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A new Android chapter

After nearly 5½ years at Google and almost 3 years as a member of the Android team — the most amazing group of people I've ever worked with in my life — I have decided to start a new career chapter.

In a few weeks, I'll be joining the Xiaomi team in China to help them expand their incredible product portfolio and business globally — as Vice President, Xiaomi Global.  I'm really looking forward to this new challenge, and am particularly excited about the opportunity to continue to help drive the Android ecosystem.

It has been an amazing ride and true honor to be part of the Android team at Google, and I especially want to thank +Andy Rubin , +Hiroshi Lockheimer , +Sundar Pichai and +Vic Gundotra for their phenomenal support and mentorship over the years.

+Android team, I will truly miss you all!
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Aaron Ogle
Best of luck to you!  Will be missed at announcements/keynotes :(
Post a pic of the dump truck full of money they backed up to you. :-)
This is sad! Android is amazing and it will be hard to picture it without your leadership!  Good luck!
+Hugo Barra Good luck with Xiaomi! We'll miss you; especially at I/O. At least your sticking with Android though!
Chinese OEMs dont have a good reputation working with android.
Congrats +Hugo Barra ! Xiaomi will do even better with your help. Please say hello if you happen to stop by HK. Good luck!
Dude don't gooooooo!!! Seriously though good luck.
Best of luck! We'll certainly miss seeing you at the keynotes. Congratulations on your accomplishments with the +Android team. 
ahhhhhhhhhhh, so fast. Its time to say good bye. Really appreciate your work on Android! 
Good luck on your future endeavors.
Congratulations and I hope the new chapter in your life goes well. Xiaomi and the quickly expanding markets they're involved in will definitely benefit from your influence
Best of luck Hugo! Sounds like an exciting opportunity!
Thanks for shaping Android as it is today and all the best for your next Android chapter.
Definitely one of my favourite presenter in Android announcements!
Is it the end of android?.....I believe Google is going to be destroyed by this situation....good luck..
+Hugo Barra Gonna miss you man. Google I/O won't be the same without you. Congrats and good luck. 
You will be missed. Good luck!
Are you decided to go to Chinse Company XiaoMi?A wise chioce?
Caracas.. triste por tudo isso com a +Google e nós que acreditávamos em algo melhor.
Já à você, desejo, sucesso!
+Hugo Barra Congrats on your new venture and I offer "best wishes" for all that lies ahead. 
Best of luck with everything +Hugo Barra! The enthusiasm you have brought to Android is contagious and I'm sure it'll bring you much success in the next step of your career. Congrats.
Thanks for the epic work and good luck.
Don't go to XiaoMi(MUI)!! They are unti android, you should kill they but not help them!
Welcome to join Xiaomi, Hugo :)
All Xiaomi people and MIUI fans are so excited!
Thank you for your commitment to Android and good luck with your future endeavors.
Good luck! I'll be watching your career with interest. 
Good luck, thanks for the work (especially on the Nexus program) and hope to see XiaoMi shake up Samsung et. al. a bit with your help.
I don't like xiaomi  !
good luck to you and your new adventure in chinese mobile market .It's gonna be tough ,both of  weather and the censored market.Hope you can fit in asap and make sth out of it ..
Parabéns Hugo! Obrigado por toda sua ajuda no android, te espelho como carreira de sucesso! Um abraço
Good luck!  I enjoyed your enthusiasm for the Android platform, and I expect you'll continue it in your new venture!
We won't surprise if you're going to Samsung, LG, or htc ( ok, may be still surprised), but why why why Xiaomi !!?? This company is not even launched markets outside China/HK/Taiwan !!
Thank you for everything you've done for #Android .  Best of luck in your new opportunity.
Good luck. Google I/O won't be the same without you there 
Best of luck +Hugo Barra but rule #1, never date a coworker. Not saying you can't fool around with the ladies in the office. Just no dating! ;-) And there's the dating tip of the week... Lmao 
This is sad... We'll gonna miss you.
Best of luck.
welcome to China, dude. better prep a good VPN, because most Google stuff is blocked here!
Cool, good luck, I like your presentation at those android conferences.
CS Chua
Good career move. Please do not make the same stupid mistakes Google makes time and time again launching devices with lackadaisical attitude towards global markets. Launch Xaiomi phones/tablets on a global scale like Samsung. Think Gobal. 
Congratulation on this new move. Hope you will do well too :) 
Time uncircle some people...

