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We're shipping the new Mi Wi-Fi router to our first 500 beta users unassembled in a beautiful wooden box, complete with white anti-static gloves.  It's the Christmas hacker spirit :)
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The Google translation of the website is hilarious though: 
Containing 180 yuan Thunder Platinum Membership Card 
HD download necessary fetish party
This Australian would love to get his hands on one.. need to go learn some Chinese so I can wade through the process of applying..
Get a AC adaptor for this thing and i'm all over it for testing! ;-) this could even replace my Netgear router and WD 2TB NAS :-)
So, is this Xiaomi take on NAS? How come it doesn't support wireless N?
Can't wait to see the guys at iFixit put this together
+Andy Cheng it support wireless ac I suppose N standard included coz all router are backward compatible
I wanna be a beta tester too :P
Awesome... Scroll down the page to see all of the things you're not supposed to do with it.

What, I can't use it as a martini shaker? :-) 
+Mark Hedley thanks... loving the design, taking the nearly overcopied Apple Mac Pro bin design and making it nicer.
+Fraser Ntukula indeed Sir. Xiaomi have a great tendency to innovate design and defy the ordinary :-)
The pictograms showing what you shouldn't use it for are hilarious :D
I love the "What not to do" signs.

what I'd like to be one of the lucky 500. but in any case the initiative is very original and inspiring to exploit this promising company.
I fear they will be gone very quickly. But one to Australia would be nice. 
Would love to get one in North Carolina!!!
can i be a beta tester for this? :D
+Hugo Barra I would love to Beta test one of these as well! Looks like an Awesome piece of must have tec hardware!
Gene K
How do I order one?
Looks like living in China with an address. I'm ready. But can't get passed the CAPTCHA though. Infinite loop. 
Amusing treat of the day: open this URL and ask Google to translate. Also enjoy the warning icons.
Guys in the page posted by +Hugo Barra there is the date of the first public beta :19 December i think chinese users can join beta test program 19 December
<-------- this guy really wants it!!!!
I've never wanted a router so badly !
Looks cool, users have to assemble them?
I'd buy it and just have the box open with the deconstructed router on display. Looks beautiful as both a product and the presentation.
want one, how can i get in the beta..
Once I tried to register to get updates about the product, but registration requires you to select the city you live in, and only Chinese cities are listed. So if you're outside China, you can't test it.
Can i get it. i can beta test in home/office and give you a feed back!
Great i love it, i like all of xiaomi I am a fan for new technology and xiaomi in this is great i want to have so much things but for us in Europe it's impossible can i help you to realize this dream? 
Cara! Coisa de gênio. Parabéns a vocês, excelente idéia!
is the os debian or another linux  
Unless you can read clue how you actually get one!
This is very interesting, i want one too..
How to apply beta tester?
Beta tester in Malta ready to beta test ;)
Hmmm... Nice design, common hardware... No USB3.0 so what can it do that an ASUS 66AC cannot do?
Nice. Id get one too if all possible, but how much for it? This would be great, since my router died in me almost 2 years now -.-
I might actually try to stream movies to my friends :)
Turvy j
I have only my tears to comfort me, knowing i missed ordering one ;)
 Ah well, something to look forward to this year i suppose :)
A little more information on the expected availability date would be nice. I've been in the market for a new router and was planning to buy this one, but have just about given up since there has been no indication of when it might be available for general purchase. 
Espetacular producto,hugo haz que estos productos lleguen a españa,un saludo y gracias paisano
now that is true technology in Art. Can u tell me how to get 1 in india..atleast when will be the next shipment batch for ordering?

Looking forward!!
that didnt help much tho, 许荣兴...
I want to test it
I have been waiting to test it out but .... They don't want to give it a chance 😬😏😇
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