Shared publicly  - is now  A shorter name that will bring our Mi Fans even closer together everywhere!

Check out our new global site:
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We need a mobile friendly version. 
Good. I forget how to spell xiaomi all the time
Nice. How do you pronounce it? [Mai] or [mi] ? 
Somebody should update +Xiaomi, too ;-) [btw, it's confusing that this page loads the Videos instead of the posts by default]
I almost think Google Earth launched something new
+Niall De Barra Xiao: shi-ao, Mi: Me
it's not the 100% Chinese pronounce but very close and easy for non-Chinese speakers.
Finally a name that I can pronounce and remember! that's a good move :) 
Lovely stuff up there, but haven't seen any buying options there
Needed fully translated site. Half of it is still in Chinese!!
By the way, is very nice. Good job!
That website is a complete failure on my Nexus 10. Crashes Chrome repeatedly...
would be interesting and also important to translate the online store and the cloud Xiaomi to facilitate globalization.
You are losing ground to Oppo and OnePlus not launching your products in Europe.
+Hugo Barra  This is Great ! One step closer to having another nice Cellphone option. I look forward to being able to purchase a Redmi Note and Mi PowerBank.
No longer so xiao huh? 😀
Should not the english site ( also have videos in english. For example video explaining what miui etc? 
+Technospain not in the near future. they will come after they did accomplished in India and Brazil .. soo  have a break and wait for further announcements.
Could use an english translation
+Hugo Barra Ojala lleguen a Venezuela, no quiero que sansumg nos vuelva locos con miles de modelos de smartphone. 
+Technospain good for You guys. but you should be not be so risky with this.. because Devices without a CE Certificate are nor legal in the EU. its very difficult to sell imported devices without a CE Certificate inside the EU.. have a look for this. selling imported devices from a brand which is not standing inside in the EU is a risky game. 
I can see the commercial now. +Hugo Barra 's interview with Xiaomi at a fancy restaurant. Ends with  "oh and drop the 'Xiao' just 'Mi' it's cleaner that way."
the new branding is way better. 
Finally also in English and even google translate does its job better. 
TV's have potential for world domination if sold at China prices.
+Peter Pain but this will never happen to the same prices like in china.. thats only a nice dream.
Well done it is moore international. When you are plan to sell your product in region of Ex-Yugoslawia. Here is my mail
Hola hugo desde españa, estamos deseando poder comprar ya varios articulos anunciados recientemente,haber cuando va a ser posible,un saludo paisano
+Hugo Barra senti falta dos Mi2S no No mais muito bacana, com informações técnicas muito boas e um show no visual. Parabéns
Nice.. I think xiaomi has to change its name to be Mi for more global name...
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