Jk :-D Congratulations and we all wish you the best!!!
OMG!!! I'm still shocking... Anyway, 欢迎来到中国,欢迎来到小米!
Te deseo lo mejor Hugo, algunas decisiones no son fáciles, pero deben tomarse.
vinay c
miss you too.. :(
+Hugo Barra enjoy the new ride. You'll be missed. :/

Please bring Xiaomi CDMA phone to Indonesia and make it AOSP version as well. There will be no big competitor for you here if you join the CDMA2000 EVDO Rev. A/B Android phone with great build quality. Imagine the possibility to acquire 20% from 200+ millions of people using affordable CDMA smartphone here in Indonesia. They tend to have two phones at hand, one GSM and one CDMA.

I would love to work for Xiaomi Indonesia too if the time comes. :-)
Why is this happening!? Someone slap me pls! This is really a nightmare for me. +Hugo Barra you're one of the reasons why I love watching Google I/O.
Very sad to see you go but I wish you all the best. It was always good news that followed when +Hugo Barra took the stage. You will be missed.
It's a shame to see you go, and we'll definitely miss you at I/O! But glad to see you going even further. You'll be missed, but it was a pleasure to have you. 
Congrats on the new gig! 
Thanks for helping making our lives better with Google products! Good luck!
Good luck Hugo, but it seems to me it is wasting your talent working there...
Were going to miss you on the Android team ! I was always excited by your presentations. I wish you the best !
Hugo!!! Why!!! Whenever you went on stage I was like "Fuck Yeah! New Google product that's gonna be SIIIIICK!" Now the hell am I supposed to know now? I want that new Nexus 5. I have this shityy fucking iPhone 4 that I had to buy because I was low on cash when I needed a phone so I had to settle for garbage. Not that I take it for granted but its garbage. Listen Hugo, you're getting me a HTC one, Xperia Z, or nexus 5. I'm sorry I just think ur fuck awesome. HUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGOHUGO
Whatever your choice, just make sure to give some values. 
Lin Lai
Good luck.but I think xiaomi is not a good company.
+Hugo Barra, it makes me sad to see you go.  Who am I going to see presenting the Nexus line of products?  More importantly, who is going to make the +Chris Yerga jokes?  
I wish you good luck at Xiaomi, and am excited to see what your impact will be at that company.
Good Luck and all the best for you at Xiaomi
You did a terrific job at Google....
This is sad! We'll miss you every time a new Nexus or Google device is announced. I wish you the best in life! 
Congrats Hugo! I always look forward to your presentations - but I'm glad that you're going to push Xiaomi to new heights! Kick some ass and bring their products to North America!
Welcome to my country,welcome to xiaomi.We love you.
Thanks Hugo.  I waited for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 all my life.  They were my very first smartphone and tablet.
Thank you so much for all the work so far and congrats on your next chapter! 
Boa sorte +Hugo Barra tudo de melhor para o seu futuro. Fico feliz por saber que vai continuar envolvido com Android. Por causa da vossa equipa da Google tornei-me developer a tempo inteiro e é aquilo que mais gosto de fazer. Obrigado por tudo o que nos proporcionou.
Do any of you personally know him? Geez
Best wishes on your new venture. Just remember to keep us updated through Google+ ;)
Xiaomi is shit, but good luck with you big man
wow, xiaomi will have a bright future.
A sad day....Hugo Barra has done great work for Android while at Google and I am sure he will continue to do great work for the Android ecosystem at Xiaomi.....but will miss his smiling face at Google IO.....I wish he had remained at Google but then such is life as they say the only constant in life is change.
Uma pena muito grande... Me sentia seguro em trabalhar com +Android sabendo que o Hugo estava liderando esse barco verde! Nem imagino quantas noites ficou sem dormir para tomar essa decisão... Faça a diferença na outra empresa também!.....
Boa sorte na nova empreitada, digamos assim hahaha
Espero que consiga atingir os objetivos que deseja :)
XiaoMi definately will be improve after your arrival.
Best luck for you!
I am quite stunned that you decided to join in a Chinese company. Looking forwards to your better work for Android world. Good luck!
We'll miss you at those keynotes, man!
小米(xiao mi)....
So sorry to heard about this..
Shitty idea man. Shitty idea. Don't let love fuck up your life. Moving overerseas? Worse idea. Making you life worse won't help anything. 
So sorry to heard about this..
Thank you Hugo for being an incredible mentor for me and your leadership in making #photosphere an amazing part of Android. 
Sad day in Google and Android history. Definitely enjoyed all the face time you gave us during I/Os, good presenter and an all-around nice guy. Hope you do some great things there at Xiaomi. I would be lying if I said I am happy about your new position though lol, would much prefer you to be doing what you have been at Google, you were one of the faces of Android apart from Sundar, Matias, now with Andy not part of the Android team, Sundar, Matias and Vic will have to move Android forward.
Google IO wouldn't be the same without you :( Best of luck for your new career!
+Hugo Barra I understand that enough is enough in every company and people always seek out new interesting opportunities. I still consider Xiaomi to be a mistake because it's a Chinese company and their company culture often is so different from the approach you had at the Google. I am not saying this because I want to bash China, I love China, I have been working there many years and I still travel there every single month. But I have noticed that how they operate in the companies is often very non-creative. Most of the ideas come from the outside.
