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It's finally official — Xiaomi is coming to Singapore!  

Details coming soon...
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+Jan Brughmans Evil Chinese Imperialists will never set foot on Singapore's soil!

Creative Technologies ruleZ in Singapore!
As a mobile dev company based in Europe, I would love to test your devices :)
As someone who followed Xiaomi's progress since 2013 (yes Xiaomi really caught my eye), this is amazing. I would love to just play around with your products. It's such an exciting brand (with an even engaging team). This is going to be huge! 
What about Malaysia?!
CS Chua
Xiao mei mei, nie yau Xiaomi mah? Xiaomi lai ler! 
That's really good news. Wondering where you guys will open the country's flagship store in. Orchard? CBD area or...?
Thought it be telco tie in...maybe....
Congratulations!  I have one very good profile for operations.  Let me know if you are interested. 
Well done +Hugo Barra , it seems that you're making a tight schedule and it's starting really good. Whenever you want to get into Middle East, I will be honored to be in your team.
Hi Barra, i'm interested becoming a malaysia distributor. my email address yusnizamyunus(at)
KL Chaw
When is Malaysia ?
Does anybody think emperor pilaf when they see that logo? 
Good. Now all its missing is about 95% of the rest of the nations
Great! I really hope Xiaomi goes global in 2014! 
Hello, would like to order xiaomi products to Estonia. Is it possible? Where to buy new mi3 phone at this moment. Best regards Toomas.

+Hugo Barra We just finished a project at Hult (SF) in our Global management course where we chose Xiamois global expansion difficulties and mitigation of them. If you are interested in the slide deck send me a pm and I'll pass it along. 
Date of launch xiaomi mi3 64 gb? I buy 24 december 2013 pre-sale
Cmon . Come to msia pls
Yo si eso "testo" también ajaja
+Hugo Barra i think next is Indonesia. But the market here is quite different. what matters to the costumer are different, and there are still no standar mobile payment system for you to support Xiaomi "amazon" business model. Still, it must be interesting to see your strategy on this :)
When can we expect Xiao Mi in singapore? 
I love Xiaomi and am using Xiaomi 2. When will it exactly come in Singapore?
Aik Wae
indonesia pls
i have now 3 handset of lovely xiaomi
Cool.... been contemplating... wanted to order from taobao but worry abt warranty.. :p
When are you lauching it?
Ken Ho
I will buy one immediately when it is available in Sg.
Hi Hugo i'm a fan of Xiaomi. really excited that you are setting up shop in Spore, just got Mi3 shipped over from China. where is the office address and service centre that you have setup here? does my product covers international warranty?
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