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Photo Sphere collection

An amazing collection of Photo Spheres captured using Nexus 4 by my Google colleagues +Evan Rapoport, +Sascha Haeberling, +Sacha Arnoud, +Lockey McGrath.

(Make sure to drag the photos around!)
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It's such a good thing that Google+ recognizes these photos are Spheres :)
Awesome! Can't wait for my Nexus 4. Glad to see some Photo Spheres with no black holes.
nothing short of amazing. I want my jelly bean 4.2!  Very much looking forward to an update for my galaxy nexus, and to my nexus 10... !
Niko P
why do the black circles/border at the top and bottom differ in size from picture to picture?
O senhor e um exemplo para todos os seus compatriotas. Parabéns +Hugo Barra, Admiro você e o seu trabalho.
That's pretty cool, is it possible to get higher resolution on them though so when they get mapped into the sphere it has better resolution?
Great! Will we be able to see Photospheres properly on mobile? Can't wait to play with this when my Nexus 4 arrives :-)
+Nick Prada it all depends on how far up/down you go when creating your Photo Sphere... it's possible to have no black circle at all! (like the very first image)
In addition to the before mentioned Google plus, Gmail and maps apps being able to view photospheres, will the gallery app also be included in this? 
Niko P
+Hugo Barra oh so the more up/down I go, the smaller the black circles would be? or is it the less up/down I go, the smaller the black circles would be? Thanks for the first reply btw!
We need the photo sphere implementation in the web app of Google+ ready for the release of android 4.2
+Nick Prada it's as if you're inside a sphere while you're capturing the Photo Sphere... you need to go all the way up/down to cover the poles. See the video on my earlier post to see how the capture experience works.
From my experience, holding the phone vertically helps prevent the black circles appearing. Could just be an illusion though. 
KL Tah
+Hugo Barra how did you cartoonify your profile pic? A labs feature on g+ picture editor coming soon, or did you get a professional to do it? 
unfortunately, I can't show these awesome pictures to my loser friends who don't have Google+ and have no idea what Nexus is :P 
I know this sounds weird, but these creatures truly exist
Awesome work +Hugo Barra, Android 4.2 and the new Nexus is shaping up to be something extraordinary considering it's just a minor update.
Hugo, I cannot wait to get my nexus 4! I have been an Apple guy for years but I'm making the move to Google (all products not just Phone). I enjoyed your presentation at the I/O this year.
Photo Sphere is absolutely amazing. I'm blown away!
Great! :)
Can't wait for 4.2 on my Nexus.
yes, i  like  ,  very  beautiful .  thanks  ---  -  -
#ios6  should have an apps for that... easily.. 
Awesome!!! Hey, +Hugo Barra , if I buy an unlocked Nexus 4 there in the US, will it work properly here in Brazil? Also, do you have any ideia of when the full Google Play experience (Movies, Music, Tv Shows, etc.) will come to Brazil? Thanks in advance!!
i wish my Samsung infuse did this
Wow those are good images. What does it do to things like a fish in a bowl?
+Garrett Lutz Just an FYI, there are third party apps that work similarly that have been out for a while - you have to upload the result to a website to see it the way Photosphere's show up, and you can't embed them in G+ or Facebook, you can just link to them, but aside from that they are pretty similar. I use +360 Panorama by +Occipital, and before that I used Pano. Both did the stitching and visual line up on screen, Pano required you take each photo with a tap, 360 Panorama you tap for the first photo, and then just slowly pan around and it takes them all and merges them in realtime. Pretty cool.
My s3 does that.. photo spheres are so amazing..
Cool. Now I can't wait for the OTA anymore!
Got it on my s3. Its so much fun
These are truly fun and technologically advanced. Great job +Android team, can't wait until this is on my phone!
Wish there was a way to view the spheres people post or share in sphere mode.. Not just a flat warped image...
Great pics, ah I want this feature on my gs3
When is the G+ app going to recognize them :'( 
It would be awesome if you could use compass mode like you can Google Maps :-).
Jay D
Been using this on my s3 for a while. Really cool feature. I never used panoramic but love sphere and use it constantly.
These are really cool! Really excited to order my Nexus 4 next week
I got the Google sphere on my galaxy nexus through a custom ROM ;)
Looking at the Nexus 10 for next week.  This is a feature is pretty cool.
No LTE is a huge fail and let's be honest most other phones won't get 4.2 until next year. 
Google + recognizes these photos as spheres?
Great idea Google :-) 
Ya I have seen Panoramio on Google Plus for the first time and I am loving it. :) 
I honestly thing Photo Sphere is the coolest feature with Android 4.2. All I can say is I'm excited for my Nexus 4. 
Can't wait until November 13 to get my order in for the N4!
I love the effect, but find the resolution disappointing. Pretty sure the N4 will be my next phone, but wish they had managed a better camera.
Yeah, the resolution is the only let-down. It's not due to the camera though; the app is shrinking the photos, perhaps to speed uploading, or because of problems dealing with such wide images.