I could yadiyadiyaa this for hours that why is the system like this but instead of wasting your time I will just say that good luck for your new career and I hope that you will be as good to Xiaomi as they will be to you. Maybe the Chinese company really needed a person like you to evolve.
Will you still be active here on g+ ? Good luck on your future endeavors!
É o ícone que a Xiaomi precisava para sua estratégia de marketing. Desejo sucesso a ambos, e que não esqueça o mercado brasileiro! 
Not going to be the same +Hugo Barra when your not there to announce the Nexus 5. You will be missed and good luck with everything. 
Hoping for great things +Hugo Barra . We'll miss seeing you around this place.
Don't go Hugo! But if you must, good luck to you. I hope your next chapter is as fruitful as the last! 
All the best +Hugo Barra  :)
You'll be missed in Android, Google, IO everywhere ... :( Hope to see big things coming out of Xiomi in near future :D
I can claim that your efforts made transition from android 2.3 to 4.3 . Android actually became game changer during your leadership as VP of Android product. Wish you all the best for your future at xiaomi.
+Hugo Barra u wil be SORELY MISSED during Google/Nexus launches... your style of presentation and enthusiasm was the main reason to watch launches :((
+Hugo Barra sad to see you go. Hopefully the rumors and stuff surrounding this aren't true. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your role bringing me a product that truely changed our lives. 
This is really great news for xiaomi/MIUI international fans 
Welcome to join Xiaomi,we expect you to expand the business to the world.
I love Xiaomi and MIUI,I will attend the new products conference at sep 5th,will you be there?
Welcome Join in China Company!
A big loss for Google. Sorry to hear you are leaving, but I hope this will be the beginning of a great new chapter for you! It was great working with you...
Plz Bring Xiomi to South America ! Best of luck
Why does a guy leave Google to work in a company like Xiaomi? Seems really strange to me, but best of luck anyways. I liked your presentations and yeah, you'll definitely be missed.
The "why" remains unanswered though.
Good lucks, +Hugo Barra , but it's a wrong decision to join a China business, you will learn. 
Good luck on your new venture. Android will not be the same. 
will you living in China?try to learn it from google map 
What a sad sad day for Android but I understand why you have to. +Hugo Barra thanks for all the blood sweat and tears you've poured into my beloved Android. Good luck with your future.
An amazing and exciting move!
Thank you for all you did for Android, you rock. Hugo Barra and Hiroshi Lockheimer are they the coolest names ever, or what?
Mr. Nexus has left the building
Android would never be so great without you.
Best regards for the future.
Hugo , I can't imagine Google I/O or announcements without you. You will be missed. Good luck to you in your new adventure.
Doubt if XiaoMi deserve to work for it.
Congratulations +Hugo Barra ! Good luck with your new challenge and I hope you will continue to do great stuff for the Android ecosystem.
Good Luck Hugo!!  You will be missed at the Google Android events. Having you on stage introducing new Android devices was becoming a good tradition. Keep us updated here on G+ and again, best of luck to you on this new chapter.  
Good luck,Hugo.. Google I/O won't be the same without you hugo. Congrats to you and xioami ..小米真是给力!!!HUGO不是一般的厉害啊!这都可以挖过来!! 但是没有他的Google I/O 会有些遗憾..
Feeling astonished! From a local Chinese..... 
Thank you for all you have done for Android so far, +Hugo Barra . I wish you the best! The keynotes won't be the same, though. You will be trully missed.
I hope you have great success and happiness 
Sad but true, all the best for your further way.... 
I hope you find fulfilment working with Xiaomi
Good luck Hugo. We will miss u on the Android announcement/keynotes stage :'(
yes! welcome to made in china!
Good luck! I hope Xiaomi and Android will get even better with your help. Thanks!
This is a shocking news.. We will miss you Hugo... All the best!!!!
Who's better than you showing us those new features on Android during events... Best of luck at China though 
Maybe you can help Xiaomi become big enough to warrant inclusion in the +Nexus group +Hugo Barra . Wouldn't that be something ;)
welcome to China !!!huge challenge though,祝你好运!
Emas FX
Good Luck Mr. Hugo Barra.
Tong Yu
Wow! Good luck, Hugo. As it happens I am just writing this from xiaomi 2 review unit and I can't wait what your expertise will bring to the most exciting Chinese brand in mobile. 
You are always in Google fans heart, good luck. :-) 
Thank you for your contributions to Android. The improvements to the UX during your tenure have been phenomenal. Good luck! 
Aw Guo
Que loco viejo!!!! Jajajajaja todos vamos a comprar xiaomi phones parece! 
Boa sorte na nova empreitada. Que seu trabalho na China de alguma forma chegue aqui no Brasil.
Will miss your leadership and showmanship at Google IO.
Thank you and best of luck
What does this mean for the future of AOSP? Andy, JBQ, now Hugo leaving Android? Please tell me AOSP and the Nexus line are in good hands..... :((
best of luck Mr. Barra.. been following android for the past few years and honestly.. android team just lost one of the best presenter on the stage.. :)
Xiaomi con l'arrivo di hugo b. si internazionalizzerà.... In bocca al lupo!!!!
Nooooo! Well good luck with your new job. 
Wish you all the best :) Google I/O won't be the same without you :(
A great loss to Android. Good luck in your next venture. 
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Great! XIAOMI are new APPLE!

