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Redmi Note

- Octa-core MTK6592 chipset 
- Two configurations — 1.4GHz/1GB and 1.7GHz/2GB
- 5.5" 720p IPS display with full lamination TP
- Dual-SIM, dual-standby
- 3200mAh battery
- 13MP back / 5MP front camera
- $129 for the 1.4GHz/1GB version, $159 for the 1.7Ghz/2GB version
Coming in May to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Other markets very soon thereafter!

So... what do you think?
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I know someone that goes to Taiwan quite often. I might have her pick one up!
I use the stylus for my Note 2 quite often.
Great Price. How long would you say battery lasts ?
+Kevin Crossley I think your question has been answered. No stylus on this phone.
I think it makes sense though, I'm a heavy inker, but I do it on my 8 inch tablet. Perdonally I find that a phone's bezel is generally too small for comfortable handwriting. 
+Hugo Barra

That's great price for an almost perfect looking phone...

I am just hoping that we will get it here in the USA.

STAY being positive and more power to you
I like the price, will these be available in the US? +Hugo Barra yes, people use the stylus very convenient when you have it.
Very good price. Hope it comes soon to Brazil.
Looks like a fantastic deal. What radio bands are going to be available?
This phone begs the question: for non subsidized markets, If a $130 phone can come with this kinda power, is there really any legitimate reasons left to go and buy $800+ phones?
Why not use the same $800 worth of investment to get this phone (to use outside) and a capable tablet (to use at work/home)?

Of course Xiaomi is not yet available worldwide, but in 12-18 month's time, phones like the Redmi Note will no longer be anomalies in the market.

Will we be witnessing the death of overpriced flagship phones in the near future?

They're already under pressure in subsidized markets due to saturation, and now we're seeing another pressure bubbling up in the emerging markets from high performance affordable phones like this one.

Way to go +Hugo Barra!


+Hugo Barra please expand availability to Australia. There's great potential here :(
How long till someone lays out the "what?! No 1080p?!" Card on a $159 device?
+Hugo Barra What do you think about Xiaomi using the Menu button in their UX? Wouldn't the move to the Recents button be smarter while adopting the overflow menu? 
Phablet why can't phones stop at 5 inches? 
+David Auster the original 4.7 inch Hongmi is still available with an update rumored in the near future. Rest assured, Xiaomi is not neglecting small form factors :) 
+Hugo Barra, send 'em to Latin America please. As a Xoogler in Colombia, I have to be a little more budget conscious these days. :-) Congratulations on the launch! 
Oi +Hugo Barra manda pro Brasil rápido! :-)
Precisamos de aparelhos que desbanque o monopólio Samsung! A Motorola já fez isso muito bem no mercado de intermediários com o #MotoG. Basta um top de linha com preço mais baixo que a maioria pra engolir o mercado! E claro, o selo #HugoBarra de qualidade e aprovação!
O mais importante que é a versão do Android não foi dito.

Quando compro um novo aparelho a primeira coisa que eu olho é a versão do Android. Se não nem leio o resto, o aparelho pode fazer café que se tiver um Android desatualizado eu nem me importo. rs
+Hugo Barra Any idea when is it going to be available in Malaysia?
+Hugo Barra, this phone is begging to be sold in south america! I know it's a hard market here but for this price you could destroy competition.
It looks great - but if the availability is like e.g., the redmi in Singapore we will not really be able to get it - and what is a great device worth if you cannot get it?
+Sivan Rehan +Leslie Schmidt In short I find their built quality hard to fault. The back of my Hongmi is plastic but it does not flexes nor squeaks, the front is unadorned but it's made entirely of reinforced glass, the buttons on the side are also plastic but they don't wiggle like some phones do either. In short I likened them to the built quality of a VW Golf, they may not be lavishly built like Bentleys but everything fits like they supposed to.
Here's a detailed account of my experience with the phone :
The best high spec mobile with such a low price. Waiting to come to  India +Hugo Barra   ... Come soon. :)
Mediatek = no android updates , no LTE support , bad GPS precision , poor gestion of CPU cores
+Bobby Situkangpoles why is it called a Note then if there is no pen? I'm not dissing the phone, looks real good for the amazing price. Just not sure why they couldn't come up with a more unique name. To me, Notes have pens.
where can i buy it in taiwan?
So i was going to buy a MotoG 16gb for 229€, you know the nexus of the midranger, but now Xiaomi did it again...
Please Xiaomi come to EU soon! Our market is satured of overpriced devices!
"Corps" is great, however, Xiaomi should invent their own system. 
se ta $160 da uns 400 reais, se chegasse aqui no brasil por uns 600~700 tava perfeito, mas se vier deve virna casa dos 1000 reais eua acho....
Would love to pick this up as a backup device or a big media player.. If only it came to the US.
Desculpa, mas é muito feio. Sinceramente, por que não botões virtuais? E por que a tela tão grande? É um smartphone ou um phablet? Com esse design, que fique só por aí mesmo. Pois aqui no Brasil já tá cheio de coisas do tipo, como os Galaxy Note da vida. 
Hi +Hugo Barra what's happening with +Xiaomi and the other markets like EU, Latam or US? I hear a few weeks a go about the plan of "xiaomi stores" and a webpage to buy from those markets but only a rumor.
+Hugo Barra any chance to get it in Europe? Does Xiaomi has something planned for international? When Mi phones devices will include 4G LTE module?
I would like to see a cyanogenmod version to get better android experience and have less customization.
Uma loja europeia era ótimo! Uma loja em Portugal era excelente!!!!
The screen resolution is obsolete and notthing is seid about the android version. I really hope that will not be the 4.2.x like other mediatek processor.
looks really great +Hugo Barra. Just one question: when there will be the WCDMA version? ;)
+Hugo Barra do you have any possibility to bring these devices to latin america? windows phone is kicking hard here because they offer lower powered phones than this one but at the same wonderful price, it would be a killer here, in Colombia at least.
Hola +Hugo Barra cuando tendremos a xiaomi y los redmi acá en suramerica, saludos desde Venezuela. 
I think its one of the best deals ever :D 
hope sales go through the roof ;)
+Hugo Barra Please add Australia to the list - were are lacking in good affordable Android phones
Damn sexy smartphones. Hope these come to the Philippines so I can get one and review it for the newspaper Business Mirror. That said, it would be fantastic to be able to interview you, Mr. Barra, for my Personal Tech section in the paper.
Barra, coloca a xiaomi no brasil que o quero usar..
No LTE is a bummer, since Mediatek already has the MT6595 chip which supports LTE !
Hi Sir i am from india and we are here anxiously waiting for Xiaomi to launch the mobile in india, why Xiaomi is neglecting India being a huge market for mobile.
Please reply
Pricing at the cost of testing! The last MTK based device I owned, Zopo ZP990; had appauling gps and not much better wifi! 
It has great parameters, except the sudden huge screen :(
Europe? Here with those prices could be a best seller, an european base in ireland for paying less, and european delivey for 10€... I'd buy 2 right now ( for me and my girlfriend 😁)
+Hugo Barra Xiaomi BR in 2014?