I still really wish there was an option to create full-resolution photospheres.
Wish my phone could show this as a sphere
Would be nice if I could see it on my mobile browser or Google + mobile
Hi Mr Ing. Come on delivery update 4.2 for Galaxy Nexus, thanks
+Hugo Barra Amazing. I have a similar shot that I took this summer with the iPhone, but there was a problem with the camera and the photographer. After using a Nexus 7 for a month, I will never buy Apple again. Any more groovy shots? 
All of these called sphere photo make my head spinning... but it looks great!!!
It's not working like a Google street view photo? Appear like a panoramic photo to me? 
Will the G+ android app support PhotoSpheres? I have the leaked 4.2 camera/gallery on my GNex and have been sharing a couple I took, but the few people that I know that use/check G+ only use the mobile app, not their desktop browser. I did happen to stumble onto the fact that Chrome for Android will handle them, but there isn't a way I can think of that will quickly open Chrome from G+ when trying to view a photosphere.
These aren't available on ICS devices, right?
thats so awesome...can't wait for the updates for my ns4g...
Amazing !!!! looks a Farm house near sky. 
Awesome. I think it takes a lot of practice to come up with great looking photospheres but it's worth it. The resulting images are fantastic! Can't wait to have my own Nexus 4
Awesome can't wait to pick up the Nexus 10 and be able to do this.
Stupid question. How do I drag it around?
Absolutely incredible. This is the future of consumer photography. Hopefully Google or one of the phone manufacturers markets this as well as it should be. Thanks for posting this.
Google, please update the google+ apps otherwise I can't appreciate the new photo sphere feature.
Is there anyway to get this without the nexus 
I would like a better quality of photos. Places of splicing are also very visible.
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wonderful, mindblowing, awesome, good job :-)
It's just a 360 degree panorama, and got texture-mapped in a sphere. Not very special technology.

The idea of making one so easily without special hardware is, on the other hand, very innovative, IMO. Can't wait to get it on my phone.
can.not.wait....looks epic but then again looks can be decieving ..... i certainly hope not ....
Looking forward to when the G+ mobile apps support 360 degree panning of these images.
kerja yang bagus,tetapi cuba cari tempat yang lebih menarik
You guys have done something amazing here. please market it right and make it a global phenomena!
That is great! Fatastic, i enjoy it whenever am using it.
Can I use this technique in other cameras? :?
wow google rocks.. except for some minor distortions i can't see any effects of the stitching
Sarah B
Can't wait to have that too!! 
wow!!!!!!!! i adore the place
I flashed this on my SGS i9000 with CM10 but didn't work, but I'm getting Nexus 4 next Tuesday at 12 am so I'm not that concerned ;-)
It's ok..nothing that exciting I guess
interesting pics from the phone folks take a look
Why do those pictures look so bad when zoomed in? Resolution seems low, with JPG compression artifacts all over ... 
Is there a different viewer that allows for better quality?
woah fuck that lookkkkk super awsome up heyah
It would be great to have a feature to create a sphere with the full resolution of the original images. Just for local use. 
I know it high and low,right and and colour.kisss 
Amazing photos! Nexus 4 is in my wishlist
Good but the photosphere viewer is buggy, if remembers the orientation of the previous photo.
where is this place please tell me 
Can't pan the sphere on my mobile cm10 4.1.2 with g+
I really starting like this feature.....
Will this Photo Sphere fuctionality be added for all Android units? At least all thats capable. Lets say my Samsung S3? Or is it limited to "Google units"?

