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Happy holidays and a huge thank you to everyone who made Android part of their lives in 2012. Can't wait for 2013! We have lots of truly phenomenal things in store...
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The whole familiy is loving the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and I can't wait to dump my contract for the Nexus 4.
Thanks for making Android the most complete mobile OS. We will keep Android part of our lives in 2013 and beyond as long as Android team delivers gems, update after update!!! Keep the good work guys.
Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to the Android team, have a great year for me and I hope that 2013 will be a year of developments and innovations.
Android rocks and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for 2013. 
+Hugo Barra thank you, you and the rest of the team.  And hurry up with those docking stations and accessories, just take our money !!!  ;-)  happy holydays
Let' s celebrate with google play devices in Italy. Pleeease?
That totally made me cry.. I have issues of inanimate objects having human characteristics - and seeing ones sad or in pain, then get happy or saved really get me. This was cute.
Thanks, I try to be objective, and I now think with 4.2 it is objectively better than iOS. :-) 
I just want to know whats up with the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb... (Merry Christmas Guys)
After months of talking about Android with my brother, today he's selling his iPhone and buying a Galaxy Nexus. (It would've been a Nexus 4, but... you know... there's none.)
R ehb
Can't wait for phenomenal things you have for us!
Nav Gi
I wish, I get nexus 4 for my wife. I always hanged with sold out message. 
When can I order a new nexus?  [NexusOne owner!]
Ben Sye
Likewise Hugo, all the Best!
Enough with this PC nonsense, it's Merry Christmas!
I just want a Nexus 4 before Christmas, but sadly I will have to wait a little longer. It's all good though I'll be patient. Every at Google keep up the great work and I hope 2013 is a even bigger year for Android. 
Happy holidays to you too Hugo!
really nice video, android is definitely doing a great job this year, my favorite mobile os no doubt. i love the new nexus devices. really appreciate you guys work. 
Thanks for the great year in tech! Any hints at what's coming?
guess have u been worry about the end of the world!!!
have g8 day everyone,&sure happy newyear..soon..lol2013
wish my one &only dream ll come be true in 2013!!hope that so
so sweet :) Want to have whole android family :) those robots are so awesome. Merry Christmas :)
Omg thanks and merry Christmas too
Well done nexus 7 is easily the best buy I've had in ages loving it
+Hugo Barra thanks for all the hard work you and the team have put into Android to make it what it is. Held off buying a tablet for over a year and must say the Nexus 10 is turning out to be more than worthy of the wait. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and the team. 
Happy Holidays! Kudos for Android 4.2!
In the Video is a Docking-Station from the Nexus 10! 
Awesome :D
2012 was an amazing year for Android and Google. Let`s hope 2013 will be even better. For me Google is the best company in the world and Android is one of their greatest ideas. 
Thank you for the Awesome Android OS! I Merry Christmas! 
And thank you for organizing the worst phone launch to date. I have never had an ios device because android and google kicked ass. Nexus 4 launch was a fucking joke and still is. Why is there still a 6-7 week wait to ship if you can even get lucky enough to place an order. Who the fuck is assembling these things? 2 guys in a garage somewhere? I just bought an iPhone 5, sold my htc one X, nexus and I'm never looking back. 
+james waters come on man, that's not the spirit of the season. I bet they have learnt their lessons. Hopefully Nexus 5 launch will be better, it has to be. 
Would be great if anyone could get their hands on a N4. 
+Franklin Nwankwo it's my over all frustration with launch day that still drives me to rant and rave. I wanted one so bad I could taste it. Now I have an iPhone 5 and I'm very content. The one major advantage that iPhones have is retaining their value. There are just too many android devices flooding the market.
Cu Lu
Thank you ! Happy Holidays to you too :)
I would like a Nexus 4 but none in sight. Christmas Eve oh what a night. I guess I will fly a kite. :) Happy Holidays!
I so much wanted to make Google part of my life .. if only I could buy the Nexus 4 .. that's what I really wanted for X-mas - my old HTC Desire is on it's way out - can't even load G+ App on it :(
Thank you +Google for making products that make our lives easier but ones that we can't live without. #lovegoogle
Edit: Thank you +Google for making products that not only make our lives easier, but also ones we can't live without. #lovegoogle
You folks better check your ego at the door, you ain't no Edison , ag bell. My refrigerator is more important to me then nexus 7
+David Young Oh carry living without elecricitty or refrigerated food likes the folks blasted by sandy. They could in a rats azz about android
William .. you're confused ... you surely mean Tesla .. right?
tried to make a nexus 4 part of my life that doesnt seem to be happening :(
+Nico Stetco Tesla coils, shocking! yes he was out there. They should make a movie about him zzzzxx blue lighting from my fingertips to the android C+ team
I love my Nexus :) Merry Christmas to all!
Thank you android for finding a way to charge money for linux! <3
i like it
it is soooooo cute :)
This is great, but please, solve the availability issues, in Spain Nexus 4 has only been available for MINUTES.
It's been a pleasure been in since the start can't wait for 2013!!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!
You Wont See apple doing that
Ryan R.
Cute n cool :)
2012 - the year I switched to Android. Loving my Nexus 4 and 7. Can't wait to see what you guys aye cooking up for 2013.
Hppy holiday.. Couldn't even get a Nexus 10.. :-/
You guys are the best! Nexus rules!!!! Nexus 7 , nexus 10, s3.
Thanks happy holidays to you too. Hope that one of phenomenal things planned for incoming year will be notifications up on diplay when the phone is in standby mode. I don't want to install app of other developer while this function should be OS function.   
Hugo Barra, por favor me responda: Já há uma base de preço para o Nexus 7 no Brasil? Se existir, em torno de quanto?
Fabricio O. S.
Resposta: O Nexus 7 custará uma facada de R$1.300,00. Absurdo. E essa informação é do própio Hugo Barra.
Adeus, Nexus 7!
P.S.:Cadê o subsídio onde mais precisa?!Tô triste e com raiva ao mesmo tempo! O mercado brasileiro é o que mais precisa de um subsídio! Somos mais pobres que os EUA, Google! Traga a venda de dispositivos para o Brasil!Porquê!?  Achei que o Google trazeria o Nexus 7 ao Brasil e com o preço médio de tablets pequenos.Será que existe alguma esperança que o Nexus seja vendido no Brasil pelo Play Dispositivos?
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