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Today is a big day for Android... 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day.

Oh, and btw, the Jelly Bean statue is back in our front yard :)
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I like this one better than the clear-top one you guys originally had.

I assume the jellybeans on the ground are not loose... Someone might "eat" them.
+Hugo Barra Where are the +Nexus devices of 2012
There will be a new iPhone and many Windows Phone but we Android fans are waiting for the next Nexus device from Sony, HTC, Motorola and others
High end Googorola Nexus phone and tablet please.  Don't care what it costs!  I'm running a GNexus and Nexus 7 now and will never go back.  Can't wait to see what you guys create now!
Carl Bender
Congratulations +Hugo Barra and the Android team - proudly sporting 4 Android devices in my house! 
I imagine the next Nexus phone will come out in Oct/Nov and it will be AMAZING
Wow, congratulations to the Android team btw just curious, why was the old Jellybean statue replaced?
Wow go DROID!!!! I want that giant cupcake
Microsoft win ten, fifyteen dollars per each device, soo this means five or seven billions of dollars!
Nice. I hope android will stand in the race over time!
Let's just make sure that devices and networks are also created to serve the bottom 1 billion.
Nice <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
so how much in owed licensing fees to Apple is that?
Android have something special for every taste. 
+kratae mulder nice joke to be tossing around. A sexual over toned joke on a Google post? Fantastic. Super adult like... very mature. You win the internet "honey."
Congrats hugo and the entire Android team
Running nexus phone and tablet. There is little chance I will be changing to a skin or new OS any time soon.
holding out for the next Nexus myself, can't wait! Kudos +Google team, LOVE what you guys are doing. #AndroidRules
Crap. We were there 2 weekends ago in the garden and took photos with all the statues. We were wondering where the Jelly Bean was.
Now all they have to do is make sure their carriers actually implement their firmware updates.
thats cool, now i want to see what happens when the new iphone comes out. that will be cool.
I use an android and love it! Maybe one day whenever I can afford to pay $500 or $600 for a phone I will get an iPhone.
What about Sweet Potato
Android JB rocks!!!!!!
+Scottie Bible maybe one day, when you'll be able to afford $500 or $600, you'll be able to buy a DECENT android phone and get THEE android experience. =)
Great news. But it does prove the innovation cycle has stopped. The product is matured and it's at the top of it's life-cycle. What's next then? More mobility without a doubt, get rid display tech and beam straight to the eye, more voice and eye-based interfaces to interact with software. My last wish a new programming paradigm which removes the complexity of developing distributed systems. HTML/CSS/Javascript/XML/XAML/C-based scripts it is all too old and proves this space needs to be revised ASAP to promote new innovation.
Do you minus off deactivations? If there's such a thing.
Nexus is a great phone but I really think that making something unique for the Galaxy S phones will be awesome. I believe Galaxy S phones can compete with Nexus phones, they just need something new. Also new intereface. I love the Nexus intereface. Anways congratulations and excited to see what's to come!
I just activated my new Galaxy III today. Glad to have helped. Congrats to all Android devs
It's so awesome to see this happen.
Before 2013 it will be at least 700million devices! Cool Google!
Nice! I have always loved google and am thrilled to see it thrive.
Nice now let's fork back to Linux
I guess Kisses would be the next name? or what ya think?
+Scottie Bible  BTW I was not having a go at you. Just saying Google Android is rapidly starting to accelerate in features and I feel they will really leave the rest behind.
Cz Teen
jelly bean droid is amazing
Droid "fanboy", and firmly believe driod will prevail...but Motley Fool predicts 170 million iphone5 sales...???
Always used android now I'll never get away from nexus products keep up the good work
Good work! Thanks for making this mobile OS more and more awesome with every release.
cool thats awesome i would like cand in my yard
This is awesome news :D i'm proud and happy to say that i brought to Android at least 5 people ^^ one even today, and still bringing more :D
Yummy, am so tempted to eat those treats. 
I hate all the pro Apple people say half of that is "mcdonald's give away phones".
I got two in my apartment
Jelly bean, Ice cream sandwich and gingerbread are there,... but... what are the other 3?
Pam Lee
How cool is that!! Congas!!
Unreal! Take that 'fruit' company!
Running 4.0.1 on my Galaxy SIII and waiting the 4.1
@Ed Fernandez the others are Cupcake, Doughnut (not shown), Eclair, and Froyo
Next release should be called "apple sauce". Would be cool to see the android crushing an Apple!!
Hey guys, Android is Google's OS. "Droid" is Verizon's trademarked name for whatever Android device they want to brand Droid :-)
Mr. Hugo Barbra when is the Nexus Phone coming Out....I want pure android
Get Jelly Bean or ICS on more phones an upgrade please.
This calls for a 5 cent app sale!!!
And Steve Jobs wanted to sell merely 10M iPhones per year?!?  Man...was he seriously under-estimating the market or what?!?
Mark Wu
awesome! join us for our quest to defeat... IOS!
