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MIUI Cloud Messaging & Privacy

Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company committed to providing high-quality products and easy-to-use Internet services. We believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy.  We do not upload or store private information or data without the permission of users.  This Q&A aims to address privacy concerns raised over the past 48 hours.

Q: What is MIUI Cloud Messaging?

A: Xiaomi offers a free service called Cloud Messaging as part of its MIUI operating system.  This service allows MIUI users to exchange text messages with each other free of SMS charges, by routing messages via IP instead of using the carrier’s SMS gateway.  

Q: How does Cloud Messaging work?  Does it store any private user information?

A: When a Mi phone is turned on, the Cloud Messaging service is automatically activated through IP communication protocol with Xiaomi servers, in order to provide the user with the free text messaging capability.  MIUI Cloud Messaging uses SIM and device identifiers (phone number, IMSI and IMEI) for routing messages between two users, in the same way as some of the most popular messaging services.  Some technical implementation details are provided below.  Users’ phonebook contact data or social graph information (i.e. the mapping between contacts) are never stored on Cloud Messaging servers, and message content (in encrypted form) is not kept for longer than necessary to ensure immediate delivery to the receiver.

Q: How does this relate to the privacy concerns raised about Xiaomi over the last 48 hours?  What’s your response?

A: A recent article in Taiwan and a related report by F-Secure raised privacy concerns by stating that Xiaomi devices are sending phone numbers to Xiaomi’s servers.  These concerns refer to the MIUI Cloud Messaging service described above.  As we believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy, we have decided to make MIUI Cloud Messaging an opt-in service and no longer automatically activate users.  We have scheduled an OTA system update for today (Aug 10th) to implement this change.  After the upgrade, new users or users who factory reset their devices can enable the service by visiting “Settings > Mi Cloud > Cloud Messaging” from their home screen or “Settings > Cloud Messaging” inside the Messaging app — these are also the places where users can turn off Cloud Messaging.  

We apologize for any concern caused to our users and Mi fans. We would also like to thank the media and users who have been sending us feedback and suggestions, allowing us to improve and provide better Internet services.

Q: How exactly does the MIUI Cloud Messaging system handle phone numbers?

A: For those interested in specific details about the MIUI Cloud Messaging implementation:

- The primary identifiers used to route messages are the sender and receiver’s phone numbers.  IMEI and IMSI information is also used to keep track of a device's online status.

- When a user sends a text message, if there is an Internet connection available, the Cloud Messaging system will attempt to route the message via IP.  If the receiver is offline (i.e. not immediately reachable via IP), the system falls back to sending a normal SMS message from the sender’s device.

- When a MIUI user opens a text message or a phonebook contact, or creates a new contact, the device connects to the Cloud Messaging servers, forwards the phone number of that contact and requests the online status of the corresponding user, which is indicated by a blue icon when that user is online or gray icon if that user is offline (or is not a Cloud Messaging user).  This allows the sender to immediately know whether they can text that user without incurring SMS costs.

- In any of these flows, the receiver’s phone number is only used to look up online status and to route messages.  No phonebook contact details or social graph information (i.e. the mapping between contacts) is stored on Cloud Messaging servers, and message content (in encrypted form) is not kept for longer than necessary to ensure immediate delivery to the receiver.

- The OTA system update made available today (Aug 10th) adds an extra layer of security by encrypting phone numbers whenever they are sent to Cloud Messaging servers.

