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We're working on bringing a clever little Xiaomi gadget to users all around the world pretty soon.

You can plug it into your Xiaomi phone headset jack and turn it into a clickable button to take quick pictures, turn on the flashlight, record phone calls and so on, all without unlocking your phone. You can program up to 10 actions for 10 different click types using a dedicated app.

We haven’t named this product internationally yet. What should we call it? Mi Button? Mi Key? Mi Press? Please help us come up with some cool names :)
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Saw this on kickstarter... Great idea
Indeed a pressy clone.. I'm waiting on the real thing I have already ordered about 20 of them. Do yourself a favor and support your local Kickstarter program and go get yourself invested in #PRESSY
Jon Love
Great idea, Milton Button sounds best. It is a shame your are copying +Pressy as +Peter Teoh suggested. 
I guess that will have application, which can be programmed functions of a button! 
For example, double-clicking, triple pressed and so on!?
+Hugo Barra can also be used as a dust protector for the headphone port.
Engineer it with a couple of small O rings and you could protect the port from liquids as well. A microUSB version could be made too to protect the microUSB port. It may not be as snug as the headphone port though. 
+Hugo Barra Since there is no indication of you having done this together with Pressy I feel urged to say: Shame on you! 
This may not quite fit with the company naming convention, but how about

Press Mi
Call it Pressy and support the people that conceived the original idea (on Kickstarter). ... .. ... ... ... .
Hugo, if this is an April fools joke, you're kinda late and it's not terribly funny, it's too ambiguous to be funny.

If this is real, I agree with others here that is pretty disappointing to see a big company such as Xiaomi copying an original and creative concept from a comparatively tiny Kickstarter project such as #Pressy . Unless you're working with Pressy to release a white label version, but on that case you might want to clarify what is going on, 'cause right now this looks bad.
didn't they already invent this ages ago?
Indeed, thought i had seen it before. Googled and found a ton of similar things
Unless "pressy" is patented, I don't see the problem even if they did copy it. Let's not pull an Apple here where one device, one carrier rule all. Otherwise we would all be driving Ford's.
+Armando Ferreira from what i hear/read - Chinese company saw how popular the kickstarter was, so is deliberately making tons, and preselling them via other companies (like this)  before giving Pressy theirs
It's a stolen idea from a KickStarter project!
I'm really disappointed.
+Liz Quilty that sounds about right to me.
The guys from Pressy possibly didn't do the due diligence with the contract. 
+Armando Ferreira I agree with you 100 percent. Nobody complains about how many different Android devices there is. So why not have more companies doing This. My only concern is pressy is just a small time development trying to come up in the world. Companies like this already have billions of dollars to play with and can walk all over the new guy. It's just sad to see it happen. These bigger companies will move forward and leave the rest behind all because of a dollar. We've seen it in the past and we will see it in the future. Weather we protest or not. Either way the idea will succeed no matter who gets it to the public first.. Personally I am all for the underdog .
+Liz Quilty seems like their manufactured screwed them. How's this make Xiaomi at fault. If pressy doesn't have a patent to protect their intellectual property it's free game. In a court of law it holds no ground. For those saying "it's stolen" is absurd. If that's the case everything is stolen. 
Click Me sounds nice to me. 
+Armando Ferreira its about people having ethics to not purchase of people who act like dickheads. Point it out to them, let them choose if they want to purchase off them
+Armando Ferreira Yes, legally it's probably OK. But don't you think it's sarcastic to ask the crowd for naming ideas for a copy of a crowd funded idea? Doesn't it have a bad smell to even present this copy as a innovation of their own?
Seriously if it was possible just as a kind gesture to bring the makers of pressy in on the project and they get royalties. It could be good publicity if managed delicately
+Armando Ferreira
Legally speaking you're could be absolutely right but, c'mon, you have to stole an Idea for a button instead of collaborate?
Using a modded android UI as default?
I'm really disappointed. And, are you sure that, being in China make this way of doing legal?
I've seen a lot of china products clearly copied.
+Liz Quilty it's called business, if that were the case they wouldn't manufacture phones. They didn't come up with the idea. Ethics would come into play if they had a patent and stole the idea. They don't need to purchase them off, they owe them nothing because their idea is not proprietary plain and simple. Just like this follow focus on Kick starter, shame on them for copying other follow focuses that already exist, oh wait nobody owns such thing so its free game
How about 'I didn't design enough buttons on mi device' 
+Armando Ferreira Aye, they should have protected the idea. But how can a public figure like Hugo Barra endorse something like this on his personal feed and ask naively for a name?
I'm confused; I thought he was one of the good guys.. O_o
+Hugo Barra Nice to see that the clone pressy gets a clone too. A little bit disappointing as an pretty backer. 
+Enrico Bastelli I didn't say that, I said they probably didn't do their due diligence with the contract for the manufacturer of the device.
The manufacturer probably had a clause in there to sell "excess/defective" stock to whom ever they please.
I'm not saying it's right, but patent and copyright laws are different in China.