I am trying to view them in G+ app on my Nexus 7 and they just look like normal pictures, am not able to move them around at all... 
Awesome! Hahaha photo 4 has a pair of floating legs:D
+Hugo Barra o recurso mais matador lançado esse ano! Funciona muito bem. Android cada dia melhor!!! 
green house..............
Using Photosphere on my GS3 is really cool. Tried taking a complete picture of my surrounding and view the picture using TW Gallery. You can view the pictures on gyro mode by just pressing one finger on the picture and panning while moving your phone.
Just got jellybean 4.1.1 update and m in love with Google Now.. Eagerly waiting for 4.2 update for my galaxy s3 and this hot photo sphere feature 
I've got Photo Sphere on my Galaxy s2, its very neat. Google+ mobile doesn't know how to view them yet though it would seem.
How do u get photo sphere n what exactly is it I'm intrigued
After this 13th of november the trend will be photo sphere! Photo sphere everywhere!
checkout my youtube channel kingkiller631
Hermosas,congratulation on such a wonderful talent.
Definitely buying one of these phones... these images are awesome
الفاروق آپریشن.09/11/2012اول:خاکریز،غاصبوں کےچارٹینک تباہ.قندہار،ایک اوردھماکہ،15ہلاک وزخمی.گریشک،مجاہدین کےحملے،14ہلاکتیں.قرہ باغ،ضلعی گورنرحملے میں زخمی.پروان،فوجی گاڑی تباہ،6 اہلکار ہلاک.ژڑئی، ٹینک تباہ،جنگجوکمانڈسمیت4ہلاک.شرنہ،آرمی وین تباہ،پانچ ہلاک.سیدآباد،کانوائےپرحملہ،چارگاڑیاں تباہ.کنڑ،کٹھ پتلی فوجوں پرحملے،3ہلاک.روزگان،دوامریکی ٹینک تباہ،5ہلاک وزخمی.لغمان،چوکی پرحملہ،کمانڈوزقتل.پکتیا،جارح فوجوں کاچھاپہ ،3ہلاک.موسی قلعہ دھماکہ،پانچ ہلاک وزخمی.اومنہ،ضلعی مرکزپرماٹرگولوں سے حملہ.قلات،سابق ڈسٹرکٹ میئر قتل.نورستان،مجاہدین نے فوجی مارڈالا.گیرو،ضلعی مرکزمیزائلوں کی زدمیں.سپین غر،ضلعی اورفرنٹیئرکور مراکزپرحملہ.جوزجان،کٹھ پتلی فوجوں پرحملہ،لڑائی.جغتو،ڈسٹرکٹ ہیڈکوارٹرپرحملہ.خوست،دھماکہ سےدو فوجی ہلاک::
Ken Lee
Another amazing feature from android. Like it. +1
this is sooooooo cool man!!! luv it
Мне тоже очень понравилось  ))
Wow I'm so excited to present such pictures to my friends!
Google needs to update Google+ on Android; I can't see them properly
Are these works / photos available under a Creative Commons license? Or could you tell us / me which picture are free to use?

