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Xiaomi Week 1

I've just completed my first week at Xiaomi here in Beijing and it's been a pretty intense journey so far.  

The Chinese tech ecosystem moves at breakneck speed. I've never seen such fierce competition and such impassioned desire to build things fast. There's a pervasive entrepreneurial spirit in companies both small and big.

Xiaomi is every bit as fascinating and Google-like as I expected. The engineering floor is always busy with people building well into the night. The teams are small and scrappy, and speed (in both UX and execution) is always a top priority. Everyone at Xiaomi — engineers, PMs, designers and marketeers — is insanely focused on users and "doing the right thing".  We have a special term for our users — we call them "Mi fans", and "Mi fans" always come first. 

Social media is huge in China — bigger than anything I've seen in the west.  Sina Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging platform in China, has over 500M registered users and over 50M DAUs.  In less than a month and after only 9 public posts, my Weibo account had over 80,000 followers ( I even have a public nickname crowd-sourced via social media by our CEO, Lei Jun.  The nickname is 虎哥 (pronounced "Hǔ gē") and literally means "tiger brother" 

I'm really looking forward to my next few weeks and months here at Xiaomi. I'll try to share as much as I can about this new experience (while keeping up with the crazy pace on this side of the world). 

PS: I took all the photos in this album myself with the awesome new Xiaomi Mi3. :-)
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Hugo please buy me any me any nexus device

We miss you. :) Glad you're having fun tho.
Sounds like the beginning of an awesome journey +Hugo Barra. Never a dull moment in Beijing. 
Now get there awesome devices like the Mi3 available in Europe :-) 
The presentation of the N5 will be strange without you. But now have good days with Xiaomi :D. Great socity I think
Sounds amazing. I bet the food there is great.
Interesting read, thanks for sharing!
+Hugo Barra, you sure have a lot of plants in the office! Nice to know you're doing well! 
Very Googley.. wouldn't be surprised if Google ended up buying Xiaomi
+Hugo Barra I've been trying to get a review unit from Xiaomi, but no one will answer the press lines (in English or Chinese!). All this Xiaomi stuff is interesting, and people in America want to see what the big deal is. Me especially!
+Hugo Barra looks great, thanks for sharing the photos. Excited to see where you take Xiaomi in the next year!
+Hugo Barra  Nice photos! I loved your work at Google, and best of luck at Xiaomi!! 
You are still posting on G+, even though you don't work at Google anymore. WOW - didn't see that coming! 
Hugo bring some devices to the state's 
glad you are happy at your new company. :)
+Kaan Gürayer why wouldn't he? Google+ is a great community. No doubt has many friends on here.

I spy Ubuntu on some of those developer PCs! Good choice!
Felicidades para a nova etapa da sua vida +Hugo Barra
E não se esqueça de colocar essas belezas da Xiaomi à venda em Portugal... 
WTF, why did you leave Google to work for Xiaomi.  Everything is polluted.  China is an environmental disaster.  Dude, you should've stayed at Google.  Bad call, bad call.  !!@@!! 
Parabéns Hugo Barra. Just keep walking. ;-)
I forgot that you changed jobs, and when I saw you in my G+ stream, I thought "Kit Kat announcment!?"
Pelo visto a Xiaomi é a Google chinesa. Tomará que o +Hugo Barra coloque um port oficial para Nexus 4 e Nexus 5 em várias linguagens.
Parabéns Hugo. Faça um outro mais gigante para Android.
bla bla bla faça um xiaomi rodar android puro e traga pro brasil a preços baixos e todos seremos felizes.  
+Hugo Barra ,  Hope you can visit Hong Kong soon.  I understand that Xiaomi is selling its phone via its HK website but the website is only in Chinese.  Whilst it is possible for non-Chinese readers to ask their friends to buy a Xiaomi phone online from the HK website, having it in English also would benefit tourists and short stay residents to potentially be Mi-fans
Good to hear from you Hugo!!! Thanks for the update. :)
Wish you have a good life in China
The adventure begins....excited for you HB!
Will Li
I thought Google+ was blocked in China.
Quando a parada vem para o Brasil?
Hugo, good luck in China, really. Social media is indeed huge there but it's also limited to what you are allowed to say. Administrators constantly are monitoring messages and filtering and erasing "inappropriate" messages such as saying bad things about the communist government or bad thing about china. And it seems to me it is a big contradiction to Android which is open and freedom. Anyway, just saying.
Ask Xiaomi stop MIUI and come back to the stock android.
Welcome to China to polish your skills to get over the Wall!
How does it feel that you won't be announcing new nexus phone?
i know youv'e heard this a million times before; welcome to #China  +Hugo Barra .im a student here in china, been so for the past 2 years, your #week1  expression reminds me a lot about own experience. I'm exited to share the same ground #lol  hope you have the utmost pleasant experience in china.
Hugo, what the fuck man? You said you would buy me a nexus 7 before you left! Who the hell is gonna announce products?! They are probably gonna get some fucking idiot to do it!! Get me my nexus 7!!! You're making good money!! Throw a contest or something! You leave google without giving us anything!! Cmon man! Wtf?!?!
"Small and scrappy" sounds like a great environment to be in, 虎哥