Since the company was founded'm a fan of the brand and use their products!

No force in the world that bring me back to stock (or modified) Android!
Best of luck Hugo ! I will miss your Presentations !
Welcom to China
hey,Hugo,I‘m need a F code badly!!!:-D
I/O's won't be the same without you. You are one of the best presenters I saw. Thanks for your great job with Android and good luck for the new challanges!
I wish you all the best Hugo and thank you for your work. I will miss you very much :-( but i hope we will see more from you and xiaomi in the near future. Good Luck Hugo...
+郁通 你这人,是不是脑残啊?汉语博大精深,就不会说点好话?按你的意思,人家是SB,自甘堕落?真大胆啊,啊?!
I'll miss you during Android keynotes... You were with Andy the face of the Android department.
Anyway, I wish you all the best. 
Boa sorte +Hugo Barra e que seja uma etapa tão boa quanto a do Android. Esperemos que continue pelo Google+... 
Bon voyage Mr. Barra! Wish you all the best with your new career... Will still definitely follow you and your career at Xiaomi! Cheers!!!
Sergey Brin love Amanda Rosenberg ? so leave Google..?
I hope one day I'll get the chance to work at Google. Congratulations +Hugo Barra :). That's so awesome. Have fun at your new job as vp. 
Your an icon for android. You will be truely missed 
You showed as that it's all about the money!! 
Sorry to hear that Android is losing one of its much liked faces. Your friendly, enthusiastic style of presenting new developments has perfectly matched the spirit of innovation and understatement that goes together with Android. Good luck in China!
VP - good for you! I'm gonna miss your energetic launches. Best of luck! 
Noo. Barra. We need you! 
Congrats +Hugo Barra. Wish nothing but success for you. You'll be missed at Google's Android events.
Ad majora!!!
Please consider the possibility to introduce officially Xiaomi devices in Italy and in Europe!!
Enjoy your next job!!
As an average Android user the only time I got to hear from you was at the product launches and I truly enjoyed your presentations. Will miss you at I/O's.
Good luck +Hugo Barra and I think it's safe to say that there will be a Xiaomi in my future, can't wait to see you do your magic on those! 
welcome to China~
Jey Teh
We will miss you... A lot.. All the best 😉
Google will not be same without you :(
Can't help but think this is slightly strategic, put an Android master from the factory at the head of a Chinese company that wants to expand globally using Android. Can't be a bad thing.
喜大普奔地欢迎。Good luck!
An inspiration at every event and seminar I attended, you made it all look so easy : ) You really are a true brand advocate for +Android and for +Google and will be deeply missed Hugo. Wish you all the very best in your new role...
Ian Yan
See ya in 5th Sept.
I hope that this change help the comunity to have ope source from xiaomi because this is the big problem of the...
Bad news, Hugo... but good luck, with the new job...I'm gonna miss you at Google have a special karma or what to call it.
sad day for google...good luck !!
Sorry to see you go man.
Best of luck with your new endeavours and don't stop with the updates here on G+.
Sad to see you leave google but Xiaomi will be one of the biggest phone companies in the future,  and they also make wonderful devices at great price
it not only a good news to xiaomi but also a good news to google. The chinese market for google is waiting to be exploited
Best of lucks (boa sorte:) Hugo!
good luck and welcome to China!
+Hugo Barra I would have personally thought you would have moved to Google X Labs instead of leaving for Xiaomi/MIUI. +Andy Rubin and yourself could work on some insane projects. Think about it. ;-) 
good luck and welcome to China!
Amanzing! in a couple of mouths I going to buy a Xiaomi device, I think is a good product to got one. This a good news Hugo!! Best luck in your new career! 
Nooooo...... Google I/O presentations won't be the same.
Congratulation, best of luck at your new job..
Wish you all the best, thanks for your amazing work at Google.
Good luck. I hope Xiaomi phone will be sold in America as soon as possible.
Thanks for everything Hugo, you've made Android amazing, along with everybody else. Good luck in the future with Xiaomi.
Aqui de Portugal,
MUITOS PARABÉNS e tudo de bom para a grande aventura pelo país do sol nascente!!!!
yan ke
Welcom to china
Thanks for all the great Nexus products and all the best for the future. Please keep us posted via Google+.
Good luck and congratulations on the new role.
Something must really be going wrong with Android if everyone is jumping ship!!!!!
Good luck, Hugo, it was always fun to see you present new things for Android.
Best of luck in your new adventure Hugo ! We'll miss you and your "punch" in the I/O's events !
This is the milestone we have been waited for a cople of years. Congrats and good luck ;)
Wow Hugo, I guess you need new challenges! Good luck with Xiaomi, keep us updated! ;) 
Good luck Hugo. The Android community will miss you!
People this is not the end of android! Seriously? One person can not bring down a multi billion dollar company. But he wanted to go a different path and help another company which is fantastic and I'm sure Google will find someone who will do a great job as well. Good luck +Hugo Barra 
Will be sad to see you go Hugo,you did an amazing job at Google and I wish you all the best at xiaomi!
Will be sad to see you go Hugo,you did an amazing job at Google and I wish you all the best at xiaomi!
Will be sad to see you go Hugo,you did an amazing job at Google and I wish you all the best at xiaomi!
So in the next event you will be whipping out a Xiaomi device from your pocket instead.

