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Best of both worlds

We're adding an awesome new Android device to our Google Play line-up — the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Nexus user experience. Coming June 26! #io13  
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Not at that price, and the build quality is horrible. 
Bummer more people didn't clap when you announced the pricing! I think its fantastic to see more devices shipping with a vanilla Android experience!
I was really hoping for a Verizon Wireless variant seeing as some people, such as myself, can only get Verizon Wireless and nothing else.
Tony Lek
Haha, updates while commanding the stage. Not bad! Enjoying your presentations, +Hugo Barra. 
Hardware buttons with software buttons... No thanks  The price just say's "Buy that Nexus 4"
Low-Wee Heng
Why not HTC One, the sexiest phone around?
Great to see a Nexus that isn't a bargain bin device. 
not ready for a nexus 5 while also giving a public hug with samsung, win win
So this is double the price of the previous Nexus 4? I'm genuinely confused. No new "Nexus" phone?
Great announcement but will you not be selling the N4 anymore?
Google just took android back from Samsung. Let's see I'd people chose this or a gs4 running touch wiz
I'm guessing it had to be an unlocked gsm phone so they could provide an unlocked bootloader.
+Jake Weisz except it lacks any kind of quality build. Might as well market that in the toy of aisle of Kmart. ;-)
I love all my NEXUS devices but now I'm really concerned if that concept will die...   :-S

btw, who should get one if the NEXUS 4 is available for 299/349...?
Not at 649.00. I will stick with the N4 for half the price. 
I have no problem with the build quality, it is all about taste.
If the updates don't arrive much quicker there's little point. 
+Jake Weisz true, it has great internals. not convinced by all that plastic though. seems odd to ditch (?) the Nexus brand at this stage.
How much internal storage does it have? I'm so happy I didn't pre-order the S4 on T-Mobile yet!
I was hoping to hear about the Qualcomm-powered Nexus 7, TBH. That version of the S4 looks awesome, but for the money I think the Nexus 4 is still the winner in terms of value.
That's what I was thinking +Jason Brown: $150 or so down and $20/month or $650 up front? I think I'll take the former lol
Yeah great I wonder how expensive it's gonna be perhaps 500
I was expecting a Note 2 Developer Edition at that price. Plausible for $100 over the current Nexus otherwise get bent Samsung.. No dedicated micro HDMI.

+Brandon golway if its a google product they're gonna axe the SD and give you an insufficient amount of internal memory. That's googles thing!
I love my nexus LTE with 32GB. Its missing a dedicated Micro HDMI a more efficient core (24nM), 2GB of ram. LTE is fast, no doubt the only reason I'm still with Verizon plus I'm grandfathered in unlimited. Pulling like 10-15gb a month eating 3900mah batteries like skittles. 
still waiting for d Nexus!
I think the leave 4.3 for the final of the presentation
You Rock Hugo, my favorite speaker (both years I have known about and watched I/O!) I LOVE where this is heading!
android 4.3과 New nexus 7 tablet은 발표되지 않는 건가요:(
well, it passed the htc one.. I'd be happier with a htc one version of this.
This isn't replacing the affordable Nexus 4 is it?
I was wondering that too +Mike Morelli: will it get updates directly from google? If so, then there's really no point on buying it if you were going to get the tmobile one anyway like I was since it's the same phone and I'd be running a rom on it anyway.
Yeah, Android Authority says it will in fact be an AOSP device, with Google releasing the updates directly. It even keeps the LTE and SD card functions.
Yea I just saw that on Phandroid +Mike Morelli, so the question is tmobile with cm10.1 or "nexus" s4? 
For it to be AOSP, doesn't it have to be just as rootable as a Nexus? Why not the S4 with a ROM? personally, I would go real Nexus, but still.
+Mike Morelli AOSP can be put on almost any phone so in theory getting the T-Mobile version and putting an AOSP rom on it should make it the same thing as the google version. The question is are the updates based on something in the software (the rom says "this is a nexus device") or is it something in the hardware (ESN or something like that)?
+Sean Jahanmir NOBODY builds hardware on the grade of quality that Motorola does. And their software is very close to stock Android too.
Man, this is great! No longer this crappy TouchWiz launcher. ^^
make it available all around the world or you're nothing.
+Hugo Barra may I ask, is the handset you're selling an i9505 or a different model? Thanks!
Wow. Been running cm10.1 on the s3... This is a reason to upgrade. 
Did Verizon touch Google's Mom inappropriately? Why no love for Verizon?
The price is about right for the ability to have a sim free top tier smartphone, yes it would be nice if it was cheaper but no one is forcing you to buy it.

