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A gateway to India, literally

Really excited to be hanging out at the Gateway of India in Mumbai with MIUI India founder +Rohit Ghalsasi, who's leading our MIUI Hindi translation community project... exciting times!
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So cool....if u would've updated a post to inform in advance..would been great to meet you
Welcome to Mumbai...Have a happy stay :-)
You should have announced that you were coming to Mumbai. I would have love to meet you.
Paul R
I wish to form part of this great team!
+Hugo Barra queremos topos de linha com MIUI no Brasil. Vi um smartphone da Xiaomi aqui e fiquei desejoso. Precisamos de muito mais concorrência aqui no Brasil.
hmmmmm i think you were on your way to New Delhi. Now atleast hope the price would be competitive
Namaste HUGO :) I use MIUI Rom in MY galaxy s2. Love to Use MIUI CLASSIC PHONES IN INDIA.
Good to see entrepreneurs like you Rohit blazing new trail
+Rohit Ghalsasi :-) glad to see you meet Hugo. Always been a pleasure having you work on things with our guys too :-) 
So will Xiaomi follow you.. Eagerly in wait.. And a very warm welcome to India Sir.. 
What's the proportion of population between the Bombay and the 'Slums of Bombay'; curious to know.
Ballywood, anyone. How, many Indians were murdered since the Anglo-Dutch trading Companies? 
Why not at least try Sanskrit; and, sing the Arctic Home of the Vedas.I would have loved to myself. I have no idea why you say Mumbai is the Gateway, unless you plan to donate all your earnings for it's development. I never want another "Slumdog;" or people being murdered as there.
Thanks for the chat +Rohit Ghalsasi! And thank you especially for your help (and your friends') getting MIUI ready for India :)
And, give all your earnings to rebuild Mumbai on human terms. But, that's a creative act. 
India the shit hole for slums
India is a fucking toilet, that picture is very misleading. You all need a fucking shower too, you stink like ass!!!
India is the best place to live in the world
+Jenny Taylia  really ...HERE.... i would go ballistic on you if it were any other place...but not here...i leave it to your morals
+Scott Thompson why does +Hugo Barra or anyone have to donate to rebuild anything in India.
We are in this situation not because there are less funds available but high levels of corruption.
+Hugo Barra we well come you in India, but I have one question. Though Hindi is official language, but many states still don't follow Hindi. The unofficial binding language is still English. If you launch your devices with Hindi, then you will be able to cover only half of India, but if you launch it with English, you will cover whole of India. Moreover, the way Xiaomi sells it's phones,  you will like to have customers who generally buy the products online, this young online generation people love to communicate in English.

During later stages, when your Hindi software is ready, you float the devices with Hindi, till that time start capturing market with English.

Cheers Xiaomi
Haha. India is the best country to live in? Omfg. I really hope thats sarcasm. Too funny. And +sandeep mandava, i have no morals. So phuck you and your dumbass india country of trash, poop rivers, and corruption. 
+sandeep mandava Im sure she is very wise and humble Sandeep...she has probably lived in India, toured the whole country, and had Indian friends and family , neighbors and co workers. She probably knows what it is to pray with hindus and eat with 
With due respect INDIA is really a peaceful & spiritual country. n I love & respect my motherland India.
Every Indian should love and respect their homeland...she is beautiful in sooo many ways! If someone else does not understand that it is their loss. Dont give them any thought for their ignorance. Namaste. +amandip varaitch 
With due respect, India is really a peaceful & spiritual country. Exceptions r everywhere. I love n respect my motherland. lndia is bestest place to live in.
Hello Barra , nice work
+Jenny Taylia learn English first. Why are you hiding your face? No balls?? Stop hating girl. India doesn't have crap like you, so you must hate. Go to sleep now.
+Hugo Barra it's been 11 years since I visited my country. I wish I know when groups or people from other country are visiting india. I would love to tag along as I feel it can be very good and enjoyable. I wish you luck and hope you will have a blast!! 
+Scott Thompson you obviously are a little clueless about the post. That arch in the background is called the Gateway of India. Try reading a bit before unleashing rubbish. 
Waiting for proper Xiaomi launch in India...the only chinese brand i follow 
Is there any chance of releasing xiomi products in will be huge for xiomi considering how indians buy phones! they will love something like xiomi!
Can't wait for the launch of MI3 in India!!
Welcome +Hugo Barra to India n All The Best for ur project...I hope u r feeling the cozziness similar to that of a mothers lap...and enjoying the simplicity of the people of India...
Hugo I am wait you to work together Innobiz team in Thailand 
Hope the summer is not taking your juice out...
Surely a refreshing scene and enjoying i.n the heat of home
Man.. I just lost the chance.. Never mind, will meet HB in Delhi..
Wow +Hugo Barra :) ur such an inspiration and a lead hero for Google i/o :) eagerly waiting for Xiaomi in India :D
hope you have a good time
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