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Mi 4: the fastest & most gorgeous Mi Phone ever

We’ve just announced Mi 4 during our launch event this afternoon in Beijing.  Here are the details:

- Stainless steel frame, unbelievable craftsmanship & polish
- Snapdragon 801 chipset, 3GB RAM, 16/64GB Flash
- 5-inch 1080p IPS display, very high color gamut (84% of NTSC range) 
- 13MP rear camera, f1.8, real-time HDR, 4K video recording (Sony IMX214)
- 8MP front camera, f1.8, 80-degree wide angle (Sony IMX219)
- 3080mAh internal battery, quick charging at 9V/1.2A or 5V/2A
- Swappable back plate
- UMTS & TDD-LTE support (international FDD-LTE availability TBA) 
- Approx. $320 (16GB) and $400 (64GB)  
- (optional: approx. US$ 16 screen & water accident insurance)
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how much it cost? is it already available here in the phil?
SMH, why do you have to switch the 2 outer buttons? 😤
+Hugo Barra
Nice phone! If you keep your skinned Android up to date in a timely manner then it might be able to compete well with Samsung, Sony, LG and others. 
if it doesn't had that Shamesung rear Camera, i would be love it..
That's a nice looking phone :D. Whish it was available in europe.
Hopefully the left-most button is "recent apps", and not "menu".
The design is top-notch but it's roots are from an iPhone and galaxy s5, why..?? loving the beastly specs though..
+Wang Feng 有爆料说红米手机会偷偷连接北京服务器,地下党的节奏吗?
Dont you guys think its humiliating for people fighting for Mi3 in India and you guys launching a new product...
Dang He
most important point to know, is Mi4 equipped with 4G ?
+brian lee it not the fact that it is in the middle! i don't like the cornered design of the camera.. 
Looks like a bloody Samsung Note!!! Arggg!!
+Dmitry Stefanovich I've been following xiaomi since it's birth and waiting for a release in Europe... UK even. I think we all know there will be no worldwide release after almost 5 years zzzz
Congratulations! I like the minimal design. What I don't understand ist the order of the navigation buttons. Is it customizable? 
Specs are definitely mind is also simple yet elegant... It should be a beast but things will be more clear when we'll read reviews and see hands-on videos...

Any word on its price?
Nice one! Will it be available in Scandinavia?
Paul W.
It's a shame your main market prefers capacitive buttons as it means you can't tailor your button placement for each region. 
+brian lee lol irrelevant for me.. i just dont like it if a camera is cornered. And i don't like it.
And i think the cornered Camera is too shamesung, for me
+Yannik W. I guess everyone got a different taste. Whatever floats your boat lol
lol +brian lee thats why i said, I dont like it and not that everyone dosn't like it..
But if you think it looks nice, good for you ;)
Great specs. It looks really awesome!
+Oliver Hamilton The international versions of Xiaomi phones all have standard integration with Google services.
Xiaomi is a victim of its own success. On one hand it triggers fandom phenomena, which is folkloristic and fun, and on the other, it forces the company to hold weekly "lucky draws" to assign the limited quantity of units available in front of an ever increasing demand. Needless to say the weekly draws are frustrating and make it difficult to buy a device. They should really step up the production and make the devices more widely available.
+Robert Jay "The international versions of Xiaomi phones all have standard integration with Google services."
I'm glad to hear that! Source?
+Kunal Gangar
I also have google services support in Mi2s but AFAIK the reason for all the troubles with notifications is the the NON STANDARD implementation of google services.
That's why I asked
Am I the only one wondering why not 32GB and 64GB? 16GB really isn't enough anymore if you consider 4K video...
Please release in the Netherlands 
When will it come to India? Please don't delay it's launch in India.
+Hugo Barra Im curious will be the Mi 4 accessories available in Malaysia?
Man that's gorgeous.  It's a good day to live in Hong Kong. Hope you guys can get bigger production runs going in the near future - it's hard for me as an IT consultant to recommend Xiomi as a professional solution for companies when I'm never sure if it'll be in stock. Keep it up! Love what you guys are doing.
Not available in Europe.
woww.... IMPRESSIVE.. OPO beater... in specs and in price!!
It looks great.