Full HD screen, expandable storage, android as it should be, fast updates and carrier free, the only people who should be complaining are the people who live outside the US and have been ignored by Google, Samsung and htc ( no developer edition HTC one )

+Sean Jahanmir Motorola definitely uses great radios. I love the build quality, they are incredibly durable, and their keyboard sliders are incredible.
Amazing. Not too smart of +Samsung for the price point though.
$649?? Are you guys smoking pot over there? What a fail.
Price fail. I'd rather buy another nexus 4 for my wife and a nexus 7 gsm... and still have money left over
Hmm. It will be for ATT & T-Mobile. Right? No VZ
I will buy another Nexus 4, if I lost my phone (Nexus 4 currently).
My nexus 4 isn't the fastest, does not have the best display and the battery could be better - what you get for the price and what you don't get in terms of bloat is why I love this phone. I hope Google understands this.
I love it, the fact that pure Google is hitting a solid strong android phone but o prefer the baby of Google aka nexus 4 nectar of price and design, my opinion:)
Is this device the new Nexus 4S. Will it also be available in the UK.
Right before you showed the Samsung, you mentioned the HTC One... Is it next on the list? +Hugo Barra 
Just like I said Samsung is number 1 Apple fucking dead on arrival.

I like this but man it is expensive I'll stick with the Nexus 4 or wait for the 5.
150 down $200 dollars with taxes and 20 a month not bad alot if great feature, simple
Sam B
Can't wait to flash this on my current S4 :')
Will There be an nexus device Zoo?
But u all need to realise that s4 crack easily when just flip onto the floor!!
So what happens if u have an s4 already and want stock android?
Would have preferred a HTC ONE at that price. The s4 doesn't look like a premium phone. 
Lol, just hear the reaction of the crowd when he announced the price of this device, priceless. The price is too high BTW.

