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Awesome photorealistic 3D flight above Vatican City in the new Google Earth app.
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Looks great, +Hugo Barra.  And if you have never been to the Vatican City in person, I can certainly recommend it.  It's a beautiful place that even a "photorealistic" 3D flight can't do justice :)
Awesome. BTW, I can go from the link but not from the google play on the Mobile. Something to do with my region? Singapore, here.
Um lugar que sem sombras de dúvidas ficaria lindo de se ver online é o Rio de Janeiro... Não sei se já tem, mas definitivamente seria magnifico... :)
You guys have done a great job! Can't wait to see this on my Nexus 7 :-)
Thanks fot the picture, just installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it looks great
i cant get over how awesome Google Earth has gotten. It renders so fast and smooth on sgs3 and galaxy nexus!
Hi Hugo, please make it available for other countries too..
Hi +Hugo Barra você poderia me dizer se no Nexus S é possível essa visualização, pois já verifiquei a versão de meu +Google Earth e o mesmo está atualizado, porém não visualizo em 3D. 
That's so amazing! Can't wait to have a Nexus 7
^Agreed - Google has to stop doing that, I can't use proxies forever
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