We don't know the full story yet, perhaps the Pressy designed was licenced out. Perhaps the Pressy folk couldn't patent it because it has already been patented, but never produced. 
Glad to see your still on the bleeding edge of R&D after your stint in Google.How about calling it the #barraclic  
I'd name it Mi LiKey. I wonder if Mr. Barra still worked for Google, would these people still cry foul? Pebble was a kickstarter idea, no one seems to care that others are making tethered smart watches too. 
Cliki / Clikey / Clickey / Cliké / Klickz 
Lol, +Donald Medina +Armando Ferreira , the google watches/android wear look nothing like Pebble.  This is in almost every way exactly the Pressy product.  Pressy's misstep if they didn't secure a patent but it pretty low-brow to announce it in a post like this in the way he did.
+J.J. Valenzuela The concept is the same. To deliver notifications and added functions from the smartphone to the watch tethered wirelessly. So just add some features to the watch and change the appearance and suddenly it's a different concept? 
That's why most Chinese companies can't be taken seriously. You blatantly copy a product and you even ask for help to name it.
One has to wonder though, if Apple/Phil Schiller just announced said product, would they be burnt because they copied an idea from Kickstarter had an idea very similar in looks and functionality to one on Kickstarter  or loved because they are on the cutting edge of R&D?
Steve B

Steve B
+David Monteiro dont worry , they will survive.
No-one complains they "stole" the high speed bullet train (HSR) over here in China , they just use it , it works and its fantastic.
It will be the same with the button/click thing.
#China and the #Chinese are cool :o)
how about "Not Mi Idea" haha just kidding, have to agree with +Armando Ferreira  that it's all business, if Pressy has no patent then it's an open market. Who knows, Pressy might just do a whole lot better as it's for all android devices not just an addition to Xiaomi phones.
Pin Mi , Jack Mi, Plug Mi.
Who cares that Pressy was first? It was way more expensive and it's still not available, even though it finished their kikstarter campaign about a year ago.
+Jan Polášek more expensive than what? We don't know the price of the Xiomi version to even compare it to Pressy. Plus you're backing on kickstarter, not purchasing. 
+Aaron McDonald No price yet? I didn't know that, but somewhere I read that it should cost only 4,9 yuan (~$1). Pressy costs $27. 

And you don't have to back Pressy on Kickstarter, they have their own preorder website.
+Hugo Barra will this be available to every android device with special xiaomi software or just for phones running the miui??