- We will continue to make changes and improvements to this architecture as needed over time.
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+Hugo Barra we believe you and does not care about false rumours... Xiaomi is the best that's why bought mi3
I have been using cloud messaging from 6 months.. when I noticed during message chat with another mi2s phone.. Thanks Xiaomi... and hugo barra. Expect to get more features...
+Hugo Barra, Please Mr Barra , I would really appreciate it if xiaomi could come down to Nigeria, and start sales and services of your smartphones here , trust me Nigeria is a big market and your phones will do very well here . I need a xiaomi phone !!!!!!!!!!!
Some people are getting too paranoid about security and some may be trying to defame Xiaomi for obvious reasons .. Ignore them and keep going +Hugo Barra !
Kevin Lai
I don't trust a company like xiaomi who always lie.
I used MiCloud messaging a lot, but recently, it just types me error: SIM card not bound and i can't use it anymore... and I can't log in after filling email and password and confirming, it goes to another page with one blank field, but what should I fill in, when I can't speak Chinese...
Fools always fool,no matter what you say to them. Even if it's truth.
Kevin Lai
I use nexus and xperia ,I don't think I miss anything great.
6 spam comments is a row, all accounts created within the last few minutes, what's going on with G+? -- rhetorical question
I need do I get it..where is it available?
Hugo Barra Send me one MI4 since it's not available in africa. lol #HugoBarra
+Hugo Barra why aren't the firmware files updated on under wdcma indian one?? Its an older version v15, which is far far behind latest v23 and phone came with v16 :-/ Being a nexus 5 and 7 owner also, damn sad to see this support :(
+Hugo Barra we believe Xiaomi will give the best to their customers! Hopefully Xiaomi will fix the MiCloud Messaging error for us Malaysian where the country code missing when sending MiCloud message
If me.. Wouldn't care any rumours about cloud messaging.. I choose to stand on the Xiaomi device.. I'm just used my redmi note about four day.. And I totally feel some different with my device (Samsung ) is normal if I get good performance... but this xiaomi phone is really cool and have smooth performance then the best of the best is about the price.. Even now this device not entering Indonesia yet.. I have update since the first date (7-8-2014) I turn on my redmi note device (Singapore set) Keep on go sir +Hugo Barra 
First publish sources of MIUI and radio for Xiaomi phones under open source licence, until then we can't trust Xiaomi anymore.  ;-(
+Hugo Barra First things first, I am thankful and lucky that I got the Mi3. Surely, my wait for a new phone after 3 years bore fruit. However, due to the accessories shortage, I have not been able to use the phone considering that there are no good screen guard/. When is Xiaomu going to address or infuse the accessories into the market?
OK just received update to version 29.0 on my redmi note to fix issue about MiCloud.. Thanks sir +Hugo Barra
Xiaomi is going to be nr1 (Y)
Huge fan of miui for years, now i have my first Xiaomi phone. No porting difficulties, miui pre installed
Whenever Hugo, Xiaomi, MIUI etc post, the comments always get flooded with comments like: come to my country, when are you coming here, etc... Sorry, but those comments are NOT going to make them come to your country!!!!! It's annoying
xiaomi is the best smartphone i ever seen...specially miui very simple and friendly user...
Another security company scare story...and very good response.
but what time goes to indonesia for xiaomi?
Yes, encrypted data transition is very important for mobile devices.
+Hugo Barra rumors like that means Xiaomi is get on the way of big players. Keep great work as usual and move on. Back to the future... 
That's how a company should respond to valid concerns. Nice job +Hugo Barra.
Im sorry but if your not gonna respect GPL laws then there is no way, you can be trusted with user privacy.
Mr Hugo Barra I admire you and Xiaomi and we don't care about rumors. And I have full faith in the integrity of Xiaomi. In India there is political distrust for China but I trust your honesty.
I applaud your effort of bringing the fix within 24h 
+Sérgio Pereira Mi Cloud and Cloud Messaging are indendepent services. Read closely one more time, please :)
This nonsense getting so tired, clearly some don't want xiaomi to succeed,wonder why that is! Maybe cause its the best damn phone one could ever own! But sure its their loss! A second thread over this crap is so pointless! 
+Hugo Barra please continue your great work getting the brand spread across the world, Netherlands are waiting for you!
The intentions from this BS are exactly withholding you from it!
Everyone seeingi device is instantly excited about will be a straight hit!
You see as expected from xiaomi great support fixing any issue on there device! And its not even orange Friday!! Early Christmas guys!

