycomb is more so than other versions, but I don't know why), and 3) why isn't there an Android OS for computers? [Thanx to whoever may answer.]
soon, there will be a newer Android OS and we have not even used the current one, i think they are repeating Mozilla's mistake. i want to see them update the current os and avail it to all.
Updated my GNex yesterday, Jelly Bean is super smooth and Google Now is, well, awesome!
Waiting the Jellybean ota here in brazil!
What is so special about nexus 7....?. Its a 7 inch tab, one front facing camera, screen can't auto rotate...i don't get what the hype is all abt..

Simon B
I'm still waiting for ICS for my Xperia Mini Pro! :( But i'm looking at picking up a Nexus 7!
Love this on my Galaxy Nexus, "Google Now" Is just awesome...
When will Nexus S get its update then? 
Well impressed with the jelly bean upgrade on my Google Nexus.
the android is cute but i have no how the phone is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Please let us know when the next nexus phone is coming. I hate all the skinned androids & would love to get updates within at least 2-3 months of release. So I'm switching to stock google...
+Hugo Barra please for shipping Nexus 7 tablet to indonesia,indonesian android community waiting for nexus tablet
S Puram
I am loving it
Would love Jelly Bean, but Samsung apparently doesn't know anything about it, or launch timing for yakjuux (Canadian) models.
When can I get update to my Galaxy Nexus HDSPA+ here in norway? =) really excited :D
Awesome. Can't wait to get OTA update of Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus in South Africa
when is the OTA update expected for SGS III in Pakistan?
I'm a big fan of android !!! Android is the best system for phones u will ever get...!!!! 
I'm using jellybean on my Nexus. The OTA update failed this morning, so I had to update manually via USB.
My Galaxy nexus is upgraded :)
Yes! Finally... Jelly Bean locked and loaded yes!
When is Verizon getting ota update for jellybean 4.1
when will google now service starts? and will Ice cream and honeycomb users be able to use it?
Chrome needs quick controls, and if you are on JB those have been improved. Right now stock ftw ...
Put simply: I. Can. Not. Wait.

Im particularly interested to see what the developer community comes up with with the new support for USB audio docks. I'm hoping this will expand the number of Android Accessories in the marketplace.

I really want to plug my android phone into my car-stereo to play my music and podcasts while I'm on the road. Hopefully this should make  it much easier to achieve.
that is amazing, and yummy
Hope it comes to HTC incredible s soon :)
neat the android at the bottom left in intractable
Just got my nexus two days ago and waiting on the OTA 
Nexus 7 will be selling in Malaysia ?
I don't think I'm ever getting the update. I have an unlocked GSM galaxy nexus, but its the international version and not directly from Google Plat :/
Updated yesterday on my galaxy nexus in Italy! Impressive speed. Great Job! THANKS!!!!
Is there a list of the 18 new input languages somewhere? Which are they exactly ? When you search for it on the web it only states: "You can now enter text in one of 18 new input languages, including Persian, Hindi and Thai."  Anywhere to get that info ?
Bora U
Just hope HTC update their One S phones to Jellybean!
Y u no giving us to s2 owners..? Samsung
Just hope it is keeps the graphics from ics, android is def moving in the right direction
I would be if Samsung didn't use proprietary code, Boot them up the bums for being closed source please! :p 
Got the update on my GSM GNex two days ago. Excellent update. Runs fantastic on my device. Thanks Google! When my Nexus 7 arrives the circle will be complete.
Awaiting update for my GSM Galaxy Nexus.
Have JB on my nexus in Ireland for last 2 days. Its awesome!!
Got it yesterday on my Gnex, I'm loving the buttery jelly beans!
+Marty Ballard You and I are in the same boat. Mine is also being delivered on Monday while my wife and I will be at the hospital for the birth of our baby. Glad to know someone else out there is going through the same thing. Congrats on the birth of your daughter.
Ported jelly bean on my nexus s. Its amazingly beautiful.
Damn i wante jelly bean so bad!!!!!!! Its awesome.!!! Ahhh i want it!!
Jelly Bean is pretty sweet. No wonder Crapple is afraid of the Galaxy Nexus.
Espero que llegué este año para LG OPTIMUS BLACK.
Can i have update for galaxy note in India?
For anyone with nexus GSM still waiting for ota update stop and clear Google services framework in apps/all apps then try about phone/system updates, after 5 trys my jb ota update came through :-)
+Anthony Garrett Have you been able to figure out how to set or create a ringtone from Play Music? I don't see that feature anywhere, even though it says it on the change log. +Hugo Barra 
Perfectly smooth and fast update yesterday on Galaxy Nexus in Germany (O2), but can't get voice search to talk back yet.
+Sonnhild Namingha its US only so if your in other countries its very limited but there are workarounds.