Regarding a name I guess that " MI Click " sounds good  send me a couple if you end up using it :)
Such a good idea!! I for one praise the return of physical buttons on mobile phones!
+Jan Polášek that might be a price but it doesn't mean its the price of it. Its not officially announced, it doesn't even have a name yet haha Pressy was a kickstarter so it will ship when its ready. Just because its as a preorder just means that its ready to expand their revenue when launched. They stated on the preorder Spring 2014. Their kickstarter was funded October last year so its not really a year or delayed. 
Call it Xiaomi mi (little secret). It's a programmable secret that only the owner knows. 
Amigo. aMiGo. Dude. Go Español. 
Wasn't this something on kick starter???? 
DotMi / MiDot
BoltMi / MiBolt
Presto. Gets the press and the immediate action and the magic all in one. Understood in many languages. 
Mi DOT. Gift me one with the phone if you select this name :-)
Well it seems that this will be talked about for days, lamenting that whoever invented the Pressy has not patented the idea, or if they did shame to see a company like Xiaomi do this??
Well Xiaomi made it big by kanging CM and not giving credit (MiUi), so I guess it would be part for the course 
How about "anamericanstartupalreadythoughtthisupsoiamgoingtoleavitaloneandinventsomethingoriginal" ?
If Xiaomi did steal this from +Pressy  I have to say that's pretty crazy.  But it's probably about proving who created this first.  That litigation will probably change Kickstarter and Indiegogo's business.
"We copy with pride" ... But who is copying who?
Just like a Chinese company to completely rip off a Kickstarter company. Unfollowed.
Call it Prissy, nobody will ever guess you've copied Pressy.
Hmmm. Order pressy for $27 or get this for $.79? Fuck pressy. They get $660K more than their goal and still charge that much? I'll say it again...Fuck pressy. 
Sean S
Pressy does have a patent
Ripping-off crowdfunded projects - so Chinese! I hope Pressy guys sue your ass off!!! Nevermind, Xaomi is a failure anyways...
+Hugo Barra my sugguestion MIDot

+Jeremy Meiss MIUI did not Kang CM, MIUI does not look anything like CM, MIUI was the first ROM with a well done transparent UI. The MIUI dev team gave CM the code for the FM radio. IF anything CM was always hating on MIUI dev team for releasing a phone UI first.  If anything CM Inc is kaging MIUI and Xiaomi buisness plan.

it doesn't matter who came with the idea first, it matters who will take it to market first. After a year in development, it looks like a pressy might be vaporware.
+Craig Rhudy Hey cheapshit, if you don't have 20 bucks to support a great idea, go bury yourself under Chinese craptech. Fuck you too!
Let's take the "Mi" out of it, okay?
How about "Switch" - The programmable, removable hardware button.
Naming is dependent on how you gonna position this very creative product in the future. If you want global spreading, that means lots of consumers with a different knowledge about producer (Xiaomi) and different understanding about technologies. Hence, naming should be common, simple and grounded. I suggest these versions: "The Button" or "mButton". In the case of mButton "m" can be interpreted as Mi, mobile, mini, multifunctional, etc.
I like it. Awesome. There are lots of similar devices in every other area. I c no problem with imitation. Tnx
Get your own ideas. Stop ripping off others. As for a name? I'm thinking CipRipOff
+Alex Ander 27$ is a lot of money for something that costs 10 cents to make.
From one standpoint, pressy didn't have any competition, so they could price it however they wanted, but they were greedy to ask 27$, if they priced it at 5$ probably I'd buy it

I'm glad Xiaomi made it, and they priced it fairly
If you want to spend 27$ hey, be my guest, you get a keychain cap and colored button, but for me it's not worth spending 26$ more for that
You want name on that? here is the best " MiBoltz "
Its pathetic to see Xiaomi rip-off a crowdfunded project... I actually was interested in buying a Xiaomi phone but not now.