But people really gotta stop measuring with two different standards here!
Kodom isaac 74 a g mail . Com pass word 77
wow. better privacy protection than we get in USA!!!
I just want to be able to get one of these superb devices!
We believe in xiaomi as I have seen no other companies giving such a great quality for such a low price and above that even addressing all the issues related to mi3 and its software. It is a hit in India and Mr.Barra you will need to be always prepared for competition from Samsung and LG and iPhone as they will try their best to pull Xiaomi down for their benefit. 
Jeff B
A more general question on revenue, XM sells phones very cheaply, compared to say Samsung or Apple. I have a Note (btw, how about less obvious copying of names if you want to be a global company) and my wife has a Redmi 1s. We bought them for 900 & 700 RMB respectively. At these prices, XM can't be making that much per device (although this shows how much Samsung, Apple, etc... are making).

So the real revenue for XM must come from somewhere else, namely selling things to users, ads, selling user data, or whatever. Note, I'm not accusing XM of doing any/all of the above, but am suspicious of business models where I can't see where the money is coming from.

IF the real revenue comes from getting money from existing users or selling info about users, this would seem to be in direct contradiction of the statement "We believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy", or? Hugo, could you set me straight here? Additionally, how is MUIU linked to all this. For example, would XM be perfectly happy for me to buy a Note and install stock Android on it?

Also, thanks for making amazing phones with incredible value, and for taking action with cloaud messaging quickly. Again am not accusing XM of anything, but without understanding the business model, I can't help but be suspicious. 
+Jeff B see xiaomi more as a amazon kinda brand and their kindle fire! xiaomi make profit by selling something to the end user! not their data! on miui we have themes,wallpapers etc..many things are for free but also many are paid with micredits! those you actually need to pay for! the accessorize like case, mitu bunnies, clothing etc..those are where they intend to make some profits! Xiaomi is just doing great not to completely rip you off like we are expected to!

Its up to western  benefits for letting us believe we posses the superior quality in technology etc. Clearly we're not! i cant help your feeling but experiencing the hongmi 1s you know the hardware is terrific! most likely because it surprised something this cheap could be actually still be so good! No tricks! we are just blindsided by our own western market! Clearly topnotch hardware doesnt come as expensive as we always thought it would! I have no suspicion whatsoever!

watch this:Xiaomi CEO: Don't call us China's Apple
I suspect xiaomi is starting to threat many important brands that 'till now are sleeping on their thrones made of market share. MIs phones are not my first choice (i prefer nexus, though) but it is remarkable how well are raising and at which prices are selled. Enough expensive phones that are not offering more than a stilish brand anymore! Security issues? Phew. I don't think that other companies are doing different. So if someone is seriously concerned about privacy shouldn't use a smartphone at all, even if you use a feature phone you are trackable due to carrier network connections. 
+hugo barra very helpful post indeed. I was wondering why SMS charges being applied while i was sending messages. Now i get it, the receiver must've been offline.
I'm personally not concerned about the data going to xiaomi servers, but of course it would be nice if privacy can be maintained. Thanks. 
What will you do with the data that was already collected prior to this new opt-in policy? Will you delete that information? Is it too little too late? It would be good to get a detailed list of what is collected and why so that users can make educated decisions on whether they want to remain as Opt-In as opposed to just making a decision based on a PR-laden announcement about the change. 

The lack of detail on what is collected and why, on any meaningful level, anyway, seems to be like putting lipstick on a pig. 
Apologies not Accepted
 Why is it considered okay to do this until you get caught? Then you apologize? How about not stealing the information in the first place for starters. Fuckwads!
+Hugo Barra   was a huge fan of you, when you were in Google. Now you are just another Chinese Spy and  A Traitor to American People. 
what a fucking woos off a airheaded story this become! there is nothing fuckin wrong with my phone, neither sould any of you worry! If you do, than just buy whatever makes you feel safe!
+Gaurish Prabhudesai How was this "too paranoid", when the phone is sending your private information UNENCRYPTED over the internet to China? It's not the only device, but it's good to voice one's concerns to have it fixed.
+Hugo Barra Please come up with dual sim version of Mi phone. it will be really great idea if it comes with and stock android too.
How many of you complaining do actually have a xiaomi ? i think not many, cause i bet those who have one know its a fricking powerhouse, and really coulndt be bothered!?
or am i wrong?
+Esa Edvik Yes, if it was a real concern sure! but it totally got out of hand by the media! This was very convenient propaganda for the other brands and unnescesary stab towards xiaomi!  
As great as they are, they adressed the concerns soon and came up with a quick solution to those bothered by it..what more can we ask for? People get so overreacted by this assuming its fricking spycompany. People got issues with "spying as they call data being monitored", shoulnt get any smartphone! 

xiaomi with micloud is nothing less than any smartphone running a whatsapp, facebook etc.. well ok, it is a little diffrent! youll get topnotch hardware and agreat performing device, at a very honest price!