So Xiaomi is set to chase Huawei?
Could a Xiaomi Nexus device be possible?

Good luck with your new position at Xiaomi!
Good luck Hugo! All the best in your new chapter! Boa sorte cara!
You will be truly missed. Specially in every Nexus launch! Good luck on your new venture. 
Trust me.. You'll be back.. Google is where you're suppose to be..
Good luck and the next time a journalist asks you question you can't answer, you better have your charm kick in, instead surpressing your anger...
Really?? Terrible new for Google, one of the most important person in Android World. 
Wellcome to China,Hugo
Hugo are you serious? and do not joke, your output will be a blow Google in the future of Android. May God bring you peace in your new healthy work Xiaomi and hopefully not forget your Android users.
Hi buddy, pls keep in mind - helen of troy. LOLOLO..... 
As a Chinese man and a Google crazy fun, I should say, Xiaomi Corp is not so much good as people know. At least I Don't like it..
I remember I the day I first installed MIUI ROM, It was powerful then, it is powerful now. Now it has bigger strengths. Good luck +Hugo Barra 
I was deeply impressed that you ware showed on GoogleI/O and some other event. I love Google and Android team. I will miss you..
Thanks for all the great things you've done at Google and good luck in your new venture !!!
I hope you can convince Xiaomi to release kernel sources for their phones! This should be an absolute requirement if they want to build their business globally. GNU GPL FTW!
Uau, Hugo, saber sobre a sua decisão de sair do time do Android foi realmente triste. Por outro lado, te desejo só o melhor como VP da Xiaomi. Boa sorte!
Great work so far, good luck in the future
Keith Win
Best of luck Hugo!  Don't worry in China, you will find women more beautiful than Amanda Rosenberg :)  
Can't wait to see amazing xiaomi products outside China! You are for sure the best for this role!
All lot of people in China do not like xiaomi's selling mode and advertising~ hope you can change them~
Sounds like an opportunity that you couldn't pass up.
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