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Today we're celebrating the closing of an exciting half-year for Xiaomi. 

In H1 2014, we shipped about 26 Million phones globally (3.7x H1 2013), with revenues of about USD 5.3 billion (2.5x H1 2013).  

A huge thank-you to our loyal Mi Fans and partners — we couldn't have done this without you!
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Please! Come to Argentina! You would be very successful down here with your quality and positioning :)

Also, Brazil is close ;)
Congrats! So when are going to release a high end phone? And will Xiaomi ever release products in U.S.?

If Oppo can do it, I'm sure xiaomi can do better!
I'm happy with all the Xiaomi products I've bought, keep them coming! 
Wonderful news, all this was expected from Xiaomi based on how well their devices were liked by users. I wish your team good luck for future products. 
Well deserved, glad to see you're making a huge difference over there. Best of luck moving forward -- though I doubt you'll need it :-)
Look like revenue per device decrease really fast. 
It's Mi for Millions! Congrats! Hoping to be part of the stats for the 2nd half of 2014.  
Bring Mi Pad faster to Malaysia n we will make another history together. #MiFan
Pity the availability of the items is not that great on the website. Hope they will restock soon.
Gary Ng
Well done Xiaomi team, I've been using the Mi3 for a week and its superb!
Ну круто! Пишу с наивелеколепнейшего mi3 ))
That's $5.3 billion. You left Google for that?? !!@@!!
Hugo, has long wanted to tell you thank you very much and Xiaomi team for the best smartphone - mi3w!
+Hugo Barra parabéns pelos resultados. Esperamos que a marca venha ao Brasil para confirmar seu sucesso. 
Pretty good!! For comparison, Smartphone manufacturers shipped a whopping 1.004 billion smartphones last in 2013: up 38.4% from 2012's shipments of 725.3 million, according to data from IDC. in 2013 Apple shipped 62.9 million units of the iPhone 5, 22.6m iPhone 5s', HTC shipped a total of just 22.6m units in all of 2013, and Samsung's Galaxy S4, which went on sale in late April 2013 shipped 43.3m units...however overall Samsung sold ovet 313m smartphones in total last year. It's a shame since their skin is so ugly... more beautiful Xiaomi's please!
Happy to hear that. Mi, be the best seller and product in the world.
Do you have any plan to enter South Korean market?
Hi Hugo, do you have any plan to bring Xiaomi to Brunei? I would like to be your distributor. Please email me:

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