Goodluck to those disbelievers, but stop insulting until proven guilty! Question yourself IF,there was any use of personal data send, what is it being used for?
+Jeffrey van Zeijst If it wasn't a concern, why did they fix it this quickly? They made a clear mistake with peoples' private information and fixed it. What remains unfixed, that's not known, for now. If you trust them, that's fine, don't force it on others. People have the right to choose. 
+Sudip Mondal great idea buddy, allthough the dualsim would be much appreciated!It more important to get a good international version of miui! Please add those languages from vanilla android, allthough its hell of a job to get it all translated. But there's a lot of difference in miui services among the firmwares from the country they launch in! My wish would be to see a better international well translated version of miui!
+Esa Edvik it became a bigger concern because media exaggerated it! it wasn't even certain what data they were talking about! while many assumed and accused xiaomi already as a spying phone builder, and thé gateway to the Chinese government! This was ridiculous, and by the rate it progressed, it can be very harmful to a company! Yes i trust them and not bothered by it, but in what way  was i forcing my opinion upon people anymore than those accusing them and insulting them for spying or calling liars?

its a choice to make yourself and to my believe this company is still fair and a rather great company to get phone from! not saying you should, but definitely not saying you shouldn't! But hey damage is already done bad for xiaomi and to those who had doubts about getting one. im still loving mine!
In my opinion so many people get scared in an irrational way. Their fears are for a big part influenced by clichè. A Chinese company that spies on customers and sells their data. I bet that if the same news came from a company like Microsoft or Apple (just to name 2 popular brands seen as Western ones) nobody got seriously worried or at least not so many people
+Sudip Mondal i wonder what miuiv6 will bring, it could be it! I hope as the mi4 runs actually the exact same mi3 rom, i hope they get a more uniform rom easier to maintain so they can emphasize their effort on getting a good global one!! fingers crossed just 3 more days till keynote!! 
I don't beleive this. there's 122 comment but no one criticize this issue. 

did you delete comment?
+J Santos Wonderful.. not that I support xiaomi's action but I think it was a bug.. sending unencrypted data looks to be some stupidity...

Would you be buying from US? Not before snowden disclosure no one had any clue what the companies are doing with personal data.. 

Even still do you know what kind of data Google, MS & Apple collects? just check history everyone does it
Cuando podremos comprar el Mi4 en España? Somos muchísimos los que estamos deseándolo....
+Hugo barra, I bought Mi3 through excellent customer service, device received in UAE on time.
Jose M
My wish is if they could make more of dual sim phones. I was forced to buy Redmi 1s because of the feature and nothing more but I must thumb-up the great specs in all their devices. Also, we need more of international versions with purely English apps and themes. Thanks and this could be the only Xiaomi phone in Kenya :)
Tao Liu
Stop stealing user's personal data, I don't like a company always lying like Xiaomi. Don't explain again,lt is just another lie or joke, Sorry, I can't trust you.
+Tao Liu what phone you use? you seriously think your being Spied on? It would cost a huge amount of effort to even analyse certain data from the users, you must be really important for them to do so! 
Tao Liu
+Jeffrey van Zeijst Moto G now. Many reasons makes me to use other brand smart phone. If you are in China, you will konw about Xiaomi company how to server for the users. No one likes Xiaomi,it's cheap but also easy to be bad, xiaomi doesn't help you to repair it.
So why you worry about xiaomi and their miui? You not the one who's threaded by this anyway?! Oh wait Motorola is a Usa brand isn't it? Your not worried by that government? Your data is probably even less save there than mine is on my mi3! 
Tao Liu
+Jeffrey van Zeijst haha, the government of China has been blocked the internet service of foreign company like Google and moto, so Chinese user's data has no way to be sended.Xiaomi is a spy company supported by Chinese government, it helps our gov to control the people.
give us the all the kernel source code miui sucks on fb need coders to repair it asap
+Hugo Barra when xiaomi come to indonesia?
this august or end of this year?

we are all waiting to buy xiaomi mi 3 or mi 4
+Tao Liu So your not using google on your phone? in that case your moto should be pretty bulletproof, atleast we assume it is!