It would have been nice to see a photograph of it in a 'hand' to get a feeling for how large the phone is.
Well this be released in Europe?
Looks great.
+Swaprava Sharma just be happy with mi3! it ll take like half a year for the mi4 to be available outside china so your good for months! im sort of in the middle between mi3 and OneplusOne. both great mi3 actually better component performance, but oneplus with cm11s is super cool, so yeah decisions decisions!

mi3 is actualy the better phone then opo but, better then mi4 idk, but i dont like that iphone style design, there miui already looked like ios, so now also the phone itself.

I mean if there was e design to look at, take m8 htc!! Xiaomi mi3 design wasnt anything like a copycat from china, mi4 is!

Again please be happy! MI3 is almost the best phone to get from any phone in the world, please tell me you choose the 64gb?!
Paul W.
+Christian Voggenreiter the buttons are placed for right to left reading markets. Samsung do the same, which is why I've never understood when diehard Samsung fans call what we westerners would consider a logical button placement "confusing". Of course on screen buttons negate this issue. 
+Jeffrey van Zeijst I actually ordered it today after mi4 was released:P because I believe exactly what you said. I can still cancel it but I won't.

And nope, the 64gb variant is not available in my country, India. Only 16gb is being officially sold by xiaomi here.
KL Tah
Too expensive. One plus one has essentially the same specs at a lower price. 
Maybe it's me, but it pretty similiar to an iPhone design. Moreover the pictures is kind of Apple presentation.
My next phone , but today I got disappointed on your tactic of limited stocks on Flipkart. The site got crashed when 100,000 people login to grab mi3 at the same time.I am unable to buy one as it got out of stock soon. So you should try to implement your tactics wisely.
I'm hoping for availability in Europe with full 4g connection. 
wish u have made it in pakistan too!
+Hugo Barra can this be used in the UK? Also does it run google apps or is this possible?
Sorry, do not believe after what happened to Mi3. (lies about chipset, no RAW and slowmotion, tons of bugs). May be next time, may be not.
+KL Tah  I agree. Oneplus has similar specs but only $300 for 16G (Sorry edit about 300 dollars)
So, home & back button are L-like styled, but there's still a menu key?
+Hugo Barra, de fato muito bonito. Eu só teria deixado de fora os botões "físicos". Qual a previsão e valor do produto para o mercado norte-americano?
+Tom Kijas uhm i still have my mi3 laying in front on my desk and i really dont know what the heck your talking about! its about the best phone i ever owned, really nothing less than any better known brand! how about asking lg or sammie for an much needed update! these guys roll out weekly. So if there is any bug it will be fixed pretty soon!..and its noit like LG or lets say even nexus had no bugs?! or ddint they, what about a lousy camera for a starter?

let me tell you if you ever need a really good phone, borrow a mi3 dude! its the best there is. 
+Ein Verne i wish you both much luck getting one ;-) if you can get it its pretty awesome, i got it from china didnt fancy the waiting on invites! its good but i wouldnt say exceptional good, the mi3 astonished me more out of the box and comparing it to whats on the market its remarkable that its already last years model still beating the crap out of bigbrand flagships, i would love to try a mi4 one day! i bed its perfect again, but i really dont like the looks from the could have been much more unique! better luck next time xiaomi!

