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Would rather be diving
Would rather be diving

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Dam this is cute

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Got to love Australia

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Does anyone have the change log for M9E41V?

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Sarah Connor is safe for the time being

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An amazing smart phone
What happens when you give some of Australia's best photographers the Pixel, a phone by Google, with one best cameras on the market? Magic, that's what!
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Thanks Rob this made my day......

Note I have left comments on 🤡
I see HUGE things for Apple next year. Here is what.

Keep in mind I no longer do Google+, am only posting all the videos/things I'm seeing in the world on Facebook at

I've also turned off commenting here because it was a cesspool and zero value to anyone. If you care about talking with me, get on Facebook.

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I heard from a number of friends that there are Trials Carries services available to destiny players that need help getting to the lighthouse.

What I discovered about one site was a disturbing fact.
This site is a total RIP off.
Orders made months ago and no correspondence from them their facebook page is replete with people complaining about being ripped off! They are accused of deleting negative posts
Their email address just bounces back. They don't respond to any other communication.
Maybe they will respond to their customers if other are alerted to these alleged issues.

#destiny #trials

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Hugh Smith commented on a post on Blogger.
I wonder when we will get an updated desktop Calendar UI/UX?

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An amazing project that is designed to better help the most vulnerable children in NSW Australia.

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