Thanks very much! I like these collection ;)
Holy crap you could craft your own Myst style point and click adventure game by sewing a bunch of these together in sequence. Awesome!
I'm tired of these sphere photos
+Hugo Barra Please also built in Italy all the services of google play, we are the European country with the largest distribution of mobile phones per person and we have not google movies or google devices (for buy nexus 4 with your price) while google now is devoid of most of the functions.I hope you understand what I wrote, also because I translated with google translator and if you do not understand it's your fault :P ( naturally I joke,about google translator, we really want all google services)
Mr. Barra, I hate Google's Policy of not treating us Indians at par with others, Google never introduces its products like Nexus 7 or Nexus 4 at the same time as it does in US or UK, even when the product comes to India, the price is way too much high, Nexus 7 16 GB has been launched in India at a whopping price of  $370. This is completely unfair.
+Hugo Barra +Google +Nexus please make sure you start getting patents for things like photosphere b4 Apple tries to copy this and introduce it into the "new" iPhone or iOS & give it some name like iWorld or iView or iOfTheTiger :P y dont you ppl also sue them for copying things like the notification bar?? I know u won't be replying to this :) but no issues...u ppl r simply outstanding...I never miss your Google I/O (online) :D and am blown away each year by the new stuff you bring to the consumers...keep up the good no no awesome work :) all the best...waiting for the Nexus 4 to arrive in India :)
Sphere is great feature and toy, pease make sure that it works on mobile and tab too, because currently there is no way to view these..!
+Hugo Barra I would have opted for the Nexus 4 just because of the photoSphere, and I would have loved the full out of the box integrated Google experience, but why did you guys have to release a phone that doesn't support LTE and doesn't have a microSIM? I am disappointed because I really wanted the Nexus 4.
Is it possible to use the spherical viewer also for other stitched panorama images with 2:1 proportions?
+Hugo Barra Thank you for posting this magnificent picture that makes the Google community simply salivate!  The hedges are trimmed and grass is cut nicely.  It makes me wonder when you have time to do that...?   Autonomous lawn device?  Coming soon? 
Photo Spheres? Is that a program?
when can we expect next lot of nexus 4 to be available ?? i am dying to get one sir... +Hugo Barra 
That's awesome - do you need a special app for it?
how can I view this on non 4.2 Jelly bean device ? 
If you aren't on android 4.2 you can't create photospheres or view them from the gallery. Only using Google+ on the desktop website you can view them.
Only on Google+ can I view it? If I upload it to other Gallery website, it won't work then?
yup, currently it only works on G+ desktop or JB 4.2 :( 
OK, good enough for me now. 
+Hugo Barra did you use a tripod and and thing like that or did you only use your hands, and how many tries before you got it right?
+Al Chandler I think it's better to have a tripod, but most important is to rotate using the cam as the pivot point, or to say keep the cam always at the same position and rotate the phone itself, and rotate yourself if needed. Don't just stick your arms out and turn around, that will ruin the perspective between each frame and make it hard to merge different takes. If you see the gaps in the finished sphere, that is because the cam's position is changed, and the viewing position is different.
+Ruijie Zhou I tired this about 15 times and it all came out bad. I used your advice once and it looked so much better than before. Thank you so much. I guess with practice mine will look like your and +Hugo Barra .
Thank you for trying and replying. I'm glad I can help. 
How do you get to fit them in the whole screen? 
You mean full screen view? I think only way to view it properly is to click the upper left corner icon for photosphere.
Hugo, achei muito estranho não ter o Sphere pro Nexus7.
Hi, Andrey, I didn't set any resolution for photosphere before. Just used what the app produced. You have very nice sphere there, did you use tripod?
+Hugo Barra i have a galaxy nexus with the latest android - i can take photo spheres but I cannot upload them to google maps. When I share it I dont get the google maps icon. Is it maybe because I leave in Greece? thanks
+Andrey Ilyin , It's really nice. Picture quality is much better than the cell phones, but it must take much longer time and strength to finish everything with DSLR. Are you using Photostitch or other software to patch them?
We waiting Nexus 7 and Google Play Music/Movies in Brazil! Congratulations for the great work in 2012!
(sorry my bad english)
+Ruijie Zhou Thank you!  I use PTGui for stitching of the source images produced with 5dMkII + Canon 8-15 combo.
Is there a way I can get in contact with some of the authors?  I'm doing a project that uses Photospheres and would really like to get permission to use a couple of these images if possible.
Seriously awesome. Unfortunately my Nexus S does not have photosphere
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I have a question +Hugo Barra. If I were to stitch my own 360 using my Nikon and uploaded it to Google + will it be recognized as a sphere?
+Michael Sugden apparently you can! I believe, but could be mistaken, that you have to upload your stitched 360 spherical panorama to the GoogleMaps views community for it to be recognized as a "sphere". 

I'm more curious about half panos... 180° instead - will those be displayed full size the same as 360 panos do?
Hey man, I've got a cool 360 of St. Marks Square in Venice, Italy :-) How do I make it viewable/searchable? Do you happen to know? I'd love to send it to you :-) It was shot at night, and the square is totally empty. It's really an amazing pic ∆
I was searching photospheres downloads and what a surprise i found and that too from Hugo Barra, the great fellow.
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