but Xiaomi anytime you got a black one with walnut backing, please save me one..
+Zoran Miljković because then it's a phablet. I think the flagship standards have gone a little too far. 5" screen is perfect for me :)
I wish the launch of Xiaomi in Indonesia will include Mi4. Is there any possibility to grab one now?
Will the European version get LTE 800MHz support?
I was planing to get mi3 but I can wait for this to be released:)
Mi4 price is $320. Comes in 16 and 64GB versions. 
Congratulations! Planning to Buy mi3 but will wait for the mi4 :)
Mi4 8MP front camera will be a killer for selfies.
Ship one to Norway please. This one looks astonishing. 
The buttons on the front are a bummer....
Eu cansei. Estou deixando de te seguir. Isso é ridiculo uma pessoa que teve uma história tão boa com o ANDROID fazer isso. Vergonhoso. É se vender demais.  One more thing... 
Berg T.
quando veremos esse smart chegar ao Brasil senhor +Hugo Barra ?
No On-Screen Buttons, really? :(
Duarte already explained the stock design back in 2011, too bad the Mi 4 doesn't follow that path.
You guys need to be bigger in the U.S.... we need more phones like this, ones that not only push price, but push excellence. 
¿Donde  y cúando se podrá comprar en España? ¿A qué precio? Estamos impacientes
I hope it will hit American and European countries soon
boo Jay
I wonder what the phone dimensions are? Hopefully it has a smaller footprint than the Nexus 5 despite the same screen size.
Beautiful design, great specs! it will easily beat the Xperia Z2
If you had this. Why was Mi3 still launched in India? 
sounds like a smaller one+1 but more expensive. thanks anyway
Lol +Hugo Barra has nothing to do in his daily life and he's free so that he's gonna reply to your comments right guys?
Instead of asking here why don't you guys go to for all the info you want
Same price as one plus one basically and no invites! 
Camera 13 + 8 😱😱😱
Better than 1+ One..maybe this Secondary Camera + Stainless Steel Frame makes Mi4 more expensive. Is it Global Edition Phone (Hybrid SIM/RUIM Card Slot)? +Hugo Barra
when is it going to available in US off contract?
+Hugo Barra, alguma previsão de sua empresa chegar ao Brasil ou é algo confidencial??? 😁😁😁
Really nice, possible when will it be released in Singapore. 
when it is going to be avalable in india 
and make sure the price shud be have very affordable.. if u place 15k or 16k then it is the king of smartphones in india.. be the revolute in indai .. and its very good if u offfer dual sim mobiles with this specs so that u will ruin all the smartphone makers in india and make 
+Guru Kiran Are you serious?? Have you ever seen a flagship for 15K in India? I bet that the price will be between 30-40K.
come quickly. the French market says low cost package awaits you. :)
I miss onscreen buttons and Qi charging.
哎哟~天朝的产品走出国门了,国际友人都要关心 how much is cost hahaha,加油~ 
Hugo - when you will come to Europe - how long we need to wait???
When will it comes to India. We are waiting eagerly for the mobile and what will be the price in India
Even though I registered for the MI3, Now I want to go for this piece of beauty
Excellent design Hugo, but why the capacitive buttons?
Jakub S
Like my oneplus one, I prefer 5.5" screen. Mi4 seems to be a great phone! Please bring it to Europe, my wife is searching for a replacement of hers
What about in India...we are just getting MI3...that also sold out...
Is this also going to launch in India? If yes, how much?
It ruins the standard AOSP which I love. Therefore I won't give it a chance... Nexus wins here
I am sure Xiaomi tracks and analyze all the comments that people give, mi is making brilliant devices agreed like mi3 which was a niche design and excellent form factor, it's a bit disappointing to see mi4 follow the Apple iPhone pattern, not that it's bad or should not be this way but why in this world someone thinks only Apple iPhone has a good design? its not true ...Looks like Xiaomi thinks the same else they should have improvised over mi3 and make mi4. Every tech has a philosophy and If the philosophy of Xiaomi is to make iPhone look alikes then I am proving wrong myself... However, I wish the team a great success. Btw, mi4 is now like a Jesus phone the world's is waiting for  meaning an iPhone(best hardware design ) running official Android( best software) coming together :) .... Have fun.
Is there a google play version?
+Hugo Barra 