Considering the specs an apparent build quality, even doubling the MSRP Xiaomi would have virtually no competition in Brazil.
" $129 for the 1.4GHz/1GB version, $159 for the 1.7Ghz/2GB version" . Is it the RAM or the Memory Internal??
Dale Du
I can afford one but it's nearly impossible to buy one in mainland China
Kiran G
I LOVE XIAOMI. what about INDIA when Xiaomi going to enter to INDIAN market ..?
 I am using MIUI ROM on my mobile.
I absolutely Love it.
I am waiting for XIAOMI presence in INDIA
Dale Du
+Aida Vázquez Lorenzo it's quite too cheap to make a profit that they don't put many products in the market even in China.
KL Chaw
Malaysia need some love as well.
C Hr
+Hugo Barra Do not forget Europe! Our market is open for such a great devices. 
David G
+carlos sanchis No need for android updates as long as you make MIUI updates, no need for 4G as it is so unstable and 3G+ works well, my GPS (HongMi is my phone) works as a charm, and my CPUs are going well, thank you. Go buy a +Xiaomi phone and then you can tell...
Bom dia, existe algum plano para abrirem representaçao em Portugal da Xiaomi Global ? Eu e um grupo de investidores podemos estar interessados.

Eu quero um em Portugal :D já tem aqui uma necessidade de mercado :)
+Hugo Barra Please launch Xiaomi in India. It has huge potential for affordable phone and may i know when is the tentative entry into Indian Market? 
India would love this phone brother, trust me !!
+Hugo Barra Where can I buy one Now in India ?? Do you have Xiaomi official online store for international buys ?? If yes share the link.
+Hugo Barra, thanks for the reply. Honestly on devices oriented for note taking, drawing apps, etc I find stylus very useful. I'm very clumsy taking notes and drawing with the finger. I've owned a Galaxy Note, and I realized at a personal level was that actually I don't really had use for devices such as that. Nowadays I own a LG G2 that has a screen about the size of galaxy note and I just like it for the device it is.

Nevertheless this device sure looks awesome, even on paper! And the price is very compelling!

I've been wondering for some time, do you know if it is ok to order this device from China being in a EU member country, or it has any special tax? Thank you.
definitely looking to get 1 in Singapore! 
It's still a pain in the butt to get Hongmi phones in China... I can't even begin to think what's it going to be for this one...
Cara!!! Traz logo essa máquina para o Brasil!!! Enquanto não chegar mande o meu! Rsrsrs.
Looks nice! Any chance you made a IP57 version?
It's really great! I will definitely buy this one!
When will the WCDMA version arrive? I have been trying to get my hands on Hongmi for 6 weeks and no luck. Hopefully I stand a better chance with Hongmi Note... Fingers crossed! 
Waiting for it in Malaysia, please get it here asap. desperate for a phone and this time it has to be Xiaomi, been hyping it to my family and friends...Please let me know how to get it. Thank you
+Tan Siew Choon right..  because at first China Mobile (TD-SDMA) is more important, after it, a WCDMA version will be released. Thats the same for Mi3 and also the new Hongmi 1S (Qualcoom CPU) -  (yes, I prefer the name Hongmi, instead of Redme)
 Do you intend to sell it in Viet Nam, man? We have been waiting so long !
tell me about india launch i went to buy 
Dear Sir,
When will it available in indonesia??
+Hugo Barra I use note 3, but for $159 i'd buy this the moment i see it... Its a great product you have here.... Questions : English language? Android? Yes/No
Will it be available in HK in May. Will be in HK from 7th to 16th of May, 14.
stay with the original name and call it HONGMI!
Is there any new information about Redmi Note Release in Taiwan?
When would it be launching in Singapore!
Hi Hugo! A friend of mine bought a Redmi Note last month in a Retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The Redmi Note will only be launched this July 22, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Please share your views! Is this a clone? Or do Xiaomi sells their smartphones at Retail outlets?
+Hugo Barra , have a lillipot of note 1W mtk?
+Hugo Barra.. 5months use this redmi note.. Everything is perfect.. Hope V6 for my redmi..lolypop maybe.. Thanks
Bring this to Kenya. Happy to distribute it here.
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