Do not support disgusting companies that leech on the lesser.
Pressy folks must feel flattered
The Chinese are copying something? Holy crap, I never thought I'd see the day!
WOW, barelly a year in China and already stealing ideas from other people. +Hugo Barra you have well adjusted to Chinese way of Life. Good job buddy!!!!
MiMi or even MiMiMi
+Hugo Barra you should be ashamed for using Chinese government money to bypass innovation and engage in intellectual property theft! +Pressy 
I think people are quick to criticize this Xiaomi accessory, but guys, take a minute and think how can you really make it in any different way? This is a very simple toy. Just like a lens cap. It's not really patent worthy in my opinion. If it's not pressy then some other people will come up with that idea. And how do you know if this is not something in Xiaomi pipeline for sometime already? I'm all for the underdog but common, this is not that novelty and Xiaomi is not exactly a big dog either. 
You should be embarrassed, stealing the ideas of a small kickstarter and brandishing it as your own "We're working.." no you stole the idea and are mass producing it. Shame.
+Patryk Ponichtera 27$ is not a lot of money for something that 2 people imagined, R&D'd, developed software for, produced, retailed and shipped. It indeed is a lot of money for brainwashed consumer zombies who disregard factors like production and spedition efficiency and sustainability; workforce and resources exploitation; technology and know-how theft and so on - in short "Made in China", just to own a useless piece of tech that will break in a month but will cost $1. Nothing personal, I'm just sick of Chinese crap.
aw smith
+Hugo Barra How about you name it "Pressy". Oh wait that's taken by a product that does the same thing. Way to rip off a product from a Kickstarter campaign. I would rather pay $27.00 to them than .79 to you guys. You guys would have looked better just buying out the Kickstarter company that developed #Pressy.
+Hugo Barra we expected better from you. I'm sticking with Pressy since they created the original.
+Armando Ferreira "Ethics would come into play if they had a patent and stole the idea."
No. LAW would come into play if they had a patent.
You are confusing ethics and law, they are not the same thing. Many of the laws are related to moral judgements but they do not cover all of them. 
+Patryk Ponichtera I can't believe you support a company that is blatantly ripping off a startup company. Its not about that a cost to make actual physical button. What about the cost to develop a software and the cost for the machine shops for prototyping, but I guess you didn't think about that. 
+Armando Ferreira disappointing to see your stance on this....There's a huge difference between apple saying they invented the rectangular touch screen phone, when there's tons of prior art concepts, and the fact that's basically the only shape you could realistically make one and what +Xiaomi is doing here by making an exact replica of a patented pressy and passing it off as their own idea.  I can see it now, pressy orders will be delayed because of lawsuits galore....and we'll be stuck with not getting the one people already paid for, while these will be available.   In no way is that protecting consumers or ideas.....
I'm going to have to agree with a bunch of the posters here-just call it "Pressy Too" or "Pressy'sIdeaStolenByMi." I was really excited for Xiaomi to expand internationally, and potentially the US, but now I'm not sure I'd ever buy a Xiaomi product.
LOL you are correct +Craig Feuss :)
MiPressyClone hahahahahahahahaha

but that's how the business world in this modern society. 
Good ideas to copy and improve ... fortunately or unfortunately today is so :)

+Wagner Vaz +Craig Feuss é dos nossos  :)
Phil H
pressyBomb. Nice idea, shame it isn't yours, shame you have no ethics.
MI-next or next key or
I don't think its a copy. If you say so, then I guess all headphones are copies of another  because they all do the same thing. Pressy now has to make their product better to differentiate hence the consumer wins.
aw smith
+Armando Ferreira Well Said? Google would have just bought the company entirely, which is what Xiaomi should have done. It would have been a great PR move for them to buy +Pressy rather than complete copying them. As i stated above, I would rather spend $27 on the original Pressy rather .79 on a knock off (that is 100% blatant). I have lost all respect for +Xiaomi and will not be supporting any more of their products. I also know i  not the only one. You talk about the bottom line "its business" , well those business practices have lost many customers in the process.
Sorry +Hugo Barra with all the cool stuff that Xiaomi does - this is not ok at all. I hope you licensed the patents from Pressy. This is the most blatant copy i have seen in quite a while.