+Roberto Dominguez no I haven't and its annoying me but I gave up. There is no obvious way to do this unless they jumped the gun and announced it as there will be an update soon
HTC Amaze, when will it be available?
Yeah +Hugo Barra . Feel that some guys are receiving update ota. So excited to see in my notifications the update icon of JB on my Nexus S.
waiting for the OTA for the nexus s in spain...
Got it already in my galaxy nexus. I like the voice features and Google now. Maps looks enhanced. Now waiting for it on my transformer.
Btw I am in canada too +Julian le , I got it already. Though its an unlocked phone
+Hugo Barra você tem que perguntar se as operadoras de celular e se os fabricantes estão prontos... Está ficando quase impossível de acompanhar a evolução do amdroid sem ter um nexus ou comprar um novo celular a cada lançamento. A AT&T acabou de liberar o ICS... Os updates levam muito tempo para chegar aos usuários
"The People app now retrieves high res photos automatically for Google contacts with public Google+ profiles..."

When are they going to wake up and realize not everyone has a G+ account?  I'm tired of the stretched out 96px by 96px images from Gmail contacts!
Hugo, por que a arquitetura dos dispositivos Android não podem funcionar como a arquitetura de um computador, com hardware e partições pré-definidas para que o kernel linux atue como PnP? Hoje o processo de atualização dos celulares é moroso porque os dispositivos são pequenas caixas de pandora. Quem já compilou a buildtree de um AOSP sabe o que estou falando... não acha que só falta essa padronização para Open Handset e o Android dominarem completamente o mercado?
+Luciano Jesus Lima Não sou expert nisso, mas eu li algumas coisinhas sobre isso. Enfim, parece que o android diferentemente dos PCs, possui uma arquitetura ARM, acho que é esta, pois é uma solução mais barata, enquanto os PCs possuem arquitetura AMD, que é 64x e 86x. Enfim, se não me engano o preço define isso. Não tome como verdade isto, não sei muito sobre isto.
when is verizon galaxy nexas getting  J B 
Transformer Prime standing by and waiting. ;)
This tablet is the best , can't put it down :-) 
Should have celebrated by pushing OTA for Nexus S!
I followed these instructions"-Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
-You will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it.
-Go into your dialer and type #*#2432546#*# - This will cause a ‘force checkin’. You will notice that it shows “checkin succeeded” across the top.
Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button." I have done everything it says even after"checkin succeeded"pops up but the phone still won't update. ?
Verizon nexus has still not at the update but then dont care earphones have got it why is this???
+Hugo Barra , seriously confused why the nexus line has so many product builds. Had to flash over the ROM to get the jb OTA.
Also why are you guys not launching the nexus7 in the Indian subcontinent ? Man it will fly of like hot cakes @$200!!!
Can't wait for JB on my nexus s!!!!!! Ahhh hurry Google!
I havw tryed the instructions above and it did not work not sure if it will work on a verizon nexus who were the sprint one for that fact think it is gust the unlocked version that it works on.
Gavin P
Anyone in the UK got Jelly Bean for their Nexus yet?
Ashar K
When is this update being released to Canadians with galaxy nexus?? 
I was planning to buy one, but that lack of MHL disappointed me. Sorry Google, i love you, but that was a -- .
Thank you Google :) received my Nexus 7 today and its awesome!!! Thank you Hugo :D
Estou louco para comprá-lo aqui no Brasil e espero que esteja a um preço bacana. A propósito, +Hugo Barra, o Nexus 7 reconheceria um leitor de cartão microSD inserido na porta microUSB? E precisamos de mais recursos desse tipo (como HDMI e etc), talvez numa dock?
Hugo, Nexus 7 no Brasil e Jelly Bean no Samsung Galaxy S3!
Yeah. Everyone seems to report it being "pushed" but nope. My Nexus S GSM (i9023) says no update exists. Where is it ?
Ismel C
Yes I'm ready for that jelly....!!!
plz can u guide me how to go back to ics and wt things do i need to get back?
wondering why the System Update Check Now function does not work.