Just buy a nexus 4 to get the best of Google.
Great stuff but I won't buy, like the galaxy nexus before it's too big. I'm happy with my nexus4 but if it could be the size of the nexus-s I'd be ecstatic. I have a 7 for a larger mobile experience. When will someone realise that I'm far from the only one that wants this.
No Verizon?! What the what?! Do you not remember what the OG droid did for android as a whole?! Come on +Hugo Barra we want great phones on the best network. 
+Peter Teis You root and load the pure google ROM that's what happens.
The only reason I have bought every Nexus device is because I want the authentic Google experience. I hope this isn't a way of diluting the special feeling of the Nexus brand but is something that is much welcome. 
Wish Nokia would build android.  I love the feel of their Windows phone
I like this. Like I heard others say, I hope this catches on with other Android OEMs. Maybe by next year's I/O or sooner there will be other OEMs in the Play store
I really need to leave Verizon
most disappointing news so far.  until phone plans start offering a savings for unsubsidized phones, its worthless to buy a phone of contract, unless you are super concerned about being "stuck" with a carrier for 2 years, even t-mobile only saves you $20 a month for unsubsidized phone plans, over 2 years you save $480, but you spent $400 more on the phone.... so IF you are on tmboile buying a phone outright saves you $80
I'm just sorry this isn't coming to the UK (yet) be interesting to see if this becomes more readily available. 
How about showing Canada some love? I would love to have one of these.
Will a flash work on the Canadian variant? 
Cm 10.1 is excellent on my GS3 and it never lags, imagine on the Octa core model-even though only 4 cores run at a time.. Will still be good to see... Build quality of GS4 is not a problem.. 6 million sold in less than one month says it's not an issue.. Would definitely buy it. 
I hope it'll also be available in the UK. Nexus S4 will be mine. 
I love this fone... Waiting for the price to come down
Is it the Exynos 5 octa or the snapdragon 600 based SoC?
Lol. Guys who just bought gs4 are angry 😡😆😆
I am going back to apple, horrible price, is it legal to sell a 16 gig with 8 gig storage
As much as I want love a pure Android phone. I will not be paying no $650 for a 16gb S4!. I was holding out for the rumored X-phone. Since that didn't happen... Genex4 it is. 
I admit that i was wrong earlier.  
i love original android ui 
649 dollars LOL. Google are entirely clueless! Hey Hugo, there's this thing going on in the world, it's called a recession ... you plonka!
It looks it's only gonna be sold on the us :(
Wish I can get it in Hong Kong via Google Play...
I stick with my Nexus 4.  @ about half the price it's the better buy.
The X Phone was never evidenced to be an actual phone...everything that we've ever heard of it were just rumors.
So when we, the I9505 owners, will get bored of the Touchwiz, we would be able to flash the AOSP. Cool! Hope it will have all the features, like smart scroll, air view and so 
+Hugo Barra why are the phones offered on the play store never compatible with Verizon Wireless? Google should create a wireless network so we don't have to deal with the big red anymore.
cool android the phone looks smart
if its a Difference software their should be an update for all Samsung users. That would be nice. GOOGLE 
Anyone knows if this will be available in the Philippines?
I'm sure the pricing is Samsung and nothing to do with Google. Carriers are selling the phone for $650 also. I already have a nexus 4 so my next upgrade will be the nexus 5. 
is some out there who can help me have this s4 thing am in love with it imagine in Kenya is around 60,000 ksh and ma salary is ksh 8000.pliz help me.
If that's the nexus 5 (u know wat I mean) then google have just lost a sale and quite a few. An unlocked bootloader would probably be for the hacker right? So why wouldn't u buy a normal s4 and unlock bootloader and put cyanogenmod on it? +1 if you agree.
+Albert Chavez Samsung wouldn't allow it for all their phones mainly because they've already got TouchWiz and their own software on those phones. But if you do want the pure Android experience, just root and flash a custom ROM on it! :)
This is gong to sell out in a matter of minutes, a true power house, very powerful hardware with a LIGHT WEIGHT operating system
Stock android can't mount external storage (over USB anyway) without rooting it, will that render the micro sd slot useless?
Thanks Google but I will stay with my Nexus 4 until Nov/Dec when you release the real 5th Nexus Phone :)
Thank god Verizon is not getting it 
I really don't see the point in can already root device on T-Mobile which is already unlocked and its twice the amount of s nexus 4....what's up Google?
Can an AT&T branded one be converted to stock?
Now if some other Galaxy phones could do the same...
+Drew Gilbert sure it can. There is no problem with mass storage mode, unless you have single internal storage, which can't be mounted at the same time from the phone itself and via USB (even with root). There is no problem with UMS when there is a separate SD card storage, but then you have the inconvenience of manually managing space in two separate partitions.
Regarding availability, you mention only US Play Store during your keynote.  Will this Google Edition of GS4 be available in Canadian Play Store as well?
it's still expansive :(
And no multi view, air view, and other tools on the S4.
The value il 200-300$ but its price is 650$....Sorry....I do not want pay that...
This should solve the internal memory problem people were complaining about (and rightfully so). 
I which they would have done the same with the HTC one. Maybe...
There are not enough +1s in the world for this news. Been wanting this for years! Well done for listening to your users Google!
Maybe we'll get a update to switch to this on are current s4,wishful thinking 
sweeeeet by next week i will have 2 of those 1 for me 1 for my girl
Verizon is already on top of it
Lol people here bitching about the s4 being made out of plastic or build quality not good enough but I'm sure when they get their HTC one or nexus 4 the first thing they do is get a case for it or some kind of cover! Lol

