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Xiaomi Beijing 3.0

Our tropically themed third office building in Beijing just opened this week, complete with beautiful art, palm trees, cabanas... and a house dog :)

(All photos shot with a Mi 3 in HDR mode — going on sale in Singapore in just a few hours!)
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More offices need to have slides!!! 😋
This looks like the Google HQ in Palo alto! Rally starting to like Xiaomi
Being tropical hopefully means there is a pool and an artificial beach in there somewhere... :)
Some nice stuff but the building is boring and more important the desk look like a nightmare despite the plants :(
Love it,  I want to work there 
How can I apply ? :)
Adorei...parece que está em casa no Brasil...tem até cachorro...
+Hugo Barra bring Xiaomi to Australia! Also, do you guys do internships?
When u will invite me for know it? Abraço +Hugo Barra
I want to work for xiaomi :/ It would be an honer :3.
Goodluck announcing the mi3 in SP :) 
Hey Hugo, has possibility to sell xiaomi smartphones in Brazil some day ? Sorry for bad english. Tks.
Steve B
I love my Xiaomi Mi3 WCDMA 64gb :-)
Chen Yu
Thanks for the info~
the redmi phone in Singapore is very hard to get in telcos here! is it really out of stock or no stock at all?
glad you're now releasing phones in singapore. too bad i just bought a inew v3 online. would have waited for this if i knew it will be released here in sg. 
to be honest, this is not very impressive. 
Xiaomi is so bad .I had a xiaomi 1S.
Very beautiful office to work!
Congratulations Hugo! I hope some day we got Xiaomi in Brazil!
Very nice, although having the ceiling so high makes it kind of odd a little.
Neat! I'm thinking if it is too late to switch a career path now
hi  my  name    is   moha    osman   ,I am   an  American   entrepreneur ,  I  would   like  to   be   the   first  one  to  sell  your  product   in  Egypt  as   well   as  Sudan ,
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