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Today we’re introducing our new brand #Redmi to the world (originally “Hongmi” in Chinese), and it's soon coming to Singapore!

Read the story at and let us know what you think?
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When will it be coming to Malaysia?
Awesome +Hugo Barra can't wait to see you u guys make your mark in South East Asia.

I imported the Hongmi from China since I was curious what you guys are all about.

Safe to say that I just can't believe that you guys are selling the phone for less than $130 over there.

Didn't expect that a heavily modified Android can be this smooth, Sammy should learn a trick or two from you guys.

I enjoy the well thought off additions you put on the phone like notifying me when apps are trying to do something that might concern my privacy, or the ability to choose which apps to run at boot up.

You guys skimp on the internal storage (4gb) but you made up for it with not only expandable memory but also the camera.
About that camera, it's low light capability is certainly not something I expected from a "budget" phone. 
I cannot find specs or any other info browsing around the web site (in the English pages, at least, although I must confess the Mi3 is a really slick beauty!), so I can only say the Redmi looks promising, it's slick and clean in design and we have high hopes from Xiaomi all around. A friend of mine managed to catch one, though, and he is really happy with it, I could only handle it for 20 seconds, it seemed fast and beautiful, though.

However, I must confess that still finding capacitive buttons is a bit disappointing: not only perpetuates the infamous menu button, but from a UX POV it makes the bezels unnecessarily large and the buttons hard to reach: give me that bezel (so you can use the space for battery, antennae or sensors) but put the on-screen buttons, they are easier to operate and more flexible!

Nevertheless,  +Hugo Barra, keep up the great job and spread some Red goodness all over the planet... :-)
What is there to read more? No details at all...
I like my Hongmi. :-) Good to see its going out of China. +Hugo Barra are there any plans to rebase Miui for Hongmi to an actual Android version?
Awesome - now to bring it to Canada!
Miui so Beautiful xiaomi2s When updating kitkat4.4
i would like to buy a xiaomi as I live in Shanghai but I use a 7in phablet and I can't go back to those small screens again. I also want stock android or something I can root.
Physical buttons, back-button at the wrong side. Why anyone would want this is a mystery to me.
Continue lembrando do Brasil Hugo! Falta atenção da xiaomi aqui. =)
I dont hold my 7in tablet with one hand. 
+Derrick Cope as a person who has the Note 8 as the only device I take outside and my only phone since May of last year, I totally share your sentiment. 
please please +Hugo Barra release them in india we are tired of these cheap quality phones like micromax
Hugo check us out at, We are in the process of building a wonderful app for Techies
How about introducing Mi3 64gb to the world instead, many customers have been waiting too long!!!
Release this and Mi3 to UK. Slick design all round, and what looks like the slickest UI ive seen to date. Ship to as many countries as possible and this will get out of control. 
Actually it shall be red rice. But whatever you are comfortable with.
Selective comments active on this post. I read the story at the link and gave an honest "what I think" feedback, which was promptly muted/deleted. Nice move, +Hugo Barra 
why singapore while 50m people in Indonesia are waiting cheap phones.
Singaporean here! Waiting FOREVER. I almost lost hope thinking that it would never ever happen!!!
Waiting for Xiaomi in Europe... ;)
wow, so many people are interested in xiaomi
Joya. Ojala llegue a Argentina
Espero que llegue el Redmi a México mucho más barato que el Moto g
Carl vO
Well I've been thinking of ordering the Red Rice from China, but if it's coming to Europe I might just as well wait a while. I do hope prices are kept below €150, or else I'll have to order it from China anyway :)

Oh, one more thing: why don't you guys press Mediatek into supporting Kitkat on this chipset, then it would be an absolute no-brainer.
LI gang
坑完国人 去坑新加坡?
red is indeed screamingly beautiful!
Carl vO
Oh, what a dumb marketing scheme: you guys are going to release un updated Redmi s with 8 GB of ROM and a Qualcomm SoC, but the first foreign market is going to get fed the old model? In what way is that a smart move?
This is the best strategy, updated mobiles at same price. It seems you had an old one
Carl vO
+Jackson kobe That's a well thought out response. Thanks for enlightening me in these dark hours of decision making.
I advise not to buy any of these products. Why? redmi TD series of the technical assistance is crap, loss of imeis, no roms last updates cob and the saddest anything ... no one answers the Chinese silence, why not advise xiaomi phones this was the last upgrade three months without being able to enjoy the weekly actulizaciones, shame sanganos
+Hugo Barra,when will Xiaomi be come to india??i lv mi3 too much..
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