Besides anybody saying the s4 build quality is poor obviously hasn't hold one! The phone is beautiful hardware and software alike!! 
I'd love to see this taken across all devices, have your version to set yourself aside from the competition and then have a vanilla version.
+Ross Fisher They sexually assaulted the Verizon Galaxy Nexus with bloatware, locked boot loaders, and slow updates, so yeah, something along those lines.
Azai I
I don't get it....Can't you just get the regular GS4 and root it? And that price smh
+Giridhar Tammana my Nexus 4 advertises 16 GB of internal storage, and I get about 13 GB of usable storage, so you can expect the same with the Samsung Galaxy S4, plus expandable memory with the micro SD card slot.
Plastic phone is not good!
Will this be available in all countries? India?
All I can say is thank you!
Someone is finally listening to users. 
...But it has a rectangle design. Apple is gonna sue Samsung for it :(... again.
Google, don't you dare leave LG out the game. The best hardwares and displays ever! 
I find it disappointing mainly because I own s3
any chance the nexus 4 will go on sale??
Ha apple pricing.its gonna be funny to watch the market equilibrium. Love AOSP. 
Not for that price. Id rather get an ipad
+Adam Haas The problem with custom Roms is that they do not provide prompt updates, in fact it took CyanogenMod up until now to start distributing stable release candidates for my Nexus 4. The incentive is that this S4 will get prompt, consistent updates, like the Nexus family, an unlocked boot loader, and it will be carrier unlocked, which means that you can give it a Sim card from any GSM provider and it will work. It is also the first "Nexus" with LTE, not mentioning the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for obvious reasons.
For those complaining about the price, you gotta understand that the s4 just came out. No way would Samsung agree to this while letting Google severely undercut them on the price in the process. 
This is amazing! Any news on a UK Release?
The S4 is sweet! I would love to see it with stock android
C'MON MAN! Doesn't Samsung have designs outside of Android. Doesn't HTC need this bone much more than Samsung? 
So with AOSPs lack of support for BTLE, I am guessing this device will loose Bluetooth 4.0 support when it is released
I wish Google would do this with the HTC One. HTC would really benefit from something like this. 
649 is a lil expensive but what do i know... lol
If it still has the MicroSD I'll be happy with 16GB onboard.
Interesting developments at +Google  Shame it is only the 8GB version ;-)
$649 is not that bad VIA Tmobile its $150. up front then $20 a mnth for 2 years.($630) So it is a choice can you fork over the money all at once or not? IMO its a great phone. Well worth it
No prompt updates with ROMs? Are you kidding I was running jellybean on my VZW Gnex about a week after it was announced and hadn't been pushed to ANY Devices yet. 
But the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an awful phone...
This available internationally as well? E.g Norway? ;-)
No one clapped when he mention the price. Thats exactly my reaction.
The cool thing is I'm guessing people will find a way to flash the vanilla ROM on regular S4s
Buying a new phone next week! Thanks guys
hint: buy the original one from Samsung, much more features!
If this isn't a joke Google just committed a big error. They priced themselves out of the market for the layperson. I'll wait for the Nexus 5.
Damn that's tempting. Looks like I might be dumping Verizon. 
Should have been on the One. I hate Samsung! -100000
Incredibly impressive. I'm glad Samsung and Google are so friendly.
Who is going to give $650.00 for a phone that will be outdated in 6 short months? Maybe those to whom money is no object but this is ridiculous. 
Does it have an octocore oh wait.... Why not finish the damn x phone.
650 is much cheaper than on contact 35 a month. And being a Nexus like it'll be not outdated in 6 months...
Cannot justify the price, need it $449 and I'm in :)
I hope to see this adopted on more devices, specifically the +HTC One. Can't wait to get my hands on that phone!
+Chris Schutz this is going to be in the play store, so this will be google supported like a nexus device. The price is too steep for me. Nexus 4's price point is right on target.
I may get this. But with me enjoying my 64GB HTC One I'm not sure what I'm going to do. 
Why couldn't you guys do that with the HTC One? That would have been Awesome!
Dammit I didnt want to upgrade till now.
Isn't the price the same as a factory unlocked S4 anyway? Might as well get this make it your next Galaxy Nexus S4.
Wonder if this is Google testing HD screens with a octo? Maybe this is a sign of things to come in key lime 
Why is only being release for T-M and AT&T? Meaning wireless carriers available..
Should have used the HTC one instead of the same ol cheap Samsung .
To expensive! How about offering an upgrade for a regular s4 to a nexus user experience?
is this going to have the same exact specs than the "normal" s4?
Whaaat!! No new nexus7 ? No new nexus 4 ? No android 4.3? Were we living in dream all these last months? That was a big shock!
Same specs, but without the bloat and updates without delay. Updates just like the Nexus would get. Except you now have expandable storage and removable battery. And 1080 HD display. 
They didnt ditch the Nexus brand. It even says its a Nexus Experience device. Bottom line, this phone has features the Nexus 4 does not and they are expensive.
You are buying off contract. Go to T-Mobile, sign up for BYOD Simple Choice post paid & get unlimited 4G and LTE for an insanely cheap price. Plus you can tinker with this to your hearts content! 
If only the price want so high I would think about it.
I have some thoughts about this:
1) ANYONE who bought an S4 instead of an HTC One (save for VZ customers) is a hypebeast and really doesn't care, or at least shouldn't.
2) ANYONE who bought an S4 instead of waiting until today to abso-noodl-utely, without a doubt, bet your life savings, sure as Sherlock that neither Motorola, nor any Nexus device would rear its mythical head BEFORE making a hasty decision is a hypebeast and really doesn't care, or at least shouldn't.
3) The price is fair for an unsubsidized phone considering it's still a mainstream phone with lots of buzz.  Anything less would undercut Samsung (bad).  Instead, you get a standard price for a phone with beast specs (good).