Do you have any specific priorities or goals during your first few months there?
+Hugo Barra it'd be so awesome if we could get more stable MIUI builds available for a greater variety of devices. How about a MIUI installer 
Seems like a nice environment. 
Please considered Indonesia for next xiaomi target.huge market, only 20% smartphone user :)
+Hugo Barra how is the communication between you and other staff members? Do you know Chinese, do they know English, or do you use Google translate? Just curious and best of luck to you. 给你最好的运气
When xiaomi will enter into INDIAN market?
There are many MI FANS in India 
Thanks you for sharing with the rest of the world...Hugo....
hugo 请问知道Nexus 5 啥时候出么?我这准备好抢购了
Congrats +Hugo Barra. We're all watching here in the US to see what you do, to see what comes next with Xiaomi. Speaking of seeing what comes next. What's a guy gotta do to get a review unit?
Good Luck and Have Fun in China, 虎哥
Good luck,and when will Nexus5 come?
Good luck from Greece! My mi2 rocks!looking forward for mi 3.
Xiaomi is such an awesome company.  The people there are amazing and so innovative.  I'd love to have the Mi3 in the US! 
In fact,many chinese rather to call you "火锅",more closer to your name "HUGO",no offence,people just love u :)
Nice! Would love to visit their office and see how these guys plan to change the Android scene globally!! :)
Obrigado por partilhar. Desejo o melhor. E que Xiaomi chegue na Europa.
Xu Chen
Congratulations! 怎么翻墙的?给大家介绍一下。
Hey Hugo - wow, very interesting post. I had no idea that you had left the big G? all the best my friend!
There is two things I'd love you to do
* Help improve workers conditions
* make Lego-like phones (replaceable cpu, changeable screen, real keyboard, bottom button swapable for a G1 trackball)
* Hire me as a consultant for more ideas (yes, that's a third thing)

Jakub S
Happy things are going well for you, keep it up, good luck! 
Looking forward to your success in developing and implementing Xiaomi's international expansion strategy.
+Hugo Barra just added you to my Weibo: as @gbraad Great to have you in Beijing. 北京欢迎你 (Beijing welcomes you)!
Don't forget to bring those awesome Xiaomi devices to Brazil! 
I wonder how can you use google plus in China? 
Good luck! Looking forward to see your creation at xiaomi
Can't wait to see your work in Europe ^_^
How can you be access to Google plus in China?
All the nexus fans out there will miss you at the nexus 5 unveiling!
Congrats Hugo. Can't wait to get Xiomi phones in India! 
Incredible! Good luck with your new position ...
Good luck to you and xiaomi. Wish a great business and hope export to Switzerland. #CPAD
Good luck in this new stage. That Xiaomi come soon to Brazil so we can personally see the Mi3.
So, here it comes. Glad you're happy there and help Chinese company to make high quality products and save "China" name because their low other quality products
How are you managing with the communication part... Do you know Chinese?
太给力了,太消魂了 ;)
Are you sure you didnt mishear "mi fans" incorrectly and its really "ma fan (s)" ;)?
Mucha suerte en tu nueva aventura Hugo. Xiaomi tiene un potencial enorme, la verdad es que hace muy buenos terminales. Espero que pronto habrais una tienda de Xiaomi en Europa eso ayudaría mucho a vender vuestros terminales aquí.
Great for you!!! Hope everything go as you expected!!!
And please..... Make as quick as possible to sell xiaomi in Europe.
david r
Welcome to Beijing Hugo and congratulation for this new challenge at Xiaomi !
Sounds very inspiring! I'm desperately waiting to get my hands on an Mi3 over here in Taiwan. Any news yet on when the MSM8974AB's will be ready? :D
Thank you for your report! I myself aspire to work at Xiaomi one day sooner or later (as developer). This just sealed the deal for me.
Parabéns! Please bring Xiaomi to Brasil!
Hugo == 虎哥, great !
hugo, ni shi zen me fan qiang de?
You can download google play to Xiaomi Devices by other app market.
Hope You Have a Nice New job in China.
From:Xiaomi 2s Device~
Hope You Have a Nice New job in China.
From:Xiaomi 2s Device~
Its possible for English speakers to buy a Xiaomi device in HK by using google translate on the website. I know, I did it!
Hugo, parabéns pela iniciativa visionaria. E vida longa ao MIUI, que desde o primeiro instante soube que seria um grande fork do Android.
Enjoy ur stay here  in  China!
Good luck - looks like a great adventure man!
Mr. Barra I have the idea of the "million"how to increase the sale of handsets Xiaomi 15%. it takes 15 seconds of your time. thank you
Europe is waiting for the official XIaomi market.
I really want to beta test the router that you are releasing soon, I mean really really bad, but I can't read Chinese, lol. Please contact me Hugo so I can try and figure out a way to make this happen.
When are Xiaomi phones coming to the US
Hugo, After sending you a LinkedIN invite I noticed a G+ link on your profile and followed. As a person that loves Asian culture I really appreciate your journal here; sounds exciting and your writing style, made me feel as if I were there. The pictures are amazing both for drawing one into the story and for their quality; this makes me that much more interested in the device.
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