Most android phones won't be running jelly bean untill next year if at all. The majority are still running gingerbread. My bionic is only a year old and I'm still waiting on ics. Google needs to make sure these updates get pushed out faster.
Apple is amazing until you hit puberty and realize ANDROID is the only way to go... It's okay to just admit you don't know how to operate it.... Stick within the confines of Apple all you want, 500 million Droid users are NOT wrong!
not just fat kid.... omg jelly bean ^^ i love it
Ooh those look like some tasty jellybeans
Awesome Hugo. Keep up the good work. I want all of those statues in my front yard.  Oh yeah, I live in an apartment and therefore do not have a yard. Oh well. One can always dream.  Anyway can you force those assholes at Verizon to release Jelly bean to my Galaxy Nexus. I already have it on my nexus 7 but am craving some on my nexus phone.  Maybe ill just flash it to my phone tonight and forget about Verizon in the future.
I am rocking a nexus prime and a nexus 7 and love them both can't wait for there next devices.
I love Google (I'm friends with the Google Cases team)
+Hugo Barra Great.. congratulations.. but why can't i reshare this post ?.... why is not allowed..??!!!
I hope to add to the daily total this month :-)
DAMN IT!, ii was just there over labor day and i missed the jellybean statue :-(
Lol good to remind us right before a new iPhone lol they could be double the amount and still won't be activating one
nice and surely expected more
Awesome, Nexus ALL DAY!!!!! We're patiently waiting for that upgraded Nexus Q, please!!!
Viewing this thru my nexus using jelly bean;)
Congretulations keep it up No one can beat android
Now to get aggressive sand take over Microsoft....
where is the klondike bar. or key lime pie or krispy kreme or which ever of those 3 you won't get sued to use.
Go Android!
Congrats +Hugo Barra and entire Android Team. B/w there are no public updates from +Andy Rubin on Android... Hope he is still in Google :) 
Congrats and well done! Keep rocking android!
Kinda looks like Android Jellybean poop :)  (Just kidding)
Android you made it this far lets keep going and take down IOS.
I love the new statue of jelly bean ♥
Can't wait for the Churro statue or Dulce de Leche statue.
I love android so much I am trying to run htc on my work iPhone lol just not the same, will u guys please write a program that will work and put it on cydia? Thanks that would b awesome lol 
I cant stand apple! Thank goodness for Android as Windows hasnt been what they use too.
That is way too awesome. I m looking for a small one to sit on my desk.
That's great! I like it.
Oh my god, I love thr icecream sandwhich adroid...!
Let me guess what's next....Key Li....oh......wait......I just read an article before finishing this comment. Apparently there is no other option. It's that obvious, or we get to see someone smash a "Key Lime Pie" in his face on YouTube. Let's change it just for that!
Mmmmm jellybeans..... #nomnomnom

I love my Android tablet, they are just amazeballs.
I heard Apple patented Jellybeans. You guys didn't expect that a rounded corner soft candy could be patentable, did you?
Love android but you guys need to get on companies asses to OTA it. I had to unlock my bootloader and flash it onto my galaxy nexus. Seriously. 
when i was kid jelly bean & ICS were only eatables 
iPhone all the way! No crashes every other day. Droids are crap. 
dont dare to call on above mentioned no.

its a spam, u dont even know how it could effect u
This website is so biased.
Haha I've always enjoyed the food names
Wow much bigger than iphone and ipad. 
Wondering if jelly been will be updated with new features before the new Android comes out..?
Still debating on whether I want the Galaxy S2 or S3 for my next upgrade.
Android and google will rule the world!!!!
its seems a film that tittle is the chance of meatball
Ed M
Hmmm... The next update might be:  Candy cane, or Lollipop.
An idea that was born in the head of a man who wanted EVERYONE to improve/augment/manage their lives,WITHOUT having to sell their kidney(s?) that idea has now caught fire and is now UNSTOPPABLE, Yeah!!! No one can stop us now!!!We are the United Supporters of Android!!! Shout with me
U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!!U.S.A!!! X-D
Congratulations +Android that is a very great milestone, but you have many more to come for sure!
If Google are foods, i am sure it will be tasty..nyum..
Grats Google! Thanks for bringing technology, communication & fun!
thats a lot of phones most are probbally in japan
O thank god, Jelly Bean statue back. Important statue. The new speed of Android is definitely important to fight the upcoming competition.
i love android 
please open the play store for iranians
Big congratulations to the Android dev team, and all the talented folks who keep us stocked in AOSP goodness!!!!
Waiting for samsung galaxy S4
Minh Vo
Good stuff keep it coming.
I like this picture...Congrats to Android
+Hugo Barra now all you guys have to do is roll out those jelly bean updates (EVO 4g LTE) and it will get even bigger.
I ordered some Key Lime Pie a while ago and was wondering when my order would get here. These Jelly Bens I've been eating have been great, but I'm ready for something a little more substantial... ;-)
Android is a great OS now! Apple should be afraid.
Trying to decide which new phone to get.  Any suggestions?