Update: Pressy got back to us this morning with the following statement: "Though the knock-off versions were anticipated, we did not expect to see it from such a respectable and known company ... We have IP rights for the design and functionality of Pressy, and are considering our next moves to handle the situation."
The main problem here is pressy taking so dam long to deliver it, might as well copy the device, maybe a 3rd or even a forth copy cat, will deliver it before pressy. Im still waiting for mine.
You said well +aw smith  It would be a most noble attitude as if we here analyze much of the comments felt that. 
This missing wisdom in worlds of business?
How about Pressy? Oh no, wait! That's already taken, for the exact same product...
+Hugo Barra How about 'Pressy-did-it!' Just shameless. Regardless of patents, international laws or what ever it may be. This is just embarrassing from a hardware manufacturer that can built the thing into the phone themselves or make a software tweak to some other button already built into your phones. Innovating one lifted kickstarter project at a time, huh? #emBARRAsing.
So, +Hugo Barra , I haven't seen anyone complaining about Google stealing their idea in a while.  Were you in charge of the department responsible for that when you were there?
This is a total ripoff and I hope you'll pay precious dollars for this theft
+Magnus Berger I really do hope they have protected themselves. It might not mean anything in China, but hopefully they are protected in the US.
+aw smith Google could have bought Pebble instead of making an Android Wear API that allows other manufacturers to make the same smart watch concept device which is basically a transfer of data and function between the watch and the phone. The only difference is added functionality and esthetics but the concept of communication with bluetooth connectivity is basically the same. So you're letting Google pass for doing the same thing? Sauce of the goose is not the sauce for the gander?
I guess now xioami will buy pressy! After seeing the comments. 
+Henry Sinclair I have no idea how you can't see the difference between google making a completely different UI based off Android which they created because of the success of a wearable watch with touch e-ink display and an exact replica of a hardware device, down to the carrying case.....
The ethical thing to do was for +Hugo Barra to partner up and at least credit +Pressy.
#xiaomi  could have easily bought them out just to save face...
I know that they don't have to, but it wouldn't have costed them much to do the right thing! 
If you're going to work together with the original inventor, it should be called +Pressy . Did you think noone would notice the similarities?
Well you could just go with Pressy, but I suppose you have to at least pretend you're not a blatant thief. 
How about unoriginal and blatant copycat? I really hoped for better from Xiaomi than stooping to the levels of the grey market rip-off clones.
+Henry Sinclair Your statement falls short after your first sentence. Google "Created and API for a smartwatch" = Correct. You are forgetting that Pebble can to use that API in their watches too if they so choose to. Google is not making the watch directly. Pebble did not develop the communication between two devices. If you really want state first. The MetaWatch ( ) was developed and released before Pebble even got funded. What Pebble created was a long lasting watch ( one week on a charge) and easy to use UI that was crazy affordable . That is why it was so successful. Im not bashing them at all. I was a backer on Kickstarter. But to say Google is doing the same thing is nonsense. What Google is envisioning is well beyond the current state of what Pebble can do. Im sorry but Pebble did not develop the first smartwatch with communication between a phone, they just refined it.  
Disappointing to see this copycat crap from Xiaomi. I hope Pressy is able to sue successfully.
good job stealing the idea from other people who even have a patent on that! pretty pathetic for a company.
+Hugo Barra "Get sued soon" sounds good to you? 
Rip off! No originality whatsoever.
Ed H
pressy copy fucks!!!!!
Xiaomi is risking its reputation and a lot of goodwill by cloning Pressy (and also copying another Chinese indie project called Kuai Anniu) in this way.
Name it iButton before Apple says they invented it.
I saw this already in a Kickstarter project... long time ago...
Yes it is a copy. But, nowadays, everyone copies each other. Just because a chinese company did it, it became a huge issue. 
This is embarrassing +Hugo Barra. I'm ashamed. To think, I used to respect the work you did.
Why not call it "Dick Move" because that's just what it is. Yes, +Pressy costs $27 but that included the development of the device. 

If you want some cheap KIRF knock off then fine. Just remember , shitty actions like this stifle innovation. 
Name it as CopyButt

