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Ang ganda ng Pilipinas!

To celebrate our first Mi launch in the Philippines tomorrow, we've created a beautiful customized theme especially for our Pinoy fans, complete with even a Jeepney clock widget :)  Download it from the MIUI Themes Store and tell us what you think?
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+Hugo Barra  Will the Mi arrive in Japan ?If not how can I buy one unlocked to use here ?
I ordered mine from, ended up so well! 3day delivery accross the world. 270,-euro for the 64gb. and i love every bit of it! its the S800 wcdma, but actual processing power is actually the same as msm8974ab in the xperia z2 wich is called the Snapdragon 801!
Also earlier specs by xiaomi showed the 8974ab but as s800. eventually it got a msm8274ab wich is exactly the same minus 4gLTE, yet called s800.

Pretty cool to know since release of the wcdma this phone is actually running a earlier snapdragon 801, just qualcomm didnt know yet to call it that way, later they fixed 4g and rebranded as 8974ab"S801"

No wonder its that fast of a phone and passing note3 and z1 etc.
together with miui this is one hell of a phone and wouldnt change this puppy anytime soon, unless i could lay my hands on a oneplus maybe?

Just hoping, while the mi3 is rising more and more in other countries, it will see a international rom from xiaomi. we have multilang but based on dev.rom kitkat, irather see multilang based on stable coming from the big boys themselve!

So "Huga" please roar bro, and make it happen! your the best wingman Xiaomi could ever wish for!
I'm looking forward getting one. I hope they will still be available next week. 
Beautiful! Looks like Boracay. Will this work on non Xiaomi phones? 
Does not look very good design wise. Expecting more from the guy who was a top executive in the nexus program. 
sure..everything in the world of tech is either apple or ios copy.. having a wallpapered grid with clickable icons, is such a steal from ios? wonder where ive seen that before uhm  oh yeah microsoft windows maybe. Take a quick peek at ios's new notification center. great steal from android! so whats your point?

by the way feel free to try a mi3 if you ever got the chance, then let me now how wonderfull your ios device feel and especially how great it felt emptying your wallet at the store.
+Hugo Barra Hope to see the release of Redmi 1s and Redmi Note for Philippine Market. This should change the local smartphone scene. Better yet release a tablet in fastest growth in tablet market in south-east asia. ;-)
hope you come and visit us in Manila, +Hugo Barra and awesome MiUI team :-)
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