As for china i have no clue whether there is proof that shows any connection between Chinese gov and xiaomi, but i guess you already seen it all, as you can make such a statement! i would like to see as well, could you send me any of your findings?

for the moment im still feeling pretty save on my xiaomi, as ive never noticed anything wrong with it! its still my best working phone.

Offcourse i like you for sharing your opinion, but i see a lot of those not based on any facts, just here for the rumble and stating how fake this chinese company is, just because they read a single sided story!
+Roger L. Ortiz I'm sorry buddy but I don't have any big knowledge on coding so I won't be able to take a look without much learning! For you it might seem really easy ,for me not so!

But as you stated there are many backdoors in multiple devices, not only xiaomi!! Why do they deserve all this negative publicity, while the other don't get the same treatment?

By the way that f secure website looks like a businesses trying to make money selling their anti spyware packages etc..they don't look like they are a independent company putting time and effort just for the concern of one user with a message on Facebook! It's more like they are hired to search for those loopholes! Still if it happens to make miui more bulletproof it should be a good thing..and you being able to spot all those loopholes yourself is quit powerful as well! You might wanna help with sharing them to the miui team!?

For me I like my device a lot as its one of the best performing androids I used, and claiming the backdoors in all devices and systems, I really can't see a reason why to leave the brand...

In addition i find it quite suspicious that while xiaomi exists for a couple of years now with several devices launched already..and mi3 already being already almost a year old! Now that the company started to sell in a couple of Asian countries and still selling like hotcakes, this knowledge about security issues only rises now!
I'm not sure but there's to much to loose for the other brands and to much to win for xiaomi! I think since Hugo joined the team, they started to expand fast! The guy is obviously doing a great job for the brand, just like he did for Google nexus till he left!

I think xiaomi is becoming to much of a threat!
+Roger L. Ortiz thank you for your reply and effort into explaining. as i said im not capable yet to read the code myself to see what exact backdoors are present in todays miui, and i do believe it takes certain knowledge to do so, oof course i could make an effort into learning this, yet i kinda enjoy android to much to get bothered by it, so i guess your kinda right on that, nor do i consider myself a victim! Not that i am not, im just not sure and untill i know for sure and be able to read and search the proof of xiaomi being privacy thiefs myself, im not gonna acuse them! Untill that time im gonna enjoy this phone, as i already did.

i already bought it any way, and cant afford letting my money go to waist anyway! On the build quality your absolutely wrong on xiaomi, this phones contains about the best parts found in any phone i used, but that's personal preference offcourse!! So to me the phone and its experience didnt suck at all, and many reviews done on youtube  reflect that opinion.

im not the kinda guy that worries to much nor feeling spied on! So maybe i am the perfect customer for them! Well i know google monitores my browsing, and yes sometimes its annoying, but works wonders for me aswell and for android i kinda like it too much what i can do with it, especially on this hardware!

guess im the dude walking with a molotov cocktail in his pocket, but remember cocktails pack a lot of fun and goodness as well;-)

i hope you do find a device your comfortable with, to bad xiaomi didnt work for you and you might wanna sell it!
+Roger L. Ortiz i truly hope, the fix Hugo mentioned will work in (y)our benefit!
Because i used the redmi 1s myself as i  prepared the device for my colleague, and i did like it a lot for what it is! personally i went for bigger specs! I have the 64gb mi3 waiting for miui v6..

i do hope xiaomi gets more international designed! as i believe they can build great phones and offer a good contender to the android line up, suggesting they stay honest offcourse!
+Roger L. Ortiz what rom are you using? do you think these isues are present in all xiaomi roms? i personally am on a multilang rom from have one for redmi1s as well..

