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Nexus for everyone

Galaxy Nexus now available to US-based +Android fans on the Google Play online store for $399! The device comes unlocked, so it will work on any GSM network worldwide.

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+Hugo Barra, you should advertise this heavily through mainstream media channels. Let people know that they have a choice besides 2 year contracts. Change the world, again.
G Ragib
$399 for unlocked Galaxy Nexus is a heck of a deal!
Do you have plans to expand? US it out of the question, but people WW like to have such service too...
G Ragib
+Hugo Barra Needed badly in Canada.

The Galaxy Nexus is awesome++ because it uses a pentaband HSPA+ radio, so you get the fastest speeds on all HSPA+ networks in North America (PCS and AWS bands) and Europe.
I like how it says "Devices" - Nexus Tablet here we come? :)
Amazing deal! I should have waited instead of having it imported for hundreds more.
No Brazil ... :( it's always the same history ....
+Giuliano Ribeiro the import fees are ridiculous in brazil, i highly doubt any manufacture will want to sell to brazil, even apple had to butt in with foxxconn to lower prices by manufacturing the iPhone in your home turf.
I love you guys but where the hell was this when I spent $534 on mine? Definitely holding out on a Nexus next time around also making the unlocked version available from jump would be smart but I guess its the price you pay to play with carriers
+Hugo Barra and +Google way does the rest of the world have to wait such along time for new services? In the UK we're still waiting for Google Music to come over. I won't even mention Google Voice.
This is awesome! I am in South Africa but will get one sent to me, at that price, unlocked, it is what it should be, thank you!
Just ordered one for my wife - nice move +Android team. :) At least she'll get updates quickly since Verizon can't seem to get moving on their LTE Galaxy Nexus updates! Love my GN on Verizon, but I really wish Google would work with them to move the updates forward. All Nexus devices need to get higher priority.
+ tax + shipping ... $440ishhh
+Hugo Barra Will the $400 model work internationally if bought in the US and sent else where? This is an excellent deal!
Please add the possibility to buy it in Italy from google play!!
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