 sir any hint about its launch in india.. i m anyways going for mi3..unlucky on 22nd july.. but to suggest others about mi4
Jobs:fuck you . you copy my idea
 Hugo Barra:suck my dick
Hi Hugo, love the new phone but have a quick question for you. Can I use Xiaomi TV in US.
traz para o brasil a versão de 64 gb.
só 16 gb para fotos e videos full hd e apps é muito pouco
This is the next Iphone, Samsung, One+One, Nexus killer
Ali A.
Dear Sir,
I want to buy the mi4, the only Problem is i Live in Germany. How can I get this phone.?
Thank u for your Auswertung. By Ali
Good wishes, good luck and welcome to Indian market !!  :)) Excellent phone indeed and value for money, but the only thing which bothers me here in India  is it's logo which is very close to that of "MicroMax" ..... majority would perceive it a "cheap" brand and not the one offering "value for money" !!! Well am sure the company has done it's homework before entering India. Also I felt that there would have been much better approach to launch the product in India... good luck again !!
every other product will like that too. most fastest and most gorgeous..  if i do marketing, i think ill be very kind marketer to buyers. not making them to buy, but finding something right for them
With international FDD-LTE I hope you meant 800/1800/2600 MHz bands...
why gsm card slot of xiaomi only support 2G India ? In India most of the carriers use GSM Technology
+Anupam Srivastava  well specifications says so.On GSM sim you cant but on CDMA sim you can. Most of Indian carrier like airtell,idea offer GSM sims while only Tata and Reliance offers CDMA.
Though I did not check actual device though.You can check it out on flipkart of mi  website. Its really sad
Hi hugo
how do you feel with the grand welcome of the mi3 in india
the response is huge I have witnessed your success in india
but I feel you should be on your toes as one plus one coming to eat your market
+Anupam Srivastava
yes 3G is available but GSM sim slot on xiaomi does not support it as per there specification on site .please check connectivity section of specification
just one question, 4G supported?
does it have microSim?or normal size Sim,like the mi3?
every thing is fine except the card slot not available 
If you make sure it works on all LTE bands and it comes with the option of running Cyanogenmod, then it's a definite buy from me. (and lots of others)
i guess 64gb is not enough according to new apps that we like to use and pictures, videos, in addition how much will be the memory deducted since he system it self
Hi Hugo. When will Xiaomi products landed to Indonesia? I'm adoring Mi4 so badly. A very good product with acceptable price. How can I obtain it? Thanks. 
please convince me to buy mi4 and i am from jordan , is there maintenance or agency?
Please Release the MiPad and Mi Tv in India. Trust me, Every classified's will be full of television sets selling. Each and Every one will and can afford to keep one at home. I think the Mi Tv (1) should come to India below 30K. I'm going to buy every one of Mi product. I see something in this company where the target audience is so broad due to its price. Just think of how much you can produce. You got the hole to fill in here in India. Your products are amazing. Be better than Apple ( which you already are by making a phone with better performance at throw away prices ). You can use me to make every household to own Xiaomi Products on which they can be connected every time. Your pre-installed apps are amazing and MIUI interface is so user-friendly ( can improve a bit more ). I will certainly like to let all my family have 1 Xiaomi Mi 3 or the RedMi Note or the MiPad with a Mi Tv and all of them connected to each other bringing thw whole family inseparable in the MI world. 
Bom Dia quero compra o modelo Xiaomi Redmi Red Rice MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 1GB RAM 4GB ROM 4,7 polegadas IPS 8MP Camera Dual Sim WCDMA Versão Preto
e preciso saber se já vem desbloqueado para uso no brasil e se é seguro receber o produto no aqui no brasil  que está a venda no site  da 
It's about time you enter the Australian market. 
3 month since launched, when you are selling it in Singapore and Malaysia? 
Quero vendê-lo em grande escala aqui em SP. como podemos fazer?
iPhone 6 had landed Malaysia yesterday, is time for mi 4... 
When the black model will be generally available? Too much waiting, really...
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