as aeuropen user i benefit more from this rom as its more oriented towards western use, not as many connections to chinese programs i cant use or understand!
True the xiaomi global ROMs are just the languages the recently launched in! Not he multi lang. Like a stock android! But the multilang from xiaomi.EU contains a lot more. Its based on development rom, and gets weekly updated..
Oh wait this is for mi3! You have redmi 1s and I believe its based on latest stock ROM but translated and some Chinese apps removed..still it works a lot better to us western users. Not sure on the privacy concerns in it.
please consider to use encryption for IP transmission and messages store in xiaomi server. The best way is to have option to opt-out the features.
My opinion... once you online... enter any website, your data is collected for sure. Even Facebook(Facebook also condem gov for collecting the data....but,what can facebook do? )
If you very concerned bout your privacy, dont use internet, gps and any apss. All aps collect your data to some extent
Plus it seem like bug more than misconduct to me. Even miscrosoft update thier security hole regularly. Well can you imagine there are no victims cause by the bug?

This what we call....double standard
Actually very hard to define the term spying. All aps collect data, just depend what data they collect and how they use the data

The problem here are not spying or not spying. The problem here is faith to the company and product. If youdont have faith, any explain to you is pointless. You will still feelings xiaomi hiding something from you

+Sgt Ng if think the moderator meaning are, all e-commerce collecting data, even banking system. Without data....y u need the internet at the first point. Just how long they kept the data, and did they missuse that
Plus i doubt Chinese gov will had the need to spy "medium cost hp" user, plus is outside China area
Sg tng
+GY Lee I agree with you that we have less and less privacy nowadays as long as we are going on line, but that is not an excuse.  
If it collects the data about sites the users frequently visit, the app used most often or something like that,  as long as it is anonymous, it’ll not be a matter at all.
For example, DevCore discovered that user installed app list was uploaded, that is not supposed to be personal data for everyone can install those app in their phones.
Basic PERSONAL DATA is phone numbers in address book and messages sent/received. Though we are not public figures or VIP, it’ll not matter much, but personal  data collection should definitely be prohibited.
+Sg tng i cant said that for sure. Same as google, yahoo, and facebook,if NSA ask info from them.....can they resist ? Surely cant. Do you think xiaomi can be excepted? But, i believe Chinese gov only concerned about thier country security just as US. Moreover, for my concerned, i dont think i had any info Chinese gov will interest with.
Just like hugo said, they wont keep any sensitive info, will be detroys after process.
So problem is will u trust the company or not , if not, then explanation wont help.....cos not matter what hugo said u still feel he is acting. This what we call bias between western/eastern company or gov 
Sg tng
+GY Lee The only question left is: If you don’t use the cloud service completely, will your personal data be sending to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?

Can you just ask others to trust you while you yourself do not give a definite answer ?
Sg tng
If  +Hugo Barra give a definite answer to the question: “If you don’t use the cloud service completely, will your PERSONAL DATA be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”  rather than the fuzzy statement: “we believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy, we have decided to make MIUI Cloud Messaging an opt-in service”, then the hot debate on Hong Kong and Taiwan BBS forum which had last for two months will cease or at least cool down.
+Sg tng well...If you really care you info taken by party u dont trusted. Then just use product that you trust, think that end of story.
Because is norm for a internet company collect your data to study what u prefer (in their defense is to serve you better). Every company do like this, this is bussiness. Just not sure y xiaomi get so much condemn.

Even icloud leak so much client photo, but no one bother to accused anything
Sg tng
+GY Lee Those photos were HACKed and NOT LEAKed by Apple !
Why exactly does that involve a phone number and an IMEI? Does Dropbox require such a thing? Apple's iCloud? Google's Drive? Microsoft's OneDrive?
 The last and crucial question is not answered.
I have said in previous post: “ If it collects the data about sites the users frequently visit, the app used most often or something like that,  as long as it is anonymous, it’ll not be a matter at all.”
+Sg tng who can be sure is hack or leak? I bet NSA can view those photo on thier will.
If backdoor open, then anyone can misuse it.
That y blackberry is ban in some country for such reason. Hard to decrypt.
The phone number is bcos of the free sms service provided by xiaomi, if not mistaken... anyway our data is not as secure as we thought.