 bought a Nexus S at a Best Buy in Arizona the day it was released in 2010. everything is stock, no rooting, no fooling around, phone is running 4.0.4 Baseband I9020XXKl1 Build IMM76D. seems like the JB update should be available for this phone now (well actually yesterday). 

looked for feedback/suggestions on the Android site but could not find a link. so here is a suggestion:

make  the Check Now button work or change the process so that people who want to update now can get the update now. please.
“Go to Manage Apps” and clear the data under “Google Services Framework” and click “force stop application”. Then reboot phone and accept Location consent. Then check for update.
+Linh Nguyen Thanks for the idea. I just got the download today (July 23) around noon. I'll keep a note of your suggestion and try it the next time if need be.
+Hugo Barra I haven't got JB update on my Galaxy Nexus yakjujp ?
why this too late ? I have cleared "Google Services Framework" 100 times,  
It would be nice if there was a beta tester program for people outside of Google. That or something similar to the 'beta channel' for Chrome where people willing to live on the bleeding edge could get our kicks.
Hey Hugo, I'm from Brasil, I was wondering if the full version of Google (music, movies, etc ...) will arrive in Brazil later this year. Any idea when this can happen?
hey Hugo i am interested in the nexus 7 but  have always been a 10 inch kind of guy any news on the nexus 10 maybe
hi Google my name pheareak my tablet Samsung galaxy when time update android 4.1 
Hey Hugo I got the nexus 7 and I was wondering if the shuffle button got lost In jelly bean or if I just can't find it
Muitas coisas boas, mas cadê uma configuração de proxy decente por SSID, com suporte a autenticação e que permita usar todos os aplicativos do dispositivo, e não apenas o navegador padrão...

É um requisito pedido a muito tempo nos fóruns, algo básico em termos de rede, se vcs acham q é muito difícil, por favor, vejam a aplicação ProxyDroid no Google Play, ela é perfeita, mas precisa de root, o que acaba com a garantia dos aparelhos.

A falta de um suporte adequado de proxy e conexão VPN na plataforma Android dificulta a adoção da plataforma no meio corporativo, abrindo caminho para uma adoção maciça de produtos da Apple, que possuem esse suporte há muito tempo.

Sei que em muitos casos é possível resolver esses "lapsos" com root e cooperação da comunidade, mas a perda de garantia e dificuldade em realizar a operação de forma ampla não deveriam ser parte "obrigatória" em uma plataforma moderna como o Android.

Espero que vocês possam finalmente corrigir esse problema via patch, não precisa ser em um major release, muita gente depende disso.