Mr. Ricketts (funny name!) ;) - but u r correct! Android is an excellent mainstream product. I prefer #Apple  of course, but, I also liked New Wave and Naked Lunch. #chuh
As much as I don't like phones .-. I agree xD Apple kinda stinks
My love affair with Android is long term...I ain't changing anytime soon...
Such splendid models!  The ice cream looks edible from here.
I have a android system tab but I not use all functin of android so I said any other people me email id is this is a android room 10,milliom
Me and my Nexus thank you
U just need to get jelly bean onto the one x now
We are also made ICECREAM SANDWICHES named as CREAMBELL ICECREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We want a Sony Nexus!! But whatever you guys do, please no Samsung nexus!
Thanks google for all the amazing things you gave us all.
+Anil Can what's wrong with Samsung Nexus? Out of all my previous high-end Android devices, my Galaxy Nexus is most stable with minimal-to-none bugs.
After seeing this post, I tried to use Google to get a credible count of the number of iPhones sold to date. The largest number I found was 316 Million. That seems kind of low. Does anyone have a better number? I just realized that to be fair, the iPad count has to be added. Back to Google search....
Soon joining Android family from iPhone!!
I feel like some desserts after looking at the picture ;)
Guys...... How do u create different folders for photos to go in?
Just got Nexus 7 delivered today and I gotta say, it's a whole different experience compare to even a year ago. Galaxy Tab was nice, but there less good and solid applications. OS is ,much more polished and , Jezuz it fast! I returned first generation Galaxy Tab, this one is a keeper.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h
Jey Teh
All the way!! Hail Android.. Love Google ✌
Congratulations to everyone behind the Android ecosystem on this significant milestone. Onwards to 1 billion.
Go Android. Best phones ever. Take that Crapple. Proud to say we don't even have a single piece of apple junk in this house.
All crapple users throw your phones in the shitter and come join android lets make it 1 billion waa hey lol
yebo congrats android .Honeycomb is really missing there.
I still like the my "Torch", Blackberry has a lot to do to come up to some of the "quick ease of operation" ,as they were the first "smart phone" I'll give RIM a chance to upgrade their technological operating system- I do like the fact, that BB is the only one with the ability to "encrypt" my messaging & I can "tweak" some of the apps to better suit my needs- although living 70 miles from any city (w/ a population more than 400) & nothing gets signal except BB- I may come out of my "cave" one day   
Awesome work! I love how this rubs it in the face of the upcoming iPhone announcement. 
I still like my iPhone and I had a droid !!!!
Zija changes lifestyles as me how ????
Tim Box
I have to ask do activations include China based phones? As they do not use Google services.
Don't worry about android. Google spends around 14% of turnover on reseach. And apple 2%. Apple is the worlds biggest company by share value. Its does not make any thing. Its all made in china. Google does not make anything ether.. But never has. But its phones and tablets are made anywhere. But also mostly china/ many different companys. So over time will be more stable.
+Graham Bell That is the stupidest comment I have read today. What you are implying is that software companies "do not make anything." Do I just sit at work all day making nothing and still getting paid?
As usual many "pundits" will ask whether this includes Kindle Fires . They do not know that Google cannot count Kindle fires .
boo Jay
You would hope a multi-billion dollar company could afford a nicer lawn.  Just sayin'.
Success nothing less. Now if only we can get rid of RIM & Windows !
Now you just need to make Apple bankrupt :-P
my guess is the next statue will be android 4. type 2 diabetus
Why won't my HTC Thunderbolt accept OTA updates?!
...and Congratulations!
Chris M
There's no going back once you use android! 
I have galaxy note gt-n7000 & i am waiting for gellybean do fast android team
can we have value pack of ics and jellybean? we're eagerly want it. we're done in gingerbread and now we want the latest :) i hope you consider your consumers wants, need and expectation :) congrats google :D my device is one of them yeahhhh!!!
Will they be a JB for note GT7000 ?!!
and Android gets free wifi hotspot 
Google brings free Wi-Fi to laptops and Android with 4000 new hotspots across the country
This is great, especially the fact that there are many cheaper handsets for people who cannot afford to pay for the SIII's and what not. Whatever Apple apologists say, the greatest achievement of Android is to make it possible for a lot of people, even in the third world, to own a decent smartphone.
Wow am I the only one who noticed that in the pic the "donut" is missing all others are there cupcake eclair frozen yogurt gingerbread ice cream sandwich and jelly bean!
Next firmware should be called kitkat. Lol
Hiiiiiiii i am $aRaH a$aDi  Live in Iran
J Gohil
GO ANDROID!!!!! I am with u android <3 <3<3
I would love to see Android clean up Apple, sorry to sound bad, but I'm over Apple and their childish bullying tactics
Hugo, regarding the number, does that mean 500M unique Android devices were activated? For example, if the same phone is activated twice, does it count as 1 or 2 activation?
People...Do get a real life: . Your future is not in giving away your individuality
WE WANT KEY LIME PIE... Great picture though thanks for the post
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