I'm pretty sure my GNex was more than that ($700 for CDMA) when it finally released on VZ.  It's arguably an enhanced S2 that fell into obscurity, thanks to the Big Red Baby.  A brand new device with AOSP and no bloat or skin running those specs within 2 months of its release?  And you're arguing over $650?  Minus the arrival of the XFON or a decent CDMA Nexus (unltd. data like a champ), the only thing that would have been better is an HTC One with AOSP.  

I would also take an Apple-branded Nexus just for the sake of irony. I wouldn't want it, mind you.  I'd simply want to see if you really CAN turn lead into gold.
I hate this move by Google. I love the nexus 4, why abandon it?
Google, please team up with HTC. They make aesthetically pleasing with high build quality phones.
Like it but, why wait so long to release it? A smartphone month is one human year. Also at that price I need me some 32GB
Software theme update or separate hand-set?
+Jake Weisz
The Galaxy feels like a toy in my hand. Nexus feels solid. Far from bargain bin.
What's vanilla android?
+John Doe no touchwiz, no sense, immediate updates without carrier meddling or mfg lagging
+John Doe It's Android but without all of the bloatware carriers and phone makers like to put on their phone. It's like when you buy a Windows computer and boot it the first time to find tons of applications by HP or Dell that you don't want when you'd rather just have a clean Windows machine.
I have vanilla on my s3 and its that good I don't need a s4 
Wow the phone just went from 0% - 100% interesting
To people complaining about the price...
You suck at math. Enjoy your ridiculous phone bills.
What about the Motorola mr1. Thats wot me useing and its worth a mint and still up to date 27 years on. Not who u no its wot u no
I think that's gonna solve a lot users problems! So if somebody dont like the S4 because of the software!! Well.... Its solved! He can have the S4 hardware but the N4 software!! I actually love it!!! :)
To people complaining about plastic phones... you suck at product design.
Enjoy your non removable battery and the added girth from your plastic/rubber case. Rubberized plastic is malleable and can absorb impact. 
Yep. The best of both worlds ;-)
best of both worlds? Then how about nexus 4 with microsd slot and at the same price as last year? Give users Choice
+Eric Huecker The S4 may feel more "plasticky", but is far more durable and will last far longer. And yes, the Nexus 4, a 3G-only phone with no expandable storage is a bargain bin phone.
Wait, does it mean all the S4 (if those that were purchased from a carrier) devices will actually get updates as they come out?
This is absolutely great. Wow, that's awesome. 
Ok, I am now officially in a dilemma. S4 with touch wiz or S4 with stock Android? 
Sam B
+Geoffrey Landrum I bought an S4, not because I'm a hypebeast, but because I personally liked the features touchwiz brought to the table. Plus, a 5" 1080p screen! The only thing this announcement has done is made my choice even better.. I now get the choice to either have loads of features (TouchWiz) or flash a Pure Android Rom for faster updates.. The best of both worlds!
Too big and too expensive! 
Both worlds? How's it going to be great when something as good as stock Android is paired with probably the most sub-par quality Android phone ever made? I never thought Google would do something like this...
Nice, but wish it was Nexus priced. Too expensive. 
I'd rather stick with  Nexus (High quality, Affordable Price)...
Waa, this is really too good to be true! Beats an actual nexus!
Gonna have to privately import this to show support!
+Hugo Barra It would be so nice if it was launched in your country, sometime before 2014. Don't you think.

Did youre parents have this argument? No. Should we? No. Will our kids? Shit yeah and they will laugh at our technology
Oh man! It sucks for all the people that just bought am S4!
We wouldn't mind the price since is way more expensive around here. 
Meh! Too expensive. Hardware and software buttons?

