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Mi Band

The second product we’ve just announced today is the super light-weight Mi Band. Here goes:

- Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
- Sleep-cycle smart alarm
- Unlock your Mi phone without a password
- 30-day standby power
- Water resistant (IP67)
- Stylish band options (incl. wrap-around and leather)
- Approx. US$ 13
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Any ideas of it releasing in India
when will it be available in Malaysia?
Sweden is waiting!
I don't really get the point of this thing? It doesn't show the time. 
vinay c
In India Plz....
+Raymond Wong It's not supposed to tell time. LOL It's like jawbone and fitbit. Not bad for $13.
Haven't exercise for a long time...
Will it be possible to use it/allfeatures with another androidphone than Xiaomi? :-)
I thought an application for remote management of burglar alarm system. Code and and Mi Band toghether to trust user (or Mi band only to avoid boring code and password...). If you let the phone in another room (or it is not in your pocket, better...), no problem: Mi Band protect you data and Apps and do not give you the remote acces permission to your home (and bank account as well). What's your opinion +Hugo Barra ?
Awesome. I was waiting for Xiaomi to make these. I've been wanting one for the sleep cycle alarm alone.

I hope you can speed up the rate of getting the new products to your other existing markets as well. It takes too long for Xiaomi Taiwan to get new products!
Anyway, I'll certainly be looking into this or the Razer nabu. I hope the features of this will work without miui though.
The Mi4 is it removeable or non removeable battery? If its removeable i will get it, if its nonremoveable well then not worth a single penny to me
+Hugo Barra will it only unlock Mi phones or is this an implementation of the proximity unlocking feature Google announced at Android 5.0?
+Davide Crosetto is that true? With any Xiaomi device? I recently buy Hong mi Note.. Can I use it with mi band? 
Gary Ng
Cool device and price is good
Finally a pedometer that is realistically priced. All those simple wristbands for 100€ are really rip-offs... 
I'd love to see a Mi android wear device :)
Unfortunate fact is that you can't get high quality with just 13usd that's just how it is 
Is the Mi Band compatible with non-Xiaomi devices?
So what Kickstarter did you rip off for this, like you did Pressy?
release date in Illinois,USA? Would really LOVE a blue one
David M
Will it work on non Mi phones? How does it charge? Release date? We need more info!
+Hugo Barra why put USD prices when most of the products are not available in the US?
Is there official store in Shanghai or dealer?
I'm in September in Shanghai and Beijing
Já me candidatei pra fazer parte da equipe brasileira. Mercado com tudo pra ser o número 2 da Xiaomi...
+Hugo Barra quando essas maravilhas da Xiaomi estarão disponíveis aqui no Brasil? Alguma previsão? 
Looks like an oval Misfit Shine lol
13 DOLLARS! CRAZY!!! 😘😘😘😘😘
How Xiomi manages such low cost devices even outside China... It's a mystery for me ... 
What exactly do they mean referring to "fitness tracker"? Is it just a pulse counter or does monitor more parameters? If so - which? 
I seriously hope they add support for more than just the Xiaomi devices.. I want this to work with my Nexus 5!
So a pickpocket can unlock your phone while still in bluetooth range of your wristband?
Buy now in pre order from Italian internet shop.. 
W. Dib
can we pre order it? if yes from where?
+Hugo Barra is it compatible with other phones, provided that the specific application is installed on the phone ? Or is it a companion device only for the Mi4 ?
Jakub S
Let me buy it 
Hope you will launch this in India too. MI3 love is spreading like a wild fire in India.
At $13, I can buy a few to match my workout gear. ;)
Is this one compatible to other than xiaomi phone?
Can wear this when swimming?? What means of Water resistant (IP67)??
Any chance of this one getting sold in India? Plus, will this be compatible with the Mi3?
Mi Band looks nice.
Does this only work with the new phone? I have a 红米 S. Will it work with mine?
When will Mi Band be on sale in Malaysia. Is the Mi Band compatible with the RedMi Note that I had just bought? Please reply Mr. Hugo!
Bom dia Hugo!
Quando terá a marca no Brasil?
Segue lá no Twitter para trocarmos uma idéia por DM.
 I am in Beijing but am leaving in one month, will I be able to get it before I leave?
grazie +Claudio Corti! non sapevo avessero uno shop italiano! Sfortunatamente la MI Band non è più disponibile... aspetterò!
Looking forward to see this in Indian market.! Looks awesome product.
I like the "unlock w/out a password" feature. We need to see more products pushing on this frontier; moving beyond text passwords.
at least, it's good start, right?
when it will be available in India??? and also please release the accessories too, we are using our MI3 bought from Flipkart without any protection ;)
how much does it does??pls share the link also
+Hugo Barra Compatible with Xiaomi Mi4/Mi3 featuring Bluetooth 4.0 - is that true?
Well Xiaomi's Business Model worth something to talk about.
Owners of MI2S, which was just announced as Flagship at April 2013. Could not use Miband.
 MIUI V6 for MI2s - Would be based on android 4.1.xx. rather then  KitKat 4.4.xx.
I can understand if I would not be able to use the Phone Unlock function. (No NFC in MI2S). But why not to have MIUI based on 4.4.xx and to be able to use MiBand  with low battery consumption by BT.
This reminds me that MI2S  hardware, could support RAW file photography. But Xiaomi did not let us use it. They even blocked the Mi2raw app. in MIUI.
So is this your   Business Model ? 
Why not to use the Google way. "Don't be Evil"
dear Hugo is it familiar to you? 
Jeff B
If you update all the HongMi's to A4.4, then you'll sell a lot more of these. My Miband is sitting forlonrnly at home waiting for my NoteS to get 4.4...
I want to buy the Mi Band but no where on Internet can I get it for $13 as mentioned here. Kindly suggest
it is odd that the miband only works on 4.4 devices - leaving out e.g. hongmi/redmi. i can not see anything in the basic functioning that would require android 4.4. well, in the end i just hope all xiaomi phones get kitkat.
When will the leather wrist bands finally be available?
Just got it. Paired with my Nexus 5 with no issues. So far, I have to give it two thumbs up! 
Any chance of a Mi Band SDK?
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