Problema aberto em 2008 e tido como "atendido" em Junho de 2011, sem suportar o uso de proxy autenticado.
Hey Hugo look man i am not able to talk to you directly but i am really pissed as because ios is able to get the new google voice search feature in jelly bean but what about non jelly bean devices look man i fully support google but ios should not be your first priority so please update the google search for all android devices .Ps I own two nex 7s galaxy s2. s3 and tab 10.1.
when will be available the nexus 7 in italy??
feature request hugo. sorry i know its huge...
I would like to see the following things:
-An offline native attrctive holo-themed office/productivity app with really granular control over details like in Microsoft office, google must use that quickoffice purchase to good effect. Multiple fonts (more downloadable)/styles/save as multiple files, format painter. Formulas in spreadsheet app. Insert media etc.
-Ability to italicize' underline and bold text on stock keyboard onto any app that uses text.
-A native holo-themed stock android file manager with copy/paste/cut/share/rename/make homescreen shortcut/properties/openwith options on longpress
-More licensing agreements with multiple countries for content. Don't forget the little people google. Android market share is much bigger outside the us than in it. Don’t shaft the people outside the us who are loyal to android. We need more reasons to love android and local content is a great way to do it. Shows us you care…
-Integrated messaging: messages, email, gchat, g+ messenger, third party chat apps? Eg whatsapp, fb messenger, nimbuzz
-a better holo themed google finance app with plenty offline features, great holo widgets and an attractive ui. with support for lots of emerging markets stock exchanges, commodity markets and individual commodities as well. The current app seems like you just don't anymore. Would love to see those great looking google finance graphs on my android phone. Wanna see what a great graph looks like on android? Look at "battery widget reborn’s" battery graph (screenshot attatched). I want customizable graphs where I can add any stock or commodity/fund price and add technical analysis addons like moving averages, candlesticks, etc automatically with the click of a toggle button. I want this google!!! Why does ios get an attractive stocks app but we don’t? i would like A ticker widget for a particular exchange or custom list of stocks/commodities with live update, a single stock/commodity widget (with value & percentage up/down), a more complex single stock/commodity widget with live intraday prices in graph format,  countdown timer widget to opening or closing bell for any global exchange. all widgets must be time sensetive. ie show whether the market in question is currently open or is closed.
-add commodity prices to google now responses. Eg gold, platinum, wheat.
-Add more sports to google now not just american sports. In fact google should just be a COMPREHENSIVE repository for all sports scores past and current for all sports including live sports widgets that look stock. Add scores for soccer, golf, rugby, EVERYTHING. Want to be able to ask google now: “who won the England vs south Africa rugby game in 1995?” or “how many times have manchester united beaten Chelsea”
-holo themed notepad application. Simple straightforward, no evernote bells and whistles. With a homescreen widget/board for quick notetaking on my tab on the fly. Im a doctor sometimes need to take quick notes while on a ward round for example with my stylus and opening the app takes too long.
-offline handwriting recognition application like google handwriting for taking notes: should be able to write anywhere on the screen nd have typed text appear wherever the cursor is in realtime.
- offline voice assistant: majel
- a phone call manager that allows me to calculate my phone call usage and set the call rates so I can monitor calls ie I can find out how much did my call at three oclock yesterday cost me?
- more app by app information about data usage. Eg how much data does a certain app use every day on average, or which browser uses more data for a specific download kinda thing.
- ability to set timers for automated sms in messaging app. In fact timed messages for everything including email and gchat
-sms canned responses
- location aware, time aware profiles which allow me to set: appearance of the device, hide certain apps (like games at work), change the volume and the type of alerts eg. Have a serious ringtone for the work profile and a play fun one for home profile; and set particular conditions for profiles eg WiFi on etc as a native functionality. If you have to: buy two forty four am LLC, makers of the locale app
- call barring, divert, speed dial, call waiting, caller Id toggle
- stock weather widget with tons of sizes, and options. I've been trawling the web looking for weather icons that fit in the design of my phone/tab still not completely satisfied I’ve found it. Maybe google now theme on uccw app?
- ability to easily set any sound as a ringtone or message alert straight from settings.
- high res google contacts photos PLEASE!!!!!!!
- deeeeep FACEBOOK integration: just bury the hatchet dammit. Ie. Status updates and photos in people app, ability to go to someones profile from contacts and post to their wall or send Facebook message directly or poke people/like posts directly from ppl app without having to go into Facebook app. Ability to post to any social network directly without opening facebook . Include Facebook messenger into integrated messaging app
- some way to make navigating the app tray easier when you have tons of apps. Switching from apps to widgets is easy but from first apps page to the middle apps pages takes a lot of unnecessary swiping. I usually go to widgets then swipe back to get to the last apps eg zinio.
- History function in chrome with entries separated by date. and use those tiles on the new tab page for favourites which i set (like in firefox) not for recent pages.
- ability to set a homepage in chrome it will obviously be as on my laptop
-Allow me to set desktop version as default in tablet chrome
- PC suite-like application not just some browser based thing but a full app that even allows me to control basic functions of the phone SMS, call, connection, even use some apps eg whatsapp. Kinda like tablet talk for example
-Stock compass, voice recorder, weather app
-get creative with the multiple sensors on android phones eg the proximity sensor for switching of/on the screen or changing music tracks or navigating around the phone or snoozing alarms etc. Looks really cool has a lot of ''showoff value'' and could be a unique feature of android. Eg when someone sees I have a cool nexus phone and ask me ''what can it do'' the first thing I show them is the proximity screenoff app. Second is the use of the proximity sensor to change music tracks then third is google now
- stock paintbrush type app with lots of features eg insert text and insert shapes select, fill, brush, effects, pich to zoom etc
- ability to hide system folders or pics from gallery like quickpic does
- better app discovery on google play store. Its soooo hard to find cool holo-themed apps. I literally check every week and tech blogs every day for this. And give holo-themed apps special prominence
- take of the silly android Smiley's in messaging app. They look weird
- ability to use nicknames (as set in people app) for sending texts or searching for contacts or doing anything. Its more intuitive that way. I think: “lemme send doggie a text”, not “let me send craig a text”.
- ability to add pictures or logos to a calendar entry
- system wide feature to translate text like what google demonstrated for currents at IO
- whenever I type in a person's name or nickname or a favourite place the phone must recognize this as local content and a popup of the contact should pop up. for eg when adding a participant to the a meeting or event in the calendar app kinda just like an extension of local device search
-did I mention high res photos in people app? No arguments, just do it google...
- don't link the media consumption apps to the google play stores. Eg I am using a nexus 7 in a non-US country and therefore the video app is missing from my app drawer although it is definayely installed on the device. Same with play books although I have my three free books(alice in wonderland, great expectations and treasure island) plus the nexus guide book on my galaxy nexus plus my free borne dominion book. These media consumption appsnshould just be that. Apps. Any integration with the corresponding stores should be in as in obtrusive a way so that non US or UK users don't get stiffed or don't have to constantly look at content they can't buy. Its ridiculous that I now HAVE to find a third party video player app cos of this. Thank goodness you didn’t screw us on the play music app cos then I would have been pissed.
- improved clock application. Right now its just a deskclock with dimming settings. add world clock and ability to put clock widgets with different timezones on home screen. Want to know at a glance on my homescreen what the time is in another country (and see whether its a decent time to phone someone for example.) plus I want a holo themed clock widget like the clockwidget4ics widget which is available on the ply store. Not just the analog clock. Ps add more analog clock sizes and colours.
-just generally add more cool stock widget options. This is the strength of android and differentiates the ‘tiles’ of winphone or the icons of apple. Give us more stock options so tht homescreens don’t suffer from an ugly clusterf**k syndrome of android from having no common design.
-countdown timer widget from clock app. Also a current event widget. Eg a widget that will say: “right now a certain event is happening” like the Olympic opening ceremony for example. With start and finish times and touching the widget links to the website or the calendar entry or whatever
- smarter calendars: ability to 'follow' public events eg: olympic opening ceremony or google io keynote or a sports game without neccesarily having to enter them into your calendar (since i wont be personally attenting them but woild still like to follow them or watch a liveblog etc) then organisations or companies or sports associations can even add their own official listings of their events which can be followed and come up on google now cards. these can be tied into a countdown timer widget or a ''currently happening'' widget as described earlier
- stock automation app like on{x} without the need for knowing coding
-Ability to mount a flash to my tab without rooting
-stock security features in android for stolen phone. phone can be reported stolen on some kind of webbased google platform then as soon as it is used tracking begins. kinda like my tracks google app but compulsory and stealthy. basically like wheres my droid with automatic sms or call or email to google servers.
- ability to stream ANY android screen (with sound) to ANY other android or non android device eg phone to tablet tablet to phone, tablet to tv etc. wirelessly just like android transporter by esr labs
Ps if there are any typos in this post consider this: I typed it from my nexus 7. Is it just me or did the keyboard get a little worse in jellybean?
From: a loyal (but slightly concerned) fandroid
Phone: galaxy nexus (unrooted)
Tab: nexus 7 (unrooted)
+Dennis Mazingi Yeesh. Feature "request"? That should be plural.