I'll stick with the Nexus 4 which has more then enough grunt for 99% of people out there and I wont need to refinance the house to purchase one.
Hardware and software in harmony.
+Ross Turner the N4 will still be produced i'm sure. Am i only one that noticed that the os is still Jellybean? No new os means next nexus being saved for xmas (my humble opinion) 
What about if i buy the S4 from T-mobile and install stock Android in it? I will have my external SD Card slot for my 64gb micro sd card... 

What are the benefics of buying the S4 from Google?
This might explain why the GS4 shipped with 4.2.2. Whatever the reason, I would like to see more OEMs in the Play Store. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over the price, we should look at this more as the start of something BIG. No waiting for accessories, cases or the like. Other than the price, (Which can probably be offset with the sell of your current device) this is a win win situation.

If HTC wouldn't have wasted their time with the First, we probably would've seen an announcement for a stock HTC One too. If this trend takes off, there might not be a need for Nexus devices anymore because there will be an OEM optimized version of a device for retail and a stock version for sale in the Play Store all coming in at different price points.
Er Vin
Lol Americans can't afford unlocked phones
Hopefully the developers will get on it and port to the currently available GS4 and maybe we won't have to worry with what does or doesn't work in a custom Rom anymore. 
Da Ke
Never Samsung please. Give HTC a shot
Expensive??? This is for blind fanboys. 
The Samsung Galaxy S4 starts at U$1200 in Brazil and first world countries say 650 is too much. 
@Jason Brown T-MOBILE IS $629
Contract users will end up flashing cm 10.1
This will be huge for both companies. Very excited!! 
What you folks want out of a phone? Just dial and speek. Or text 000 if you want a new partner
Wish it could come to Verizon. Actually, I wish any kind of Nexus phone would come to Verizon....I would buy one whenever I could update.
Sam B
+Vishal Ponugoti Because I can chose to use TouchWiz OR Pure android, both being supported by respective developers.. That to me is the best of both. The phone itself is actually very good, I don't know about you but I put a case on my phone's, and the current slim case I have certainly makes the device feel more premium.. As for the metal vs. polycarbonate argument, that's a whole new story :-P
+Wai Kean Ong From my perspective, TouchWiz would be better. You can take it off, but you can't put it on from Vanilla I think.
hey, I muted this post. shut up notifications
Root your phone. AOSP (nexus/vanilla android) is only the beginning.
I don't think the price is unreasonable. But, I've already got a Nexus 4 and use it on ATT. Not gonna get rid of it for a larger screen and LTE support. I'm good. 
Sam B
+Ben Murphy Agreed. Those who own an S4 have all this and more to look forward too!
Too plasticy gimme the HTC one anyday
Most people shouldn't upgrade. IMO, if you have a 4G-capable phone, you need not be victimized by planned obsolescence. We need to voice out that a yearly release might be good for business, but it's not good for the only planet we've got.

Just because it's on a commercial, doesn't mean you have to buy it. Just because your friend has an old phone, doesn't mean he sucks at life.
Is it just me who thinks this is redundant? You lose the Samsung software, and devs like CM put out stock porrs that are (usually) stable Nexus ports.
This is NOT a nexus phone. It is stripped down touchwiz and samsung apps, cleaned up and installed pure android...why you would pay premium price and use it for at&t while you can get it for $199 with contract, you can just root it and install pure android 4.2.2!....dont understand why many are so excited about this plastic piece of shit phone....what the fuck happened to new updated Nexus 4!!! Is Google got lazy?? intruducing this as new nexus device wtf!!!!!!
+Hasan Yildiz Because the people who are paying $650 for this are paying $30 to $50 a month instead of your $199 + $100 a month....

Plastic = microSD + removable battery.
Congrats on your phone that has the lifespan of your battery's ability to hold long enough charges.
remember when we discussed samsung sIII vs nexus 4, +Daniel Navarro? ... the fact that the nexus 4 is not for me because i can't get a decent data plan in spain and therefore can't work much with the cloud, but need the storage capacity of the sIII for my music? ... here is the solution ... now i just need $649,- ... ;-) ...
I hope it'll be released to existing Galaxy S4 users 'cause i love the stock android UI.
Don't really see the point no one buys samsungs for their design or feel and other devices r now on par spec wise people buy samsungs because of their added software features which a stock android experience won't provide
Why is'nt it on the wbsite yet
Im a galaxy s4 user to install a compatible themes and where did i have download this app thank :)
Oh...i want one sooooo bad...
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