Sg tng
+GY Lee “who can be sure is hack or leak?” A common sense will do.  NSA is supposed to be a hacker too.
That crucial question is: ““If you DO NOT USE THE CLOUD SERVICE completely, will PHONE NUMBERS in your address book and PERSONAL MESSAGES  be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”

A definite answer to the crucial question might end all controversy.
+Sg tng NSA will request a Backdoor rather than hack themselves make thing easier
+Sg tng my point is, since our data wont be secure anyway..... y make so much fuss to critics xiaomi.
If xiaomy official say they wont collect, but are you gonna trust them ? They still can lie and u might never know.....If you trust thier ethics, then i think Hugo answer should be sufficient

NSA wont need those info if not able to trace you down.... no value at personal data will still leak either way 
Sg tng
+GY Lee “If xiaomy official say they wont collect, but are you gonna trust them ?”-- Yes, if they post it on their OFFICIAL SITE.
“They still can lie and u might never know.”—If in the future, the same issue found, NO (bug or mis-code) EXCUSE will be accepted then.
For me, personally i prefer stick wit the company, the company got market value of million, surely he dont want to lose it easily. Plus, if anything go wrong, still had someone be responsible.

Xiaomi not target to earn profit on cellphone but on service. In China, they got a service call"mi yellow page",you can book teksi, order good,etc with it. I guess that is the main income for xiaomi, the advertising. So, consumer trust is very important to xiaomi.
+Roger L. Ortiz
Im not programming expert nor im a MBA. But what im thinking is they need to care about the user, cause they need a big mi fan group, only company will pay xiaomi for using xiaomi yellow page.
So, i think is nonsense they need to put virus to spy on you.
+Roger L. Ortiz you r not understanding thier business model. They want to be like alibaba or google..... not apple
Phone is just a tool....and miui is thier business platform.... they wont that idiot to ruin thier platform... will they ?
Sg tng
+GY Lee “y make so much fuss to critics xiaomi.” – We wish Xiaomi will go glorious way, that privacy issue might ruin its honors.
“NSA wont need those info if not able to trace you down....” –-- There is nothing to do with NSA or any gov. agency
All in all, there is only one crucial question:
“If you DO NOT USE THE CLOUD SERVICE completely, will PHONE NUMBERS in your address book and PERSONAL MESSAGES sent/received be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”
Sg tng
+GY Lee “So, i think is nonsense they need to put virus to spy on you.” ---- Yes, to think  rationally they should not HAVE DONE it at the very beginning.

Even though Hugo Barra had explained it above that “phone number, IMSI, IMEI, users’ phonebook contact data and message content (in encrypted form) are used for Cloud Messaging”, Xiaomi still DOES NOT ANSWER definitely to the crucial question:
“If you DO NOT USE THE CLOUD SERVICE completely, will PHONE NUMBERS in your phone book and PERSONAL MESSAGES sent/received be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”
Is that rational? What do you think? Do think it over again, please.
+Sg tng no evidence so far to support you point. Else government will ban them from importing, unless you think you are clever than those agency. They just collect what data they need to provide service. Imei not really considered a sensitive data, many game do collect it for verification purpose.

The whole point is a Chinese company doesn't mean it should be evil.

Just for comparison purpose, few days ago, a news hilight google mail report one of its user attach child porn photo to police. And that user get jail. Well it is a good action, but think it another way will some Google employees misuse this function? Who give them right to peek on client data? How if i send sth company confidential data, Google do had many other bussines.

