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We've just unveiled Nexus Q at #IO12, the world's first social streaming device. It runs Android :)
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Parabens. Foi foda a apresentação.
Will the Nexus Q support 3rd party apps?  Really curious!
Looks amazing, when you planning on launching it in Europe? Al so great presentation  
Nice, but too expensive for what it offers.
+Hugo Barra So, when will we see the Google Play content, Music, Movies, Books in Europe? Until then this device does not make much sense for non-americans.
gfk x
Any TimeLine for the Nexus Tablet in Europe?
For a home-theater streaming device with a $299 price tag, the Nexus Q should have been a fully functional Google TV Buddy box. Hopefully it will get hacked by the Android community and they add this feature or the next iteration of this device will already have it built in (if there is a second generation).

It's a great idea that Google is now focusing on hardware (like they should have from the start with their Nexus phones), because R&D needs to be done in-house to avoid crucial and costly bug fixes in the long-run. Don't just leave hardware to the third parties, Google needs to have a hands-on approach when building Nexus products. It has come full circle now since Google Play can be used to sell content and hardware.

Smart move.
Hugo, o Nexus Q tem servidor DLNA e/ou toca arquivos de mídia diretamente de  outras fontes, tal como um NAS caseiro? Se sim, quais os formatos de áudio e vídeo ele suporta.

Obrigado por tudo que é Android, o seu trabalho é excelente! Keep up the good work!

PS: Poderiam disponibilizar no Brasil a venda de artigos Android né, tal como miniaturas, lanyards, pins, camisetas... tudo via Google Play, não encontro nada por aqui...
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