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Introducing Mi Pad

Here are the specs for Xiaomi's first Android-powered tablet: 

- 7.9” IPS display
- 2048x1536 326 PPI
- NVIDIA Tegra K1
- 2GB RAM, 16/64GB Flash, extensible to 128GB via microSD card
- 8MP rear / 5MP front camera
- 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi
- 6700 mAh battery

And the price? Approximately $240 (16GB) and $275 (64GB)
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I'm certainly no Apple fan, but this looks a lot like an iPad Mini, with an iPhone 5C style back and colors. Also, the Ads you have for this product are a shocking, blatant copy of Apple's own output. Prepare for Apple lawyers.
first "lawyer-apple" needs to calm down - then you can sell this in the US/EU. Until then just import it - everything comes from china anyway...
I'll wait till this one is available in Germany. My Nexus7 (first gen) needs an upgrade :-)
This looks great. Can it re-charge via micro-USB?
You forgot the main thing.. Android version?
I wanna +1 this cause it's beautiful, but I don't cause it looks like an iPad.
Come... To... Spain!!!!! 
The devil is in the detail +Joe Aydem. The people who design these product, don't just see rectangles - they should know better.
oh god. it's an iPad mini clone really
+Joe Aydem Likewise in UK. You might be right there re: patents. I have no personal feelings about it, we just know what Apple are like for "protecting" there IP - Xiaomi no doubt know this, so it's like Xiaomi are actively gunning for a court battle with Apple. Could it be that a legal battle with Apple is good marketing? All that said, the Mi Pad looks lovely lol.
Looks and sounds nothing like Apple's iPad..
Are Mi going to switch to multi task button to option??? I saw that on the Mi Pad
I would buy that and throw a stock ROM on there... WOW!
Hey +Hugo Barra  Highly disappointed that you didn´t used the event to reveal you expanding strategies to Europe (or North America). With your (Xiaomi) slow decision making/processes you will loose track compared to upcoming opponents like one plus. Wanted to buy the redmi note. will switch now to one plus one. Guess im not the only xiaomi fan which switches now to one plus.
Ma Nuel
love it, want it!
Europe I will immediately buy it in blue or yellow. This device should be incredibly fast but I am afraid that we have to wait many months. 
Wow like those battery! Please release it in Indonesia
Looks like iPad mini outside, but NOT inside. the iPad Mini hardware is a joke.

So, XIaomi is not copying, is made it better, made it right.
Jebus! That's great pricing for those specs!
Quando veremos equipamentos com essa qualidade nas terras tupiniquins?
O Hugo não esconde a vontade (e, talvez, os planos) da Xiaomi vir para o Brasil.

Mas quando ele trabalhava na Google, também disse que o Nexus 7 era perfeito para o mercado brasileiro e vinha para cá, mas nossos produtores locais de porcarias aparentemente não gostaram da ideia.
Lots of flash memory but only 2GB RAM? 
2Gb RAM seems be enough to a cheap, reading oriented device. Is ok, to me.
Hi. Mr. Barra. I'm coming to Beijing in June. Where can I buy MI3 and MITV in beijing. I would appreciate if you can help
Shut up and take my money
What about availability? Only China? If something would not be available globally then no use irrespective of how good the product is. 
Espero que venha para o Brasil com preços competitivos.
Come on +Hugo Barra , you must have a lot to say in the design of hardware and yet you guys chose to mock iPad mini? I know, a lot of people want to copy, but those that don't are the ones that are respected the most!
Agora só falta estar à venda em Portugal.
I like the no design. When can I get one?
Bug iPhone c Hahahaha kidding these tabs look so awesome and love their price tag
Can I get one outside of China?
All you need now is Stock ANdroid
The name sounds like a ripoff of the iPad!
awasome .......when this product can release to market malaysia indonesia
gsm version when......this is for WIFI only
Well they certainly went all out under the hood didn't they. I rather like the look and feel of the MIUI rom. And going for a 7.9" display rather than the standard 7" path that most new producers of tablets take is interesting. I just might order one whenever it's released. I'm curious to see how it really performs. 
+Hugo Barra Wowww $275 (64Gb) very attractive to me, I want one, it! 👌 😉 🍻
Would love to get my hands on this in the USA
Dan RC
What sort of weird screen ratio is 'THAT'? If it ain't 16:9 then its a "NO THANKS"!
What a waste of decent specs!
+Dan RC I never found nexus 7 aspect particularly great. Despite not being an iPad fan, I prefer the 7.9" display.
You don't have the right to pass on a tegra k1 chip and a hi res screen at a sub 300$ price point. 
Dan RC
+daniel ghossein I didn't even notice the price, so i probably could put up with those MASSIVE black bars at the top and bottom while watching movies! As iPad owners have put up with their shitty old screen ratio for years!
+Hugo Barra ele chegara ao Brasil junto com os outro produto da xiaomi quando sera lançado aqui no Brasil, empresa xiaomi fara grande sucesso no Brasil abraço
impressive! when would u go worldwide guys!!?
As a chief VP Xiaomi Global,tell me please,how can i purchase this Awesome products ,living in Ukraine?
4:3 ratio? Heck yes. I may have to pick one up to replace my 2012 Nexus 7.
I feel very sad (not for the product).

After so many years, is this what you're up to? Is this the product you're proud of? Is this the future of Android you agree on?
Er Vin
That camera placement tho
I'm going to need to get my friend in China to ship me one!
i wish the design don't look like ipad. never appreciate iphone or ipad. the imac is better investment than the phone and tablet.
This is not like iphone 5c, people should shut the.... if anything its like htc fitst, thr phone iphone 5c Copied.
f&#÷ crapple who are allowed to copy at will! see these probley will not go to u s cos they understand the bent court results allways givern in crapple favour! look more like nokia lumina eneyways!
I hate how other companies feel as if they are obligated to meet #Apple design standards
This company is a shame for android. 
What about bloatware? Or does it has pure AOSP Android?
So sad. Why don't you try to design a product you can be proud of? You embarrassing the rich tradition of Chinese innovation by copying others. 
+Otto Olah "Good artists copy, great artists steal" (c) Steve Jobs
@ Hugo Barra , you need to make Xiaomi available to European market, we are tired to buy those ugly Samsungs.
Mi Pad Will launch in Malaysia? I just bought Mi Power Bank! :D
nice piece, waiting for open selling......
Both the hardware and the software looks to much like an iPad. Lacks of personality
+Altay Kai "Apple is the copycat here. They steal and patent"
yeh, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. 
+Altay Kai "whatever man" that's what Americans say when they don't have answer. Please enlighten us on how "Apple is the copycat here". (Sent from my Android device) 
Cool how needs an ipad mini when you got Mi Pad for $200
I love android and all but mi pad... Really? It's literally one letter away from the biggest competitors product name... Next time be a bit more original when naming your devices.
Hugo Barra do you think this better then iPad Mini™ and Nexus7™ ?
Configuração ótima. Aguardamos a chegado ao Brasil. Clayton Neves - Digital Work
I know this may sound a bit rude but how exactly is +Xiaomi planning to sell this tablet outside of China without getting sued on every single country they try too by Apple for being a straight copy of their iPad Mini down to the UI layout?
Hi +Hugo Barra  i want to ask, will MiPad comes to Malaysia in the future? maybe in this year or next year?
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