Also, this would be much more valuable as a post from you, in which you could share specifically to people such as +Hugo Barra. As it is, you're severely limiting how people can see this.

P.S.: That your only public post says "G+ sucks!" really doesn't earn you points with the people you're asking to listen to you.
I really miss content like music & movies in play store for Sri Lanka. iTunes successfully lunched music in here, so why can't google do it???

Please, please... introduce Nexus7 to here too! Even without the content. (FYI: I saw a news saying Microsoft surface with windows 8, to be priced at $199; If they do it, it's really gonna kill the android tablets)
Patience, +Asanka Amarasinghe. The iTunes Store opened in 2003, and Sri Lanka got access to it this year. Google Play (previously Android Market) has been around since 2008.
Olhai por nós brasileiros, please...rsrs. SIII. Vlw.
Anyone knows when JB is comming to Samsung Galaxy S3 International?
I just wish HTC would tell us when an expected JB release is coming.
enjoying Jelly Bean so far.... the best android version ever
It is pretty lonely over here at Big Red.......It is almost like the Verizon customers have been abandoned for the sake of bloatware 
Roy Kim
My fiancee and I both have galaxy nexus and we are both on a same account. She cares less about Jelly Bean or any kind of update got her ota this morning. I have been checking all day and mine hasn't come.
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