Chinese: 小米真的無恥到人類極限,抄人家KickStarter的產品。
Anything you can invent, develop, patent - we can steal, right?
vinay c
Mi+ or Magic Mi :)
MiPressy or MiToo 
You couldn't think of an original idea, so you just copy someone else. Now you can't think of the name and are asking for help?
If you're going to be copying other's people work at least come up with a name on your own.
Well.. Doesn't look like this post went the direction you expected it to...
MiFault,MiChupa, Mini-Me, MiCopia, Pressi! Esperava mais de você, Hugo! Kakakakakakaka
What a disgusting rip-off of the Pressy design.  May I suggest as the name "RipMiOff"?
Or MiRipOff?
Now everyone knows why that chick dumped you for Sergei... He actually invents things!
Dick move - dont copy from Pressy!
I would call it "X-Press", because thats what it is: An "Express" way to reach functions from the mobile phone 😉
Jim Fox
I would call it the I.P.V. or, in long form, International Patent Violation. (cf. Pressy)
Well what did you expect from a chinese company and a guy who couldn't hack it at Google?
Awesome, how would it integrate with the OS?
Fico feliz de vê um brasileiro se destacando nesse meio desejo-lhe boa sorte e to louco pra troca meu smartphone por um m3 espero que chegue logo ao Brasil, parabéns e sucesso
+Donald Medina strongly agrees with you. Some people just having problems coping with the rise of a CHINESE company.
call it +Pressy might as well steal the name as well! 
+Hugo Barra sorry bro, but you joined a chinese ripoff company that keeps ripping off other peoples ideas. use that "pressy" button you stole to take selfies while in court please. thank you
+Armando Ferreira Patenting in US grants you no patent in China, and if they are patented in China, clones still appears.

Welcome to China, folks.
Why bother renaming it? Just steal the name too: "Pressy - the Almighty Android Button!"
This is not cool. I previously had respect for all the things xaomi has been doing but this is way too far. I am so glad that I supported pressy on kickstarter. 
Eric T
Wow. No shame.
sell your cheap knock off item to the chinese people who love to knock off the worlds great achievements. the rest of us honest people, will pay pressy. #boycottxiaomi  
Very disappointed in you +Hugo Barra I expected better from an ex googler. Show some class, apologize, and cancel this project. 
+Richard W how do you know this. The product hasn't even hit retail yet. The backers of this original +Pressy product haven't received it yet either. What do your know that others don't? 
Ed H
maybe this is why they throw you out of google!!!
MyPressy, indeed.. :(
This is absolutely disgraceful. It's shameful when your personal ethics are for sale like this.
How about calling it the "I left Google to become a scumbag thief". It's a little wordy but I bet the folks at Pressy would love it. 
You couldn't. They mentioned some knockoff on the market months ago. 
Welcome to the real world coorporate America +Pressy 
Lol, guys, Pressy is not the first doing this. Too bad many people already preordered pressy and won't have it anytime soon.
mipressyripoff would be the correct name for it....
Hum, ...meu amigo +Hugo Barra , acho que já vi algo parecido no, você saberia me dizer como procederam com isso?
Well, not sure if either +Pressy or any other manufacturer has patented it or IP protected it but the results of what +Hugo Barra was expecting from his "clever" product advertisement kind of backfired, right? The idea is not new, think about your headphone, it already does some of the functions mentioned when you press volume up, down, double press to skip music...they basically removed the wires and developed the API. Of course I knew about Pressy long time and still think is a shame on +Xiaomi, it doesn't help the equity that Chinese companies have around the world! Anyway, +Hugo Barra I can't think of a better name for it (sorry folks that are not portuguese speakers) but MiFUDI :) 
As other have stated:
Mi Klick
Mi Click
How about the Any Key? A nod to the old "Press any key to continue"?
Fact: Pressy failed to deliver regardless of their ridiculously well funded Kickstarter campaign. 

Fact: Pressy is $27, this is $.79

This probably only works with Xiaomi devices, while Pressy works with all devices presumably. It's a button that goes into a headphone jack, this isn't actually new.. we're just used to seeing it inline with headphone/headset combinations, like those that have come in Blackberry phone boxes forever, and in more modern Samsung handset boxes.

#kickstartthis   #getoveryourselves  
+Tony Allen Actually relevant fact: this was not a product actually available prior to Pressy, and this is very clearly a ripoff of the idea.
+Yoni Stratievsky Another relevant fact, do you have your Pressy that you ordered yet? Nope?!?! Nobody else either. 