So, weird nobody accuse anything to Google like someone done on xiaomi. Just because of xiaomi selling cheap device means they are not trustful? Or just because is a Chinese run company?
Sg tng
+GY Lee “no evidence so far to support you point.” ----What do you mean? Isn’t it the above Q&A posted by or on behalf of Hugo Barra?
CAN Xiaomi ANSWER definitely to the crucial question:
“If you DO NOT USE THE CLOUD SERVICE completely, will PHONE NUMBERS in your phone book and PERSONAL MESSAGES sent/received be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”
+Sg tng that isn't spy, that is a service provided by them(obviously i mention it many time). If it is a spy, Singapore, Malaysia, india and other gov will take action to it. The only thing xiaomi done (consider not a good practice, is it doesn't have options to let user to disabled it),but still far from saying them spying. (Hugo just explaining the situations, not amit they r spying).You r not the only smart guy.

Anyway, you still can flash it to other rom, and enjoy your phone.
Sg tng
+GY Lee Since Xiaomi CAN NOT ANSWER definitely to the crucial question: (I’ve repeated it again and again)
“If you DO NOT USE THE CLOUD SERVICE completely, will PHONE NUMBERS in your phone book and PERSONAL MESSAGES sent/received be uploaded to the servers (even encrypted and is not kept) ?”
Should we NOT be skeptic? Is that rational?
XIAOMI is first funny smartphone which does not support Encryption and don't know whey people are made for this
It's awesome to have a Xiaomi fone. I got mi3, after buying it I have experienced problem with creating account in cloud, it says that server error, after 4 weeks from the day I bought it, it's fixed thanks for the update. Thats the common problem here in the Philippines. Thanks for after sales maintenance... I believe there's more Xiaomi can be done to make for the users needs... Fantastic performance. Keep it up Xiaomi. Two thumbs up for you. How I wish there will be a store will open for selling Xiaomi in the Philippines not only Lazada.

Kindly check the message I sent you on Hangout
when a new company out performs the giants giving them a run for the money, its obvious that the competitors come with spill/ blame game . XIAOMI  IS , WAS and WILL always be in our heart .WE SALUTE AND SUPPORT for the products you provide us with best in class quality stuff yet with true price. as XIAOMI always calls their customers as fans , Tell me while company has the guts to do what XIAOMI does for its FANS. 
     Dont  go down with the acquisition put upon.but rise like a PHOENIX and rule the world indeed.
   You are here to stay XIAOMI and Thank you HUGO for our visionary,Amazing thinking and dedication towards XIAOMI .  U ROCK HUGO!!!! YOU ROCK ....
Asha N
Most of the comments are deleted those who criticised xiomi.. Yes I use redmi 1s.. Yes ofcource privacy matters for me.. Yup I agree most of the companies have loopholes .. But fix them before sharing to end user.. At least once it is notified.. I still be doubtfull on the service of you.. Try to fix out all the loopholes you will emerge out as a best transparent at least as much as top companies do
I have recently purchased 1s, not sure what to do, sale it or use it.
I have recently purchased 1s, not sure what to do, sale it or use it.
+Pritam Kaur Are you in Army? If not then any ways the circular doesnt apply for u. Still if you want to sell it do please let me know. Im waiting for the 28th October sale on flipkart
+Hugo Barra  when will redmi note and MI4 available online ??? please give us a predicted date man ..

I own a MI3 and the screen developed a crack for no apparent reason. Hence all MI3 owner take proper care of the screen. It appears to be too fragile and seems to break even in pocket. Once screen is broken you will end up spending around half the cost of phone on screen replacement.
i am not able to create MI account in readmi 1s 
I just bought redmi note 4g. No doubt that its really a gud phn but m a lll confused about the security issue.
So bad.... My both Sims are not working after activate
How to look me photos at gallery ?????? i try to find with mi acc.......why????? Is not activate!!!!!!!!!!My ph is note 1
how to send mi to mi freee msg plz give me idea support for xiomi compny
this still hasnt been fixed. I updated to the latest rom for the redmi 2(gucci) and i just blew another few dollars. i'm in australia and there's no way to block it. I can delete mi messaging but xiaomi framework service will send it anyway. if i delete xiaomi framework, it wont boot. so now I've had to reload. it costs me $2 EVERY TIME I REMOVE MY SIM CARD. EVERY TIME I RESET MY DEVICE, a few more dollars. please dont pretend that you've fixed it.
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