Headset buttons can be configured to do very similar things to Pressy, they just minimized the concept and removed the cable. So the product did essentially exist beforehand, especially since they're pushing for IP.
+Tony Allen That's not actually a relevant fact. ;)

Otherwise, your "they just did this and that" pretty much establishes that the product didn't exist beforehand.
I'm sticking with the original. It's called #pressy. I encourage everyone else to do the same - support the dudes that put the groundwork into the idea. 
You know, +Hugo Barra, this will actually refrain me from ever buying a Xiaomi product. Can't stand the idea of buying from copycats.
BLATANT ripoff of the Pressy.  How's about coming out with a Nexus phone next, Hugo?
Phil H
#PrOwnGoal at its best. Here's another name for you - CTRL-CV
Good work on stealing an original idea! I think i'll just stay with my pressy.
way to go Hugo! Steal someone else idea and try and pass it off as your own. Xiaomi has no shame in their game. You aren't actually "working" on anything. It is a shame how a multimillion dollar company wants to go and rip off a start-up company not caring if they hurt their livelihood. Xiaomi should be ashamed.. and for the name? how about 'ripoff'?
Surely this should be called a SueMi given as it seems to infringe on the Pressy patent! 
The original video of the pressy team getting started is at this link. everyone here should support these guys.. not +Hugo Barra & his ripoff team.. And yes there is a patent and they are breaking the law. Hopefully be the guys from Kickstarter will come out ahead in the long run.
or MiStick as a JoyStick
All I hear is people crying. Buy it or don't. Did you get ripped off? Is there a patent? Did you fund something that wasn't protected by a patent? Guess how many Fuks I give?
Wai H
awesome. even though I'm a backer of pressy, im going to get this first because pressy failed to delivery. wa to beat them at release time and price and probably quality!!
"Pressy Clone!" or "Get Yourself A Good Lawyer" or "Too Bad You Ripped Off Pressy" or "You Earned Your Karma"
Per Pressy's Facebook page, they DO have a patent, so Xiaomi has some legal work coming.

And do you people actually think it would sell for 80¢ in the US? 
How about Pressy, oops. That's already been invented. 
How about XiaoPressi Bootleg Edition??
Mi key seems a lot better...............................................
I would call it...intellectually bankrupt? Come up with something new brah. 
+Hugo Barra  
This item up there, it's clearly a by +Pressy 

I have always thought XiaoMi is awesome..
Now that it's clearly ripping ideas off the smaller startups..
It's really disappointing.
Just "MiMi" or "MiMe", the mini thing with me and Mi :)
I'm pretty disappointed with a few things ... 

1. In the way you exclaim that you are working on a clever little product ... NO, someone else worked on it and a bunch of idiots made fakes, then you copied the fakes.

2. The fact that you state it has 10 functions?! If you built this, why would you only build it with 10 functions? Is it because the original comes with 10 default functions and allows the developers, through open source, to build their own functions and you just can't be bothered hacking that part?

3. Why would anyone in any business reveal a product they claim will be used worldwide WITHOUT A NAME?! I guess you're waiting to see if a lawsuit comes through then you'll change the name and be done with it.

Extremely disappointing! 
+Armando Ferreira Ford didn't invented cars, the first one was made by Mercedes... Just like the first airplane was made by santos Dumont 
+Hugo Barra left Google for this company? What are you thinking? ($$$$$ I guess)
This is China doing what China does best... Copying 
Oh, im not a lawyer but...

What IPs #PRESSY have?

Functionality? No cuz "shorting contacts of audio jack and handle it via software" used in headsets for long time to answer call, skip the track or change the volume.

Idea? Yes, it's sooooooooooo smart to assign additional functions to headset buttons.

Design? Huh, 97% of #Pressy design is a design of usual 3.5 stereo jack, they only added a button in top of it.

It's an EPIC FAIL for #PRESSY, they taken so much money for their business (700k$ to produce dust plugs?), failed the manufacture stage and sales start. Im sure they angry  cuz who the f**k will buy dust plug for 27$ if the same dust plug can be bought 27 times cheaper? 

And thanks to #Xiaomi for pushing simillar product with so reasonable price.
Mido with this l xiaomi can do wonder - hubdigger13 
OH HEY! I saw this on kickstarter a while back. What was it called again.....

Pressy. Copycat - lawsuit imminent.
Wow!! DIRECT RIP OFF FROM PRESSY!! Uncreative scumbags!
1, Pressy has a patent, 2, The Kickstarter campaign for Pressy ended in October 2013, (almost) 6 months does NOT a year make! And 3, they promised a March 2014 release date but the chosen Chinese manufacturer messed up a bunch of the manufactured Pressy. Talk about Due Diligence!!!
+Krystal Vieira
Patented WHAT? A closing circuit?

Same devices as MiKey and pressy ALREADY available on the market SINCE LAST YEAR, you can simply order it. Same with software to create shortcuts of pressing headset (or such hwkey) buttons, it's already available in Google Play.
+Patryk Ponichtera its more than the cost of the button, the Pressy team are the ones who paid for the original tooling and tech behind the button plus the costs of software development and much more, have any of you cheapskates heard the phrase "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"?
I'm a little disappointed in everyone jumping to Pressy's defence - they've had 6 months of enormous funding and have produced nothing... Pressy looks cool, but £20 is too much money for what essentially is a handy button. They had every opportunity to be first to market, but all we see are renderings... It's sad, but that's business. They can have a go a suing - no-one like's a copyright theif - but I can't belive there's much in there that's securely patented.
Hugo Bara is set to announce his resignation today.

April fools!
+Krystal Vieira If what you mean is an earphone jack that's cut off and fitted with a single clickable button which cost not less than $27, then, no, you don't get what you paid for. Don't even get me started on software development. I can do all that with Tasker. I can even make a custom app instead, and that won't take me more than a day or two to make.

EDIT: In case you don't realize, "the tech" that you're referring to has been around since the first earphone with a button came to this world. That "tech" is a button serialized with a resistor. So you're paying $27 for an earphone jack, a small button, a resistor, and a small circuit board to put them all together. Ah, and don't forget that you're also paying for the adhesives, that's all worth it.
Just call it a Pressy... I mean if you have the balls to steal the idea, might as well steal the name too.
Pressy or not, copied or not, the key here is the price, and i defentlly going to buy this mikey!
To charge 27$ on 1$ product- this is the real crime!
That's so cool! Will it be Android compatible? 
Well, I have talked about pressy back when they kickstarted on my site! remember the times lol
How about "Pressy" is that already taken?
Clony. That is a nice name I think. Maybe mix it with +Pressy and create Prony? 
How about "emBARRAssing!"
Why did you name the knock-off company in the title, instead of Pressy? 
How about turning it round and making it a tease: Click Mi  ; )
Click, click, DUH!!! 
Buenas tardes Hugo, por circustancias de trabajo necesito un terminal que tenga dual-sim en un principio me he fijado en el xaomi rice red, pero lo encuentro algo grande, he visto tambien el xaomi M2s, pero en unas paginas dice que dispone de dual-sim y en otras no, me gustaria que me los aclararas y si en cualquier caso me recomiendas el rice red o merece la pena esperar alguna novedad.

un saludo y gracis de antemano.
shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call it "Pressy"!
+Felix Homann  Oh! Come on, Don't anyone know that #Xiaomi have this idea realized on their first gen samrtphone - Mi1 already? which is a product years ago (2011) , long before pressy start their kickstarter. And it was a fixed one, not removable. but I think they are exactly the same, at least functionally! So if there is any ‘patent’ that pressy would have it would only be using the earphone port. I also suspect Pressy RIP OFF this idea from Mi1 by XIAOMI. and that is very likely to be TRUE. Are you insane, why don't you guys know about Xiami and its 'history' of product before your comment start? comment on a company that you don't know about a sh*t of it is very disgrace. If you are saying Xiaomi have to apologize for using the earphone port to realize their own idea, I think it would be more reasonable Pressy apologize  for using the 'multi-function button on the phone' idea which is Xiaomi's. through not so popular back then, and Xiaomi is a very small, really very small company there, they fought